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Five Skiers Killed In Austrian Alps Avalanche
Five Skiers Killed In Austrian Alps Avalanche

Five skiers have been killed after an avalanche at an Austrian resort in the Alps.

10 minutes agoSky News
  • Pakistan police arrest six over child wedding

    Police have arrested six people accused of arranging the marriage of a seven-year-old boy and six-year-old girl in eastern Pakistan, officials said Saturday.

    • AFP
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  • 2,000-year-old Roman roads discovered in northern England countryside

    Archaeologists have mapped hundreds of kilometres of Roman roads that have been lost for thousands of years. The roads were discovered using data from Environment Agency's laser mapping technology called LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging). The roads helped Roman squads conquer and control a large region of northern England, including Lancashire, Yorkshire and Cumbria.

    • International Business Times
  • Saudi won't dare send troops to Syria: Iran

    Saudi Arabia wouldn't dare send ground troops to war-torn Syria, the chief of Iran's elite Revolutionary Guards said Saturday, after Riyadh opened up the possibility of such a deployment.

    • AFP
  • Zayn Malik Debut Single Hits Number One

    Zayn Malik's first solo single since he left One Direction has gone straight to number one and is the fastest-selling song of the year so far. Malik fought off competition from Jonas Blue's Fast Car, which is at two this week, and last week's number one Stitches by Shawn Mendes is at three. Rihanna's Work climbs from 13 to four, and Justin Bieber's Love Yourself completes the top five.

    • Sky News
  • Wrestling Superstar Axl Rotten Dies, Aged 44

    World Wrestling Entertainment star Axl Rotten - who thrilled fans in the 1990s with dramatic bouts featuring flaming furniture, barbed wire and broken glass - has died, aged 44. The wrestler, real name Brian Knighton, was found dead on Thursday night in his car outside a McDonald's in Baltimore, Maryland, Pro Wrestling Sheet reported. "WWE is saddened to learn of reports that Brian Knighton, best known for competing in ECW as Axl Rotten from 1993 to 1999, has passed away," read a statement.

    • Sky News
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  • VAROUFAKIS: A Brexit would be 'a further step towards the disintegration of the EU'

    Greece's outspoken former finance minister, Yanis Varoufakis, has cautionary words for Britain over its possible exit from the European Union. Pro-Brexit campaigners will be heartened to hear that Varoufakis thinks London's financial prowess will not be affected by leaving the European Union. David Cameron promised a referendum on Britain's membership of the European Union as part of last year's general election campaign.

    • Business Insider UK
  • Boy 'over-involved in parenting younger siblings' placed in foster care

    A boy has been placed into local authority care and separated from his younger sister and brother after social services staff raised concerns that he had been "over-involved" in parenting them.

    • Press Association
  • Bhutan's royal couple announce birth of baby prince

    Bhutan's royal couple on Saturday announced the birth of their first child, a baby prince, delighting the remote Himalayan kingdom where the monarchy is revered.

    • AFP
  • Mysterious lights spotted hovering over Russia sky sparks UFO sighting rumours

    A cluster of mysterious lights hovering over Moscow has sparked Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO) sighting rumours in the country. The video, which has so far been viewed by more than 97,000 people, was originally posted by a user called Timur. In the video, the suspicious objects can be seen flying in a peculiar manner sparking speculation that the objects can be a cluster of UFOs.

    • IB Times
  • Drivers With No Tickets In 3 Years Must Read This

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  • Germany's Catholic Church calls for 'reduction' in refugees

    The German Catholic Church called for a reduction in the influx of refugees arriving in Germany, saying the country cannot take in "all the world's needy," according to an interview published Saturday.

    • AFP
  • Japan's airlines alter routes to avoid debris of North Korea rocket

    Two of Japan's biggest airlines said they are taking alternate routes to avoid confronting the debris of a North Korean rocket. The move by All Nippon Airways and Japan Airlines has come amid fervent preparations by Pyongyang for the upcoming launch of a suspected long-range rocket. Both the operators said they would divert all their airplanes flying over the waters off the Philippines in order to avoid contact with the rocket debris.

    • International Business Times
  • Is our Milky Way galaxy a zombie, already dead and we don't know it?

    Like a zombie, the Milky Way galaxy may already be dead but it still keeps going. Galaxies like the Milky Way and Andromeda do so very, very slowly over billions of years. How and why galaxies "quench" their star formation and change their morphology, or shape, is one of the big questions in extragalactic astrophysics.

