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At Least Nine Dead In German Train Collision
At Least Nine Dead In German Train Collision

The passenger trains collided near Bad Aibling, around 40 miles southeast of Munich, at 6.48am local time, causing several wagons to overturn. Hours after the crash, hundreds of rescuers are still working to free people trapped in the wreckage but the crash happened near the River Mangfall in a hilly

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  • Woman Keeps McDonald’s Happy Meal Untouched For Six Years – And This Is The Shocking Result

    A mum claims to have conducted an experiment where she kept a McDonald’s Happy Meal for SIX years – just to see if it would decompose. 

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  • Customer Gets Her Just Desserts After Ranting About Michelin Restaurant On TripAdvisor

    The TripAdvisor user wrote a scathing review of Glynn Purnell’s restaurant in Birmingham – saying it was "immoral [for it] to charge such prices for food". “Maybe the chef should watch Masterchef The Professionals for a few lessons to see how food should be served and give some decent portions of wonderful food not just the content of a decent starter over 6 courses. “In regards to Masterchef, Glynn is well celebrated and well received in the public scene.

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  • Ex-model can seek divorce payout from Saudi sheikh in UK: court

    A former model who was married to a wealthy Saudi sheikh won the right to seek a payout from him in London, after a court rejected Monday his claim to have diplomatic immunity.

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  • Andy Murray And Kim Sears Welcome Baby Girl

    Tennis champion Andy Murray's wife Kim Sears has given birth to their first child, a baby girl. The couple, who got married in Murray's hometown of Dunblane last April, announced the pregnancy last summer. Murray played in the Australian Open last month where he spoke about how he would be on the first plane home if his wife went into labour.

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  • More camps set up at Turkey-Syria border after refugee influx

    As tens of thousands of people fleeing a Russian-backed regime offensive in Syria amass on the Turkish border, humanitarian groups step up aid and set up further camps to cope with the influx.

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  • This Elderly Couple Have Been Caring For A Homeless Man With Learning Difficulties For 35 Years

    When Xue Shunlu and Li Huannv saw a homeless man wandering the streets of their village they decided to invite him in and take care of him.

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  • Banks Are Worried Homeowners Will Do This.

    Homeowners are surprised and furious. If you owe less than $625,000 on your home, you better read this.

  • 'Terrifying' Moment Ship Sailed Into Storm

    Passengers on board a cruise ship that ventured into a storm off North Carolina have told of the “terrifying” moment the vessel was battered by 30ft waves and winds in excess of 100mph. The Royal Caribbean ship Anthem of the Seas, the third largest cruise ship ever built, is making its way back to New Jersey after the storm shattered glass and toppled furniture, injuring four people. Robert Huschka, executive editor of the Detroit Free Press who was a passenger on the vessel, recounted seeing pictures of the damage tweeted by fellow passengers.

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  • IS Leader's Widow Charged Over Aid Worker Death

    A 25-year-old woman has been charged with conspiracy over the death of an American aid worker killed while being held hostage by Islamic State militants in Syria. Nisreen Assad Ibrahim Bahar, an Iraqi citizen and wife of senior Islamic State leader Abu Sayyaf until his death last year, is accused along with her husband of holding Kayla Mueller and other women captive. Abu Sayyaf was killed in a US commando raid of his Syrian compound last May, and Bahar was turned over to Iraqi authorities for prosecution.

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  • Jason Bourne Packs A Punch In First Trailer

    The title and first trailer for Matt Damon's fourth outing as Jason Bourne have been revealed. Damon starred in the first three films about the spy but chose not to return in 2012 when Jeremy Renner played the title role in The Bourne Legacy. Damon and Greengrass' fourth collaboration is called Jason Bourne, and is the sequel to the 2007 film The Bourne Ultimatum.

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  • Rising Sea Levels Will Leave Just The Top Of Nelson’s Column Standing Above The Waves, Says Study

    The world’s dependence on fossil fuels will cause sea levels to rise leaving just the top half of Nelson’s column poking through the waves, says a new study. Burning just half of the remaining fossil fuels will affect the planet for more than 100,000 years, scientists warn. Published in the journal, Nature Climate Change, the study says that at the current rate humans are pumping carbon into the atmosphere, the Earth may suffer irreparable damage, with sea level rises affecting a fifth of the world’s population.

