1,500 LED pigeons take to the London skyline

Lisa Collins

More than 1,500 pigeons have been strapped with LED lights as they flock the London skyline as part of LIFT Festival.

As day turns to night, the pigeons will light up the sky in Thamesmead, southeast London.

This year, the performance pays respect to the messenger pigeons who played a vital role in the First World War.

More than 100,000 pigeons contributed to the British war effort, as they carried messages back and forth.

The vast amount of birds will fly over a disused golf course, next to a sewage works.

Previously, “Fly by night” was premiered in Brooklyn’s Navy Yard in 2016.

The London International Festival of Theatre is currently hosting the display of outdoor performance artwork by Duke Riley. The American artist has spent months training the birds using whistles, to take part in the performance.

The festival will take place in venues across London for the entire month, starting in May until the 22nd of June 2018.