Drunk intruder found on family’s floor

Video footage has emerged of a drunken trespasser passed out on a family’s living room floor in Scarborough.

In the unusual video, the inebriated young man is filmed being awoken from an alcohol-induced sleep by police.

Speaking to Yahoo! News, North Yorkshire Police confirmed the incident which happened last Saturday  at around midnight.

Inspector Tony Quinn, of Scarborough Safer Neighbourhood Team said: “We are satisfied there was no criminal intention on the part of the man who had entered the property by accident. He was clearly suffering from the affects of alcohol and was subsequently returned safely to the hotel where he was staying.”

Homeowner Mr Brewington is reported to have said: “We were all asleep and we just heard a crash. I got up and there was a guy passed out in the living room – I jumped out of my skin when I saw him.”

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Names and addresses of the intruder in the video are bleeped out of the video.

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