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  • EU reluctance sinking refugee relocation plan

    European Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker's flagship plan to stem Europe's migration crisis by redistributing refugees around the bloc risks crumbling as EU states balk at sharing the burden, diplomats, officials and experts have told AFP.

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  • Sisters Recreate Heartbreaking Childhood Photo With Pet Dog Just Before He Was Put Down

    Jack Russell Tigger had been with the girls since they were all children but after 16 years together, the agonising decision was made for him to be put to sleep. Louise Dobbie, 22, told ABC News: “My sisters and I were gathered around sharing our memories and photos of Tigger when he was a pup while we were waiting for the vet to come to our house to put him to rest.

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  • Man Utd Stay Silent Over Leaked Bonus Claims

    Manchester United have refused to comment on documents released by whistle-blowing website Football Leaks which appear to detail how much the club paid its players in bonuses in the 2009/10 season. The documents show former United forward Bebe was paid £900,000 a year in wages and given another £500,000 as a signing-on fee after joining in a £7.4m deal in August 2010. This meant he cost United £165,000 for each of the 75 Premier League minutes he played for the club.

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  • Lil' Chris Killed Himself After Fame Struggle

    The 24-year-old pop star, whose real name is Chris Hardman, died on 23 March last year. An inquest into his death heard Mr Hardman, who rose to fame at the age of 15 in the TV series Rock School, had been in contact with mental health services throughout his career. The inquest heard that Mr Hardman had spent the night before his death "chilling" with friends at his flat in Union Road, Lowestoft, Suffolk.

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  • Kid sleep troubles email series for moms

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  • These Are The Ridiculous Reasons People Give For Not Paying Their TV Licence

    The reasons that people give so that they can avoid paying the TV licence have been revealed - and some of them are utterly bizarre. Some people just don’t have the money or don’t even own a television, but one person told officials that he was the king of Scotland so he didn’t have to pay. The full list was revealed by TV Licensing Scotland and each excuse has been turned into a short film by students at the Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design in Dundee.

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  • 'Massacre' Fears As Aleppo Set To Fall To Assad

    A Free Syrian Army commander in Aleppo has told Sky News that unless Russia unexpectedly changes its tactic of indiscriminate bombing, the city will fall to the government of Bashar al Assad in days. In an exclusive interview conducted in Turkey, he predicted a "massacre" in Aleppo and a surge in refugees heading towards Turkey. His comments came as Syrian government forces with Hezbollah militia moved within 13 miles of the border taking the village of Kfeen and moving further north towards the strategically important town of Tal Rafat, that has been a rebel stronghold for four years.

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  • This Cat Is Not Happy At Having His Head In A Cone

    There can’t be anything much more humiliating in life than having your head stuffed in a cone and your picture taken for the world to laugh at.

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  • Daniel Bryan Explains his WWE Retirement on Monday Night RAW

    Daniel Bryan, 34, the former World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) World Heavyweight Champion, has retired from professional wrestling due to ongoing concerns over the effects of multiple concussions.

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  • The New Fuel Behind Oil's Death Spiral

    A stunning breakthrough in chemical engineering has unleashed a massive supply of fuel that could hand the United States 100% energy independence.

  • X-Men Actor Has Cancer Growth Removed From Nose

    Actor Hugh Jackman has had a fifth cancerous growth removed from his face. It is the fifth time in two years the 47-year-old has had a basal cell growth removed from his face. Basal cell carcinoma is the most common form of skin cancer, affecting more than 90% of US skin cancer patients.

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  • Yarl's Wood: 'This is not supposed to exist in England,' says former inmate