    • International Business Times
  • 'Bonnie And Clyde' In Fatal Shootout With Cops

    A Missouri couple accused of a violent crime spree across multiple southern US states have been shot by law enforcement. Blake Fitzgerald died in the Florida showdown and his girlfriend, Brittany Nicole Harper, was taken to a local hospital wounded. Santa Rosa County sheriff's Sgt Rich Aloy said the shootout took place at about 12.30am on Friday on a road.

    • Sky News
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  • Zika virus: Why don't we wipe mosquitoes off the face of the Earth?

    Zika is transmitted by a mosquito vector Aedes aegypti, a pan-global tropical species already well known for spreading diseases such as yellow and dengue fever. Female Anopheles mosquitoes carry the parasite that causes up to 500 million cases of malaria a year while the Asian Tiger Mosquito, Ades albopictus, spreads dengue fever and the chikugunya virus. Mosquitoes have been ready vectors for emergent diseases such as West Nile virus and now Zika.

    • International Business Times
  • Anti-migrant protesters in Calais defy ban, clash with police

    Anti-migrant protesters in the French port city of Calais Saturday clashed with police as they defied a ban and rallied in support of a Europe-wide initiative by the Islamophobic Pegida movement.

    • AFP
  • Moment Gunmen Open Fire At Boxing Weigh-In At Hotel

    A video shows the moment gunmen with AK-47s open fire at a boxing weigh-in at a Dublin hotel, forcing one of the fighters and members of the public - including children - to run for their lives.

    • Sky video
  • The Big Bang Theory season 9 episode 15 preview: How will Sheldon and Amy celebrate Valentine's Day?

    Valentine's Day has been a special day for Sheldon Cooper and Amy Farrah Fowler, as it was on this day in season 8 that Sheldon finally said those three magical words — I love you — to Amy. The Big Bang Theory season 9's all new episode will find Shamy (Sheldon and Amy) spending the special day hosting a live Valentine's Day episode of Fun with Flags.

    • International Business Times
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    This new tactical flashlight was just released to the public and is flying off shelves in the United States. Limited supplies left, act quick!

  • Video Captures Deadly Manhattan Crane Collapse

    An onlooker filmed the moment a giant construction crane collapsed in Manhattan, killing a Wall Street worker and injuring three other people. The clip shows the massive structure crashing down an entire block in the Tribeca neighbourhood, about 10 blocks north of the World Trade Center. Harvard mathematics graduate David Wichs, 38, had just stepped out of a parked car when he was killed in Friday morning's incident.

    • Sky News
  • 'Iconic' Red Ferrari Sells For Over £24m

    A rare and historic Ferrari has sold for €32m (£24.7m) at an auction in Paris, breaking the world record for the most expensive car sold in euros. But the final purchase price was inflated to €32m (£24.7m) by what's called a "premium" price, an additional fee leveraged by some auction houses to cover logistical costs. Matthieu Lamoure, managing director of Artcurial Motorcars Auction House, which organised the sale, said: "I'm so happy because this is effectively the world record of the history for a car sold in euros.

    • Sky News
  • UK press takes swipe at Assange and UN panel

    British newspaper columnists on Saturday took aim at Julian Assange and the UN panel that found the anti-secrecy campaigner had been "arbitrarily detained".

    • AFP
  • EU Deal 'Irreversible', Insists David Cameron

    David Cameron has insisted a finalised EU reform deal would be "irreversible" as the UK would have a veto. He was speaking after the European Parliament President Martin Schulz told Sky News that everything could be reversed, including legally binding decisions. But during a visit to meet with his counterpart in Copenhagen, Mr Cameron said while it was technically reversible, Britain would need to agree to it.

    • Sky News
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    Plan F is the most popular Medicare Supplement plan, but there's another Medigap option you should consider.

  • X-Files Revival Will End On A Cliffhanger

    The X-Files writer and creator Chris Carter has revealed the new series will end on a cliffhanger. Stars Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny have reunited for six episodes , nearly 14 years after series nine of the cult TV show, famous for its "The Truth Is Out There" slogan, concluded.

    • Sky News
  • 'Brexit' would lop 4 percentage points off UK GDP growth, hit pound 15-20 percent - Citi

    Economic growth in Britain would be up to 4 percentage points lower over the next four years and sterling could lose a fifth of its value if the country votes to leave the European Union, economists at U.S. bank Citi said on Friday. Citi is the latest big bank to say that so-called 'Brexit' would take a "significant" toll on the UK economy, hitting sterling and sending inflation sharply higher. "Brexit would probably trigger major economic weakness and a political crisis in the UK ... with a 15-20 percent depreciation of sterling in trade-weighted terms, resultant return to import-driven inflation and a major policy dilemma (for the Bank of England," Citi's team, led by Michael Saunders, wrote in a note.

