"Men at work" sign doctored by indignant local to show labourer on break

Simon Garner

A local fed up with endless roadworks has defaced a ‘men at work’ road sign to show a contractor sitting down - having a coffee while smoking a cigarette.

Residents in Melksham, Wiltshire, have endured months of delays around the town because of ongoing engineering.

But one good-humoured 'artist' has redone the sign - now displaying a lazy labourer sitting down to enjoy a hot drink and a smoke - to let contractors know what locals think.

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Lib Dem councillor Jon Hubbard said: "Melksham has had a lot of road works taking place and there has been a lot of annoyance at how long it is taking.

"It doesn’t come across as a shock that someone has done this, it is a real problem in the town with roadworks seemingly taking forever.

"I’ve seen a lot of workers sitting around and I’ve raise the issue.

"Recently there was a case when workers were re-doing a road and there were terrible problems. Lanes were closed but there was no one doing any work.

"They certainly haven’t been given the appearance of being hard at work."