1,042 motorists caught out by Stoke-on-Trent's new speed cameras

-Credit: (Image: Pete Stonier / Stoke Sentinel)
-Credit: (Image: Pete Stonier / Stoke Sentinel)

More than 1,000 motorists have been caught out by new speed cameras including in Potteries hotspots - in less than six months. The digital devices went up on key routes through Sneyd Green, Trent Vale, Baddeley Green and Hanley in an effort to improve safety on the city's roads.

Now figures have revealed the extent the impact of the new cameras with 1,042 snapped speeding in those locations since January. As previously reported by StokeonTrentLive the rollout formed part of a £640,000 investment in not only revamping some existing devices but making improvements to the mobile camera vans.

Last year Staffordshire Police confirmed that the first phase would see 20 cameras upgraded. The force had said how the new technology meant it would be quicker to process speeding offences.

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The clarity of the image also meant other offences could potentially be spotted. In addition the revamped cameras don't rely on lines on the road and instead use a 'digitally applied line on the offence images'.

Following the announcement in November, work quickly started to overhaul some existing cameras already set up in Stoke-on-Trent. Cameras on Leek New Road in Sneyd Green, Milton, Baddeley Green and Stockton Brook were all upgraded.

In addition all four fixed cameras on Hanley's Potteries Way ring-road were overhauled along with a number on the A34 in Trent Vale. There arrival didn't go down entirely well with graffiti appearing on a camera in Stockton Brook with stickers slapped on one in Trent Vale.

Now figures obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request has revealed their impact since the start of the year. While the figures for the A34 may take in 'older cameras' that stretch caught the most with 635. Meanwhile 249 were snapped at various points on the A53 with 158 on Hanley's ring-road. Further south of the county and a new device went up on the A449 Wolverhampton Road in Stafford which snapped 23, bringing the Staffordshire-wide total up to 1,065.

Speed camera location

Number of drivers caught

A34, Trent Vale


A53 Leek New Road between Sneyd Green and Stockton Brook


Potteries Way, Hanley


A449 Wolverhampton Road, Stafford


The improved cameras, funded by the Staffordshire Safer Roads Partnership (SSRP), use radars to accurately measure the speed of every vehicle which passes by. In addition to those fixed cameras there are also 80 Community Speed Watch groups - backed by 386 volunteers.

Officials in the county have previously revealed how 33 people were killed on Staffordshire's roads last year.

Announcing the upgrade to selected cameras, Inspector Mark Joynson, of the force's roads policing unit, said: "Speed limits are really important for road safety as the speed a vehicle travels at is a major contributor to the outcome if someone is involved in a road traffic collision.

“The installation of the new technology will make it easier to check speeds across Staffordshire and we hope they will provide a visual reminder of the work we do every day to keep all road users as safe as possible.”

The force was contacted over the number of motorists caught by the new cameras. In response Inspector Joynson said: "Improving road safety is one of our main priorities in Staffordshire following the high number of fatal collisions last year. Nearly half of these fatalities were attributed to driver error, and that’s why it’s crucial that we continue to work proactively with our partners to educate drivers and enforce road safety standards.

“Earlier this year, we launched our Look Again campaign to help raise awareness for ways in which drivers can safeguard themselves and others from risks on our roads, including the fatal four offences that contribute to serious collisions.

“Part of this activity saw officers arrest 70 people on suspicion of vehicle-related offences across Staffordshire, including 18 on suspicion of drug driving, 15 on suspicion of drink driving and three on suspicion of dangerous driving. We’re continuing to work closely with our partners to patrol our road networks and utilise new technology to make our roads as safe as possible.”

There are currently a total of 52 fixed cameras in Staffordshire.

Helen Fisher, deputy Staffordshire Commissioner for Police, Fire & Rescue co-chairs the SSRP. She said: “Whenever we driver faster than the speed limit, or too fast for the road conditions, we increase the risk of a collision, and the chance that someone we love could be killed or hurt.

“Everyone should be able to use our roads safely, so it is vital to keep your speed within the legal limit next time you get in your vehicle or on your motorbike. We all have the power to make a difference.”

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