    • Reuters
  • Junior doctors stage 'masked march' over pay and conditions

    Dame Vivienne Westwood and Vanessa Redgrave are expected to join thousands of junior doctors and their supporters later as they stage a "masked march" protest over pay and conditions.

    • Press Association
  • Don't mess with Texas, where law is hard, mistakes common

    Among the 3,000 counties that make up the United States, there is one in Texas where it's best not to mess with the law, because justice is hard and mistakes are common.

    • AFP
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  • Zimbabwe declares 'state of disaster' over drought

    Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe on Friday declared a "state of disaster" in many rural areas hit by a severe drought, with more than a quarter of the population facing food shortages.

    • AFP
  • Dogs of war: Who are the British mercenaries roaming Africa accused of 'war crimes'?

    In the 15 years since the declaration on the war on terror, UK private military and security companies (PMSCs) have made billions of dollars in contracts awarded by British and foreign governments, as well as other private companies. The security industry, which move vast quantities of weapons and typically recruits former soldiers or members of the UK Special Forces to carry out passive or defensive security, have expanded their activities in Africa, where experts claim they have been linked to both human rights abuses and political destabilisation. IBTimes UK takes a closer look at how these firms - described by analysts as corporate "mercenaries" or "guns for hire"- are able to carry out secret missions and what abuses they are linked to.

    • International Business Times
  • Heart surgery on boy, one, was performed 'appropriately' coroner rules

    Heart surgery carried out on a one-year-old boy at a unit just days before operations were suspended over controversial claims about safety was performed "competently and appropriately", a coroner has ruled.

    • Press Association
  • At least one dead after construction crane collapses in Manhattan

    At least one person has died and two more seriously injured after a crane collapsed on to a New York street during morning rush hour. Several cars were damaged after the crane fell down on to on Worth Street in the Manhattan area. "I didn't know what was happening because it was happening so fast," one witness told ABC7. "I could hear the bending of metal. I think it hit the side of the building." The construction crane, which has Bay Crane written on the side, is also believed to have hit a building its way down. A NYPD spokesperson said the construction crane collapse was reported at 8:24am local time at the intersection of Worth Street and Broadway, reported Reuters. Ed Mullins, president of the NYPD's Sergeants Benevolent Association, told The New York Post that one man is said to have died, believed to have been a construction worker. Blair Steele who was on her way to work when she saw the crane collapse, told the New York Daily News: "I couldn't even see all the way to the other end. Everyone was in shock. Even the police that were here were totally shocked." An FDNY spokesperson said: "We have one fatality, an individual that happened to be sitting in a parked car not associated with the work being done with the crane. We have three individuals with injuries - two serious, one minor, and none life threatening as far as we know at this point."

    • International Business Times
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  • Giant crane falls in New York, killing one: official

    A giant crane crashed in New York's Tribeca neighborhood Friday, killing one person and injuring three others, two of whom were in serious condition, Mayor Bill de Blasio told reporters.

    • AFP
  • US jobs data spurs selloff amid Fed rate hike fears

    Traders work on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange on February 5, 2016

    • AFP
  • Video Shows Moment Shots Fired At Weigh-In

    A video shows the moment gunmen with AK-47s opened fire at a hotel during a boxing weigh-in, forcing one of the fighters and members of the public - including children - to run for their lives.

    • Sky News
  • Married MP was heard giggling in colleague's bedroom, employment tribunal told

    A married Tory MP was heard "giggling" in a colleague's bedroom the night before "sheepishly" emerging from the bathroom in his pants, a tribunal heard.

    • Press Association
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  • Man Shot Dead At Dublin Boxing Match Weigh-In

    One man has been killed and two others injured after gunmen apparently carrying AK-47 rifles opened fire at a boxing match weigh-in in Dublin. Up to 300 fans were at the event at the busy hotel. The body of the dead man was seen slumped against the hotel's reception desk.

    • Sky News
  • Italian actor dies after live hanging scene goes wrong

    An Italian actor has been declared brain dead after being strangled on stage when a hanging scene went wrong in the central region of Tuscany, a judicial source said on Friday. The Teatro Lux in Pisa said in a statement it was closing for 10 days because "following the unthinkable tragedy ... we think it right to suspend all our activities, including shows". Raphael Schumacher, a 27-year-old from northern Italy, had been performing a monologue on adolescent existential unhappiness that ended with a scene of simulated suicide by hanging, local media reported.

    • Reuters
  • New year, new travel: more Chinese choose tourism over tradition

    While hundreds of millions of his Chinese compatriots pack into planes, trains, and automobiles to return to their ancestral homes for the Lunar New Year celebration, Zhang Hao, 30, is getting as far away as he can.

