‘Leaked NASA Film’ Shows Manned Mission To Mars In 1973

Rob Waugh
A Mission to Mars?

Was there a secret space programme which launched human beings to Mars shortly after we landed on the Moon?

A film supposedly leaked from NASA shows blurry footage from a manned mission to Mars – in 1973 - and is touted by UFO fans as ‘proof’ we have been to Mars.

The film begins with a sign saying, ‘Not for public distribution.’

Viewers have pointed out that the film seems to use the wrong logo for NASA - and others suggest that it’s been created using NASA stills of Mars in an editing programme.

Conspiracy theorists believe that there was a ‘secret space programme’, codenamed Project Redsun, when humans landed on Mars in the late 60s or early 70s.

Some believe that the current Curiosity Rover is a giant hoax – pointing to the vehicle’s shiny solar panels as ‘evidence’ that they are being polished by humans already on Mars.

Nigel Watson, author of the UFO investigations Manual said, ‘I think we are fascinated by the idea that there are people secretly living beneath the surface of Mars and they are part of some secret space program.

'Such a project would need vast resources and would be very hard to keep covered up, yet many think this is what is happening and that these activities are being carried out in conjunction with one or more alien species.'