‘Metal Butterfly’ Spaceship Is Among The Clearest UFO Videos Ever


A weird ‘metal butterfly’ which buzzed a father and son as they left a restaurant in Ohio this week is among the clearest UFO pictures ever taken.

But some UFO fans say it’s a fake - possibly created using CGI software.

Local men Tom and Christopher claim that the weird, butterfly-like craft buzzed them - then they saw two black, military helicopters following it.

It was shown off by paranormal-themed YouTube channel Secure Team - whose creator, Tyler Glockner, swears it is real.

Glockner says, ‘The reason I am calling this an alien craft rather than just a UFO…is in the stunning detail, where we can see the true structural characteristics of this ship.

‘And guys you take a look and tell me with a straight face this has anything to do with humans.

‘The features on this thing don't make any sense.’

Glockner claims that the duo who filmed the clip were unable to photograph the military helicopters which tailed the craft, as they were ‘going the other way’.

Nigel Watson, author of the UFO Investigations Manual, is more sceptical, saying, ‘It looks like it was produced using a model and CGI. It is a very distinctive looking object, it reminds me of the Millennium Falcon spacecraft in the Star Wars films with a bite taken out of it.

‘Alarm bells ring when the witnesses are only known as Tom and Christopher, and we might also wonder why other people in the area didn't see it.

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