    Ntombi had fled her violent ex-husband in South Africa when she arrived in England in 2004 to stay with people who turned out to be little better. After months of abuse at a house in south London, she ran away again, making her way to the city's centre, where she bedded down with a group of rough sleepers under Waterloo Bridge. There she huddled with Afghanis and Ukrainians on cardboard boxes, warming themselves above a vent that blew hot air from below the ground. In the mornings, the women would go their separate ways to beg or find food, but Ntombi went instead to find work. A singer and dancer by trade, she wanted to make a better life for herself and escape the cycle of poverty and abuse that she had faced since her early teens. "Danger was part of my life. I lived a dangerous life at home, and abuse was nothing new to me. Every morning everybody would go out to find food but I was too embarrassed to do that. I wanted opportunity to do my gigs maintain myself. I came to England to better myself. I didn't come to a strange country to go and queue for meals every day and then sleep. I needed something positive," Ntombi said. Ntombi met a group of musicians at Battersea Arts Centre in south London that introduced her to a percussionist, Si, whom she arranged to visit at his home nearby. She quickly realised that Si was an ageing alcoholic who was sleeping on the floor in his derelict council flat. She asked his children if she could move in and, in return, do the apartment up and ensure that their father got the medical help he needed. She cared for Si until his death, at which point she applied to the council to take on his flat. They needed photographic ID, which Ntombi didn't have, so she acquired a false South African passport through a friend and used it. It was a dilemma, but she was determined that she could not go back to sleeping rough: "I couldn't go back to Waterloo. I needed to do what I had to do to survive," she said. Then last April, Ntombi woke to hear banging on the front door. Eight uniformed immigration officials burst into her house flanked by four armed police officers who, she said, "looked like they were coming for Osama bin Laden." She was arrested and taken to a stinking, tomb-like cell at a Brixton police station where she spent two days before being transported to Camberwell Magistrate's Court and charged. "When I was in the hands of immigration, I saw a part of England that was hidden from me. I never even thought it existed. In the police station, people were banging and banging the whole night. In court people were crazy, banging the doors. Then the whole day there, hungry, needing to shower – I felt like I was back in Waterloo. No bathroom, no food – nothing," she said. Serco hits back at abuse, hand-cuffing claims Serco has denied claims that women at Yarl's Wood are routinely handcuffed, that food is poor quality and that internet use is restricted. In a statement to IBTimesUK, as we publish a two-part series on 8 February on the detention centre near Bedford in the UK, a spokesman hit back at a number of allegations made by inmates and former detainees. He said that inmates have only been handcuffed on two occasions over the past 12 months. "The only occasion on which they may have handcuffs applied is if a detainee becomes violent towards staff or presents a risk of danger to themselves and others. Handcuffs are very rarely used at Yarl's Wood," he said. Complaints procedure He also said that procedures for detainees to complain about their treatment were "completely independent" and if of a serious nature would be referred to the police. He added that six members of staff had been disciplined for alleged verbal or physical abuse of detainees in the last 12 months. As for claims that internet use is curtailed, the spokesman said that restrictions were "minimal" but that detainees were not permitted to access Facebook or Twitter as well as sexually inappropriate or extremist websites. They are permitted to use personal email accounts, he said. If things were bad then, they were about to get worse: after her hearing, Ntombi was taken to Holloway Prison in north London, where she would be kept on remand for two weeks. She described Holloway as a harsh, violent wake-up call where prisoners would attack each other for cigarettes and illegal immigrants were held alongside violent offenders. "Some [people there] don't have teeth and they want to break yours. You can't close your eyes or you might lose your life. I have never had to protect myself from death like that in my entire life," she said. But at the same time Ntombi noticed that the presence of British prisoners at Holloway at least meant that there was decent healthcare and regular visits by organisations that do outreach work with inmates. There was one other notable difference between Holloway and the immigration detention centres that she would soon find herself incarcerated in: at least in prison, you know when you are going to get out. A 20-minute drive from Bedford, Bedfordshire in the centre of an old industrial park, Yarl's Wood currently holds around 350 female detainees at various stages of the immigration process – some due to be deported imminently and others currently awaiting a decision on asylum applications. In 2015, a report by the UK prison watchdog claimed that the centre was "a place of national concern", with women claiming that conditions were dire and that they felt unsafe. As a result, the private contractor that runs the centre for the Home Office, Serco, commissioned an independent enquiry into the conditions at Yarl's Wood. Released on 15 January 2016, the report criticised staffing, training and a shortage of female officers but did not find evidence of an "endemic culture of abuse". Serco responded by promising new training for staff, better food and body cameras for all frontline staff to prevent abuse. The affair has highlighted not only Britain's policy towards asylum seekers – it is the only EU country with no limit on how long asylum seekers can be held – but the use of private contractors when outsourcing sectors that would usually be carried out by the state. Critics argue that private companies are not subject to same kind of scrutiny as governments and can be more opaque about their treatment of detainees. Ntombi spent three months as an inmate at Yarl's Wood, from October to December 2015, after her release from Holloway. Like many of the women in the centre, she was due to be deported. "My first impression of Yarl's Wood was that it was cleaner than Holloway. There were drinks and sandwiches at the reception. I was like: 'OK, we are not in prison any more.' But once you go inside you realise you are in the same situation. Being South African, I have seen apartheid. I saw it again in Yarl's Wood," she said. She complained of being handcuffed and roughly treated by guards as well as about the quality of food and lack of medical care, but generally it was the denial of freedom that Ntombi resented. She said that there was lack of accountability at Yarl's Wood, that internet activity was restricted and that outreach workers were only allowed access to the visitor's centre, meaning that they could not see the conditions inside. "I felt like I was a victim again. Being who I am, being a woman, I was a victim to these Serco police who had been given the right to do anything that they want to do to me, and nobody is going to do or say anything. To me there was nothing new: a man was there to dictate how I live my life. And how I breathe. Yarl's Wood behaved like my abuser. I didn't see any difference," she said. She has since been released from Yarl's Wood, as around two-thirds of detainees are, but her asylum claim is still in process and she fears being sent back if it is not successful: "I never even dream of going to that place. If I had to choose to go to Yarl's Wood or to die, I would rather die. It is as simple as that," she said. But it is her treatment by England as an asylum seeker that breaks Ntombi's heart. She has seen how the system treats frightened, desperate women as criminals. She has forged bonds with women inside the centre that have made them like sisters. When she recalls the way they were treated, it makes her heart beat fast in her chest. As a South African, she cannot reconcile the Britain where millions supported Nelson Mandela with the one she has seen. "This is not supposed to exist in England.It was so disappointing and confusing. It was overwhelming really. It didn't feel real. We deserve better than this. It is time for it to come out," she said. This is the second in a two-part series on Yarl's Wood detention centre published by IBTimesUK on 8 February. Part One is here.