    • AFP
  • iPhone 5se: Bright pink iPod Touch-like shade variant expected at Apple 15 March event

    The much awaited iPhone 5se, Apple's 4-inch upgrade version of the iPhone 5s expected to be launched at the 15 March Apple event is now said to get a bright pink colour variant. Japanese site Mac Otakara through their third-party vendors confirmed that the bright pink option is not the same as the rose gold shade offered for the iPhone 6S. When the iPhone 6S was due to be launched, a similar rumour of a bright pink shade had made the rounds, but it turned out to be rose gold, which is a subtle metallic shade of pinkish gold.

    • International Business Times
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  • Watson the top draw as stars sold at IPL auction

    Australian all-rounder Shane Watson received the highest bid of $1.4 million while banished England star Kevin Pietersen was sold to a new franchise at a glitzy Indian Premier League auction Saturday.

    • AFP
  • Apollo 14 Astronaut Edgar Mitchell Dies

    Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell, who was the sixth man to walk on the moon, has died in Florida, aged 85. Mitchell's 1971 mission with two fellow astronauts, the third US lunar landing, restored wavering public faith in NASA after the failure of Apollo 13. The spaceman passed away on Thursday night at a hospice in West Palm Beach following a short illness, his daughter, Kimberly Mitchell, said.

    • Sky News
  • Family of Raoul Moat victim Pc David Rathband lose negligence battle with police

    The family of shot Pc David Rathband remained defiant after losing a High Court negligence case against his former employer and being ordered to pay at least £100,000 costs.

    • Press Association video
  • Chinese New Year 2016: How to celebrate the year of the monkey

    People around the world are preparing to celebrate the Chinese New Year, which falls on Monday 8 February this year. Ahead of the Lunar New Year, we look at traditional ways to celebrate the year of the monkey.

    • International Business Times
  • How To Make Sagging Skin Look Tight and Lifted

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  • Nigerians have image problem abroad, hampers emigration to West - president

    Nigerians have an image problem abroad which makes it difficult to emigrate to the West, but they can stay at home where their services are needed, President Muhammadu Buhari was quoted as saying by a British newspaper on Saturday. A former army ruler from the 1980s who returned to power as a civilian after winning an election in March last year, Buhari has the image of an ascetic disciplinarian keen to tackle his country's persistent problems with crime and corruption. "Some Nigerians' claim is that life is too difficult back home," he was quoted as telling the Daily Telegraph newspaper.

    • Reuters
  • Taiwan quake fells 17-storey building, 123 rescued so far - fire brigade

    TAIPEI (Reuters) - A Taiwan quake toppled a 17-storey apartment building in southern Tainan city on Saturday, and crews had so far rescued 123 people from the wreckage, a fire brigade official said. There were no immediate reports of deaths from the 6.4 magnitude tremor, which struck before dawn. "There are 60 households in that building," said Tainan City Government Fire Bureau information officer Lee Po Min, estimating that there might be about 240 people living there. (Reporting by Yimou Lee; Editing by Mark Bendeich)

    • Reuters
  • British Pompeii: Unique finds at Bronze Age settlement destroyed by fire 3,000 years ago

    The UK's 'best preserved Bronze Age dwellings' were discovered in 1999 at Must Farm quarry in Cambridgeshire, dating to back to around 1000BC. The finds have been described as "unique" by David Gibson of the Cambridge Archaeological Unit, who is heading up the excavation. Two or three circular wooden houses have been unearthed, which were built on stilts and made up a settlement which was destroyed by fire more than 3,000 years ago.

    • International Business Times
  • 160MW capacity solar power plant unveiled in Morocco

    Morocco has moved a step further towards sustainable energy future by unveiling one of the largest solar plants in the world. The plant, named Noor 1, is the first phase of the Noor project, which is touted to be world's largest concentrated solar power plant by its makers. The Noor 1 concentrated solar power (CSP) plant, located some 20km outside the central Moroccan town of Ouarzazate, was opened on 4 February by King Mohammed VI of Morocco.

    • International Business Times
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  • Turkey seizes unsafe boats intended for refugees: reports

    Turkish police seized almost 50 unsafe boats destined for migrants wanting to cross the Aegean Sea to Greece, in the latest crackdown on businesses exploiting refugees in western Turkey, reports said Saturday.

    • AFP
  • Celebrity Big Brother triumph for Geordie Shore star Scotty T

    Scotty T has been crowned the winner of Celebrity Big Brother 2016.

