‘Cannabis Kills Cancer Cells,’ U.S. Government Admits

Rob Waugh

In what could be a key moment for advocates of legal cannabis, the U.S. government has admitted that the drug can kill cancer cells.

In a page of official government advice, the U.S. government now says,, ‘Cannabis has been shown to kill cancer cells in the laboratory.’

The site says that the effect has so far been seen in rodent studies, and cautions,  ‘At this time, there is not enough evidence to recommend that patients inhale or ingest Cannabis as a treatment for cancer-related symptoms or side effects of cancer therapy.’

Cancer Research UK warns patients that so far, there is no evidence that cannabis extracts can be used as a treatment.

Cancer Research says, ‘There isn’t enough reliable evidence to prove that cannabinoids – whether natural or synthetic – can effectively treat cancer in patients, although research is ongoing around the world.’

The charity also warns cancer patients that scammers are offering ‘cannabis oil’ for sale online - sometimes pretending to work with cancer charities.

When people order, nothing arrives, the charity warned.