    • International Business Times
  • Woman launches court fight after partner's estranged wife gets share of house

    A woman who lived with her partner for nearly two decades has launched a court battle after his share of their home passed to his estranged wife after his death.

    • Press Association
  • UK warns EU exit could mean migrant camps on south coast

    A British EU exit could mean thousands of migrants landing on Britain's shores "overnight", the government said, stepping up the rhetoric in the campaign ahead of a referendum on membership.

    • AFP
  • Bad News For Insurance, Great News For Virginia

    Virginia drivers, with cars and good driving records are learning that they may qualify for lower car insurance rates. Do you qualify?

  • iPhone 6 error 53 could drag Apple to court

    A Seattle-based firm is currently investigating the potential to file a lawsuit against Apple for error 53 on iPhone 6, which leaves the smartphone at a completely non-functioning state. The error affects iPhone 6 and 6 Plus models when being repaired at third-party repair service centres, but not that of Apple. The iPhone detects if any new parts have been installed on the phone and when you upgrade it to iOS 9, error 53 occurs, preventing the phone from functioning.

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  • Escaped Hatton Garden Raider 'Is Ex-Cop'

    The mystery raider 'Basil' who escaped after the Hatton Garden heist is a former policeman, one of the ringleaders has claimed. Danny Jones, who is awaiting sentence for the £14m raid, wrote in a letter from Belmarsh Prison: "I can say that someone told me he was an ex-policeman who got into security by the guy who introduced him to me. "He said Basil heard about me from a close friend on the police force, as I was arrested for a similar raid in Bond Street in 2010.

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  • Beth Tweddle Has Neck Op After Fall On The Jump

    Gymnast Beth Tweddle is recovering from an operation on her neck after injuring herself during rehearsals for the celebrity sports show The Jump. In a statement, her parents Ann and Jerry said: "The early medical indications were positive as Beth was able to move her hands and feet, despite being in a lot of discomfort. "The medical staff have been fantastic and explained to us that Beth was waiting for an operation as there were more serious cases ahead of her.

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  • Stallone Offered To Boycott Oscars Over Creed

    Sylvester Stallone has revealed he asked the black director of his new film Creed whether he should boycott the Oscars after being nominated. The 69-year-old is the only person from the film to be nominated for an award, with some thinking actor Michael B Jordan and writer-director Ryan Coogler should have got the nod too. After Will Smith and director Spike Lee said they would not attend the ceremony in protest at the scarcity of black nominees, Stallone said he asked Coogler what he should do.

