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9. National Museum of Anthropology (Museo Nacional de Antropologia), Mexico City, Mexico

Mexico’s national museum is also its largest and the most visited. The National Museum of Anthropology contains some of the most important artefacts from the country’s pre-Columbian heritage. Well tagged and documented, the exhibits attract more than two million visitors every year.
Photograph: Xuan Che/Flickr

10 of the best museums in the world

TripAdvisor has released its list of the most popular museums on the planet. How many have you seen so far?

Some of the top museums in India may not have figured in TripAdvisor’s list of the most popular museums in the country, but that’s not necessarily the case with the international museums. Sure, you may want to believe that the Louvre topped this year’s list (it didn’t) or that the British Natural History Museum was among the top 10 (it isn’t), but these museums are among the most visited in the world for a reason.