‘Gay Gene’ Test Can Predict If Someone Is Homosexual


A controversial new genetic test can identify if someone is straight or gay, with a high level of accuracy, its creators claim.

It’s the first time a DNA ‘test’ for sexual orientation has been created.

Researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles, compared the DNA of male twins, including pairs of twins with differing sexual orientation.

The researchers found nine parts of the genetic code which seem to be linked to sexual orientation - meaning they could ‘guess’ someone’s sexuality with 70% accuracy.

Lead researcher Dr Tuck Ngun, of the University of California at Los Angeles, said: ‘To our knowledge, this is the first example of a predictive model for sexual orientation based on molecular markers.’

‘Sexual attraction is such a fundamental part of life, but it’s not something we know a lot about at the genetic and molecular level. I hope that this research helps us understand ourselves better and why we are the way we are.

Other genetic experts are more sceptical, saying that while sexuality has some basis in genetics, ‘life experiences’ can also play a part.