    • Sky News
  • Amazing Photo Captures The Moment Giant Wave Battered UK Coast During Storm Imogen

    This is the terrifying moment a giant wave battered the UK coast during Storm Imogen. The picture was taken at Sennen, near Land’s End, on the coast of Cornwall and shows a huge mass of water crashing down on a cliff. Storm Imogen brought heavy rain and high winds to the UK this week, with waves off the Cornish coast measured at 63ft (19.1m).

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  • Passengers on bombed Somalia plane 'meant for Turkish Airlines'

    A man suspected of detonating a bomb on a Somali passenger plane had initially intended to board a Turkish Airlines flight, the company's chief said Monday.

    • AFP
  • Oil falls for third day as concerns about growing glut deepen

    By Devika Krishna Kumar NEW YORK (Reuters) - Oil prices fell for a third straight session on Monday, with U.S. prices piercing $30 a barrel again, as lingering concerns about oversupply deepened after a Saudi-Venezuela meeting at the weekend showed few signs of coordination to boost prices. No tangible signs emerged from a meeting on Sunday between Saudi Arabia's oil minister Ali al-Naimi and his Venezuelan counterpart that OPEC and non-OPEC suppliers were ready to meet to discuss the price slump. Hopes of an accord to shore up prices which are languishing close to 2003 have dimmed over the past week, but the meeting between cash-strapped Venezuela and the kingpin of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries was seen as "make or break" for a possible deal to boost prices that have slumped 70 percent since mid-2014.

    • Reuters
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  • Assault With A Deadly Alligator: Man Arrested For Chucking Gator Through Drive-Thru Window

    A man has been charged with throwing a three-foot alligator through the window of a drive-thru Wendy’s. 

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  • Biker Faces No Action Over Wife's Dubai Death

    A former Superbike racer arrested on suspicion of the murder of his newly-wed wife in Dubai has been told he faces no further action. Sean Emmett had been on police bail for more than two years in connection with the death of Abigail Emmett, nee Elson, who fell several floors from a high-rise hotel. He was arrested and questioned by officers back in December 2013 on his arrival at Heathrow Airport from Dubai, where his wife had died in February of that year.

    • Sky News
  • Inquest Told Soldier May Not Have Shot Herself

    New scientific evidence shows a young female Army recruit found dead at a barracks more than 20 years ago may not have killed herself, an inquest has heard. Alison Foster QC, representing the family of 18-year-old Cheryl James, said: "Now there is distinguished pathological evidence showing that the shot that killed Cheryl James may not have been self-inflicted. "Third party involvement is more than merely speculative, according to this inquest's pathologist.

    • Sky News
  • Syria rebels squeezed on multiple fronts

    Rebels in northern Syria were under attack on multiple fronts Monday from Russian-backed regime forces, advancing Kurdish militia and Islamic State group jihadists.

    • AFP
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  • Google Chief Now Highest-Paid Boss In America

    Google boss Sundar Pichai is now the highest-paid chief executive in America after being awarded $199m (£138m) of shares.

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  • Australian woman freed by al Qaeda says her husband is still alive

    An Australian woman who was freed by al Qaeda after three weeks in captivity said on Monday her husband who was seized with her in Burkina Faso was still alive and she hoped he too would be released soon. Jocelyn Elliott, 76, gave no further details of the couple's captivity but her comment provided the first confirmation that her husband, Dr Ken Elliott, 81, was still alive. The couple were seized on Jan. 15 from the town of Djibo near Burkina Faso's border with Mali where they have operated a 120-bed clinic for over 40 years.

    • Reuters
  • Laura Carmichael's Downton break 'thanks to Dame Maggie Smith likeness'

    Actress Laura Carmichael has revealed she was cast in Downton Abbey because she looked like Dame Maggie Smith.

    • Press Association
  • Pancake Day: How Scientists Are Using Pancakes To Save People's Sight

    Scientists at University College London (UCL) have demonstrated how cooking the perfect pancake could give medical experts an insight into curing eye conditions such as glaucoma. Glaucoma is a condition caused by a buildup of liquid in the eye and any subsequent visual impairment is irreversible. UCL’s study, published in Mathematics TODAY, examined a range of pancakes of differing thicknesses and diameters and discovered the thinner and smaller the pancake, the more evenly the surface cooks.