    • Press Association
  • Star chefs turn out for funeral of tragic colleague Violier

    Some of the world's most famous restaurateurs joined around 1,500 mourners Friday at the Swiss funeral of star chef Benoit Violier, who killed himself last weekend.

    • AFP
  • Al Qaeda group claims kidnapping of Australians in Burkina Faso

    The recording by the al Mourabitoun branch of AQIM, released on its official Telegram channel, also said the group had decided to release one of the captives - a woman - unconditionally. "The primary motive behind their kidnapping was an attempt to (gain) release of our captives who sit behind bars and suffer the pain of imprisonment, as well as being deprived of their basic rights," the recording stated. In the recording, AQIM said it was releasing the woman under public pressure and in accordance with what it said was guidance from al Qaeda leaders not to involve women in war.

    • Reuters
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  • Not just for smoking: The strangest uses for cannabis

    Calls to legalise cannabis are slowly being answered as more countries and US states start allowing the legal sale and consumption of the drug, though Uruguay is still the only country where marijuana is an entirely legal product. As legalisation becomes more possible to more countries, the uses of cannabis as not just a recreational drug as starting to come further to the front. During the second world war, hemp was so needed that the US government issued a film called Hemp for Victory, encouraging farmers to grow more.

    • IB Times
  • Austria's Finance Minister asks EU to cover costs of additional migrants

    Austria's Finance Minister Hans-Joerg Schelling has asked the European Commission to provide 600 million euros (461.75 million pounds) to cover the costs of taking in additional refugees, a ministry spokesman said on Saturday. Austria budgeted for 35,000 asylum seekers annually at a cost of 11,000 euros per person but took in some 90,000 people in 2015, the spokesman quoted the minister as saying in a letter to the head of the EU executive, Jean-Claude Juncker. "Concerning the migration crisis it is high time the Commission returned to its normal function as an independent institution representing the general Community interest and start acting as such," Schelling said in the letter, part of which was published by the daily Kurier.

    • Reuters
  • Airbus in talks to delay some A320neo deliveries - sources

    By Tim Hepher PARIS (Reuters) - Airbus is renegotiating delivery schedules for its revamped A320neo jet and has told some airlines it will be delayed by about two months, industry sources said. The European planemaker missed a 2015 target for delivering the first aircraft, an upgraded fuel-saving version of its best-selling medium-haul jet, by a few weeks due to what it described as issues with documentation for new Pratt & Whitney engines. Industry sources have pointed to delays in deliveries of the newly-developed Geared Turbofan engine from its U.S. manufacturer, a subsidiary of United Technologies.

    • Reuters
  • Wigan Repel Fightback From Determined Dragons

    Wigan saw off a second-half fightback from Catalans Dragons as they ground out a 12-6 win in the opening round of Super League. Michael McIlorum scored two tries to give the Warriors a 10-0 lead at half-time at the DW Stadium on Friday night, and though Dragons hit back with a try of their own within three minutes of the start of the second half, the visitors were unable to orchestrate a famous fightback in their first outing of the new campaign. Matty Smith then added a penalty to close out a game that was plagued by poor weather from the outset.

    • Sky News
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  • Ex-Auschwitz SS guard, 93, faces trial in April

    A 93-year-old former SS guard at the Auschwitz death camp will stand trial in April on a charge of accessory to murder, a German court said Friday.

    • AFP
  • Bus Plunges Off Bridge In India Killing Dozens

    At least 37 people have been killed after a bus plunged off a bridge into a river in India. The accident happened when the driver apparently lost control and veered off the road into Purna river in Navsari district, 180 miles (285km) from Ahmedabad, the main city of Gujarat state. A police superintendent said: "The bus was going from Navsari to Ukai when the accident took place.

    • Sky News
  • Ireland has third highest cancer death rate across EU

    Ireland has the third highest cancer death rate in the European Union, according to a Eurostat report. Around 30% of all deaths in the country are caused by cancer as against 26% across EU, the report reveals. Cancer can be treated once it is diagnosed early," he said.

    • International Business Times
  • Female comic book artists show opens after sexism row

    An exhibition featuring 100 female comic book artists from around the world opened in London Friday, after a row in France when no women were shortlisted for a major prize at one of the genre's biggest festivals.

    • AFP
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  • Cilla Black covers album planned by singer's relative after The Voice audition

    The great-nephew of Cilla Black, who is vying for a place on The Voice, hopes to keep success in the family by releasing an album of covers of her hits later this year.

    • Press Association
  • Drumcondra hotel shooting: Gardaí say six-man team carried out raid

    Three of the raiders were wearing SWAT uniforms and carrying assault weapons.