These are the best books to read this month

best books march 2023
The 10 best books to read nowGood Housekeeping

Another jam-packed month of books, including a new novel from Sebastian Barry, some fantastic new debuts and a wonderful life-affirming memoir. Whether you want a page-turning thriller, a gripping historical novel or a feel-good read, we've got some great choices out this month.

Old God's Time by Sebastian Barry

One of my favourite writers returns with a meditation on ageing and forgiveness. Widowed former policeman Tom looks back on his career, marriage and parenthood and the wrongs and abuses that were done to him in his childhood. The richness of the language and the way the reader is completely immersed in Tom’s thoughts makes this an intense but rewarding read.

Nothing Special by Nicole Flattery

When 17-year-old Mae drops out of school and finds a job as a typist at Andy Warhol’s Factory, it plunges her into a counter-culture world where the friendships she makes with the other young women in the pop artist’s circle are life-changing. A riveting read about fame, myth-making and finding your own identity.

Lady MacBethad by Isabelle Schuler

This prequel to Macbeth tells the story of Gruoch – the real Scottish queen who inspired Shakespeare’s character Lady Macbeth – from her early years to life on the throne. Love, lust, revenge, power – this completely mesmerising historical debut has it all.

If I Let You Go by Charlotte Levin

Levin’s debut If I Can’t Have You was a must-read and this new book is just as addictive. Janet has never forgiven herself for an accident that happened 11 years ago. Then one night, she rescues a child from a train crash and the incident offers her a chance at redemption – but Janet’s story isn’t what it first appears to be.

In Memoriam by Alice Winn

Teenagers Henry and Sidney meet at boarding school in 1914 and, despite their tender ages, are sent to the front to fight, their love for each other unexpressed. First love, class, male camaraderie and the horrors of war are all explored in this quietly heartbreaking epic with the unforgettable appeal of Birdsong.

All The Little Bird-Hearts by Viktoria Lloyd-Barlow

Sunday Forrester still lives in the house she grew up in and keeps her life small and manageable, just as she likes it. Then glamorous new neighbours Vita and Rollo open up her world – but things turn sinister when they begin to take an interest in Sunday’s 16-year-old daughter Dolly. I was drawn in by the lyrical writing and stayed for the growing tension.

One Moment by Becky Hunter

When Scarlett is killed in an accident, she is stuck in limbo watching over her friends and family, unable to intervene. This emotional read about friendship, love and loss is touching and relatable with an unexpected ending that leaves you reeling.

Rootless by by Krystle Zara Appiah

An unplanned pregnancy forces Ghanaian-British couple Efe and Sam to confront their conflicting ideas about parenthood in this poignant novel from a debut author who is one to watch.

Strange Sally Diamond by Liz Nugent

I couldn’t stop reading this dark thriller about a fortysomething woman who comes to the slow realisation that something terrible in her past has been hidden from her all her life by her adoptive parents. Spine-tingling stuff!

Enchantment by Katherine May

What a wonderful read! I adored May’s book Wintering, about the importance of fallow periods in life. This memoir examines how to gain peace in our overwhelmed lives and reconnect with that feeling of wonder we had as children.

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