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  • Watch 15-year-old Chloe Kim make snowboarding history

    Chloe Kim became the first woman to land back to back 1080s in a single run as she won the latest FIS World Cup snowboard halfpipe competition in Park City, Utah, on 6 February. The 15-year-old was joined in victory at the event by fellow American Matthew Ladley. Kim's run was good enough to see off snowboarding star Kelly Clark. Her perfect score of 100 landed her a big victory over Maddie Mastro (92.00) and Clark (89.25). She now leads the overall standings on 1800 points, with Clark on 1600 and Mastro on 1400. "It is just crazy," she said after the run. "I can't even put it into words, it is just awesome." Ladley's score of 95.50 was enough to see off the Japanese duo of Ryo Aono (92.00) and Naito Ando (90.50). "Everything just came together really nicely," he said. "I went big, which is always my favourite thing to do. And landing high, clean, smooth riding and I put down a cap double down at the bottom which I sometimes struggle with. But it was really good for me."

    • International Business Times
  • CIRA made statement to set themselves up as “the protectors of the people”

    The journalist who took CIRA’s statement regarding the Regency Hotel shootings says that “spectacular attack” was the group announcing themselves as being “back on the stage”.

  • Georgia to build $2.5 bn Black Sea port on China's Silk Road

    Georgia is planning a £2.5 bn Black Sea port to boost trade between China and Europe along the historic Silk Road

    • AFP
  • Little Bruiser: Baby PUNCHES Itself During Ultrasound Scan

    This baby is clearly a Muhammad Ali in waiting as he started practicing some boxing moves during a routine ultrasound.

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  • 'Last survivors must speak out': Auschwitz baby

    Angela Orosz weighed just a third of what a normal infant does when she was born in Auschwitz, and only escaped death at the Nazi concentration camp because she was so weak she was "unable to cry".

    • AFP
  • Leukaemia Sufferer Finds Donor After Global Bid

    A student diagnosed with an aggressive form of blood cancer has found a stem cell donor despite a “needle in a haystack” search. Lara Casalotti, 24, from Hampstead in north London was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia in December 2015. She was told during a trip to Thailand that her best hope of a cure was a stem cell transplant.

    • Sky News
  • Dollar hits 15-month low vs yen as markets re-think BoJ rate cut

    By Dion Rabouin NEW YORK (Reuters) - The dollar fell to a 15-month low against the yen on Monday as a renewed slide in oil prices and doubts about the effectiveness of the Bank of Japan's negative interest-rate policy drove investors back into the safe-haven currency. After gaining overnight, crude oil futures again fell, weighing on investor confidence and sapping risk appetite. Imposing negative rates was expected to weaken the yen as investors would essentially have to pay to hold money with Japan's central bank.

    • Reuters
  • Politics, princess's trial cast Spain's King Felipe in testing role

    By Sarah White MADRID (Reuters) - Sympathy for the Spanish monarchy is in short supply among the spectators heading into a theatre in Madrid's edgy Lavapies district, where an irreverent look at the former King Juan Carlos' fall from grace is playing to sell-out audiences. The play, called "El Rey" (the King), is billed as a fresh look at the monarchy's place over the past 40 years and questions whether Juan Carlos really had a useful role in shaping modern Spain. Felipe, 48, took over the throne in June 2014 after his father abdicated following a series of embarrassing episodes.

    • Reuters
  • Ever Googled Someone? Do A "Deep Search" Instead

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  • Hong Kong kicks off Year of Monkey, but primate relations sour

    As the people of Hong Kong usher in the Year of the Monkey, animal experts are working to quell their exploding numbers in a bid to keep the peace between them and their human neighbours.

    • AFP
  • Israel sets conditions for return of Palestinian bodies

    Israel is ready to return the bodies of 10 Palestinians killed while carrying out attacks but their families have refused to accept certain conditions, a government spokesman said on Monday.

