10 of the best surfing spots in the world

Laura Hampson

Surfing is synonymous with certain locales: Australia, Hawaii and South Africa.

Big waves, warm temperatures and crystal clear waters are big selling points for these southern-hemisphere surfing hot spots.

Yet, did you know one of the world’s best surfing spots is in Scotland ? Yep, that’s right, Thurso in Scotland boasts one of the best surfing beaches in the UK – if you’re brave enough to brace the ice-cold waters that is.

Below are 10 more of the best surfing spots in the world …

1. Huntington Beach, California, USA


Nicknamed ‘Surf City, CA’, Huntington Beach is one of the most renowned surfing spots in the US. Whilst it can get crowded, the beach is 8.5 miles long so you’re bound to find a good spot.

2. Tofino, Vancouver Island, Canada


Dubbed the ‘surfing capital of Canada’ this beach is found on the west coast of Vancouver Island and is surrounded by lush forest – just be sure to bring your wetsuit as the waters can be cold.

3. Bronte Beach, Sydney, Australia


While Bronte’s neighbour Bondi is frequented by many a tourist, Bronte is the smaller (and quite frankly, nicer) beach of the pair. The waves are just as good as its larger counterpart too.

4. Les Cavaliers, Anglet, France


Flanked by two rocky girders, Les Cavaliers’ strong winds produce big swells – perfect for the experienced surfer.

5. Cloud Nine, Siargao Island, Philippines


Cloud Nine is Siargao's reef wave, renowned for its thick, hollow tubes. This wave has been famous for nearly four decades since it was ‘discovered’ by travelling surfers in the 1980s.

6. Superbank, Sufer’s Paradise, Australia


As the name suggests, Surfer’s Paradise is home to a number of prime surf beaches and epic break points but Superbank – considered to be one of the world’s best breaks – really steals the show.

7. Pipeline, Oahu, Hawaii


Oahu has long been a must-visit destination for any keen surfer and conquering the Pipeline is the ultimate goal. Labelled as one of the ‘heaviest waves in the world’ the wave can grow to over six metres and should be attempted by experienced surfers only.

8. White Beach, Okinawa, Japan

This beach is home to the only sand bars in Okinawa which makes it the perfect beach to give surfing a go. Be warned though, it can be busy at the weekend.

9. Jeffrey’s Bay, South Africa


Jeffrey’s Bay is famous for its wide variety of waves. From the almighty supertube to boneyards and magna tubes, it has something for every level of surfer.

10. Nazaré, Portugal


Last year, Rodrigo Koxa surfed a 24 metre wave at Nazaré which is the biggest wave ever surfed. The beach is known for its massive waves so if bigger is better in your books, get on a flight to Portugal.