    • AFP
  • Germany runs up highest trade surplus as exports top new record

    German-made goods were in strong demand all over the world last year, with exports to the EU rising 7.0 percent and exports to other countries rising 5.6 percent

    • AFP
  • Cat Loses Its Eye After Being Shot In The Head By Cruel Thug

    These photos show what happened to a poor cat called Ginger Nut after he was shot in the head by a callous thug.

    • Yahoo News
  • Don't Pay for Medigap Plan F Until You See This!

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  • Stranger Sends Woman £100 In The Post For Being A Good Mum

    Sarah Bartlett, 37, opened up the envelope that was posted through her door last Sunday afternoon and was shocked to discover the cash and a note praising her mothering skills. "I am just so grateful and cannot thank them enough.

    • Yahoo News
  • Met Police axes riot squad amid overtime claims probe

    A specialist riot squad at the centre of a probe into allegations its officers wrongly claimed for overtime has been decommissioned to cut costs, police said.

    • Press Association
  • Everton Move Closer To Takeover

    Everton appear to be edging nearer to a takeover after talks with American investors John Jay Moores and Charles Noell progressed. Moores, the former owner of Major League Baseball franchise the San Diego Padres, and his associate have been in negotiations since December. The pair have undergone a six-week due diligence period looking at the club's books and speaking to major shareholders chairman Bill Kenwright, Robert Earl and Jon Woods.

    • Sky News
  • Banking shares plummet on economic slowdown fears

    US banks were broadly lower, but the hardest-hit included Bank of America, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley, all down 6.0 percent or more in afternoon trade

    • AFP
  • Insane Navy Seal Flashlight, should it be banned?

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  • Iraq retakes areas around Ramadi, opens road to Baghdad

    Iraq said Tuesday that its forces have completely retaken areas surrounding Ramadi from the Islamic State group and reopened the road linking the city to Baghdad.

    • AFP
  • Leopard injures five at Indian school

    A male leopard which strayed into a school in the southern Indian city of Bangalore injured five people during an hours-long attempt to catch the beast, a wildlife official said.

    • AFP
  • Super Bowl 50 highlights: Beyonce and Coldplay dazzle at half-time show

    In this week's Music Minute, we take a look at Coldplay's stunning half-time show at the Super Bowl 50, which took place on Sunday (7 February) and featured special-guest appearances from Beyonce and Bruno Mars. It was a jam-packed half-time show with British faves Coldplay headlining the prestigious event and bringing along a couple of special guests. Chris Martin and the band were joined by none other than Beyonce and Bruno Mars, who came face-to-face for an epic dance-off before all three acts united for rendition of the Bruno/Mark Ronsom hit Uptown Funk. Unfortunately for Beyonce, it all came close to crashing down, quite literally, when the singer momentarily lost her footing during a dance routine. Of course, she made an incredible recovery like only a true diva can. When they didn't hand over the stage to their special guests, Coldplay ran through a brief medley of their biggest hits including Yellow, Viva La Vida and Paradise before reuniting with Beyonce, Bruno, their backing dancers and band to sing Fix You in unison. Single of the week Now, given that she performed the track at the Super Bowl, it would be wrong not to give Beyonce our song of the week. Hours before the halftime show, Queen Bey debuted her new single Formation, which has a political undercurrent, addressing the Black Lives Matter movement and racial tension, with a nod to the Black Panther movement of the late 1960s.

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  • Taiwan Developer Held Over Building Collapse

    Taiwanese authorities have arrested the developer of a building which collapsed, killing 39 people.

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  • 3 Symptoms Of Gut Yeast (You Need To See #2)

    This is even more important than exercise. If you regularly feel fatigued, overworked, or find it difficult to lose weight, you could have gut yeast!

  • Twin births almost double in rich countries: study

    Twin births have almost doubled in developed countries in four decades, said researchers Monday who cautioned about the associated health risks.

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  • Former French budget minister goes on trial for tax evasion

    A former budget minister who championed France's campaign against tax dodgers went on trial on Monday three years after he was forced to quit over the discovery that he owned a secret bank account abroad. Jerome Cahuzac, 63, a plastic surgeon by trade who was appointed budget minister when Socialist President Francois Hollande took power in 2012, stands accused of tax fraud and money laundering and faces up to seven years in jail if convicted. Stonefaced, Cahuzac arrived for his trial, struggling to make his way through hordes of journalists.

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