10 best wallets for men: Leather, vegan and compact designs

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<p>We've rounded up sleek, stylish and practical options for cash, coins and cards </p> (The Independent/ iStock)

We've rounded up sleek, stylish and practical options for cash, coins and cards

(The Independent/ iStock)

Yep, men do buy wallets. While it’s true many of us acquire them (often from distant relatives on Christmas day), there are still plenty of grown-up folk out there who buy their own.

And we’re all for it. Because wallets are where we store our most prized assets, like cash and bank cards.

Though this in itself is a contentious issue. Why? Well, some people shudder at the idea of having to carry cash in a contactless society.

Others, however, can’t imagine having a wallet without separate sections for notes and coins.

But we’re not here to judge. That’s why, when we pulled this list together, we catered for all – from the anything-will-do wallet obtainers to the anti-coin innovators. We even threw in an option for big spenders who only deal in cash.

Our selection of the best men’s wallets were picked based on their design, functionality, aesthetic appeal and how many old receipts and loyalty cards they could hold.

We’ve covered options across every price range, from handcrafted leather designer cardholders to planet-first vegan contemporary wallets.

You can trust our independent reviews. We may earn commission from some of the retailers, but we never allow this to influence selections, which are formed from real-world testing and expert advice. This revenue helps to fund journalism across The Independent.

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Oliver Company London compact wallet

This slick black men’s wallet looks like leather, smells like leather, feels like leather and even behaves like leather but is 100 per cent vegan – its skin is made from apple leather and its inner lining from recycled plastic bottles. Owner Matt Oliver, a sustainable product designer, started Oliver Company London three years ago to create “great looking, functional products which outlive fashions’ seasonal trends”. And judging by this suave, super-soft, pocket-friendly little cardholder, he’s hit the brief. It fits 8-12 cards and a few folded notes or receipts and comes in a lovely eco-friendly box. A great present for an earth-conscious friend or family member.

Buy now £65.00, Oliver Company London

National Trust leather wallet in brown

A classic men's wallet with a nifty coin pocket, four card slots and a cash compartment, this natural beauty looks the part and, quite literally, won’t cost you the earth. Because every penny spent on it goes back to preserving the country’s most beautiful places, buildings and things. Feast your eyes on that tiny leaf embossed on the fastener. That’s the National Trust logo – a charity that looks after more than 250,00 hectares of land, 500 historic buildings and one million pieces of art across the UK. So if you like your wallet with a side of, “I’m helping to restore British heritage”, this one’s for you.

Buy now £25.00

Asos Design leather wallet in navy

If you’d prefer to keep your cash in your wallet (rather than splurge it on one), this budget men’s wallet by Asos could be right up your street. It’s functional and doesn’t look like it costs just over a tenner. We like the pulpy, matte outer shell, retro navy colour and trusty zip closure, which will keep your coins from leaking into all kinds of unwanted places. There’s internal card and note slots, too. A solid, cost-effective option for those who like their wallets to jingle a little.

Buy now £12.00, Asos

Dickies kentwood wallet

Nothing says old-school men’s wallet like the distinct ripping sound of Velcro. Remember when you’d save up all your cash to spend on sweet things while holidaying with your parents when you were a kid? Picture that satisfying feeling of tearing back your Velcro wallet sleeve to pay for your own ice cream. This beauty will take you right back there. It comes with a well-placed Dickies logo, a coin pocket and plenty of slots for your cards. A street-smart wallet with a slice of nostalgia.

Buy now £20.00, Dickies

Morgan M the brunn

In the market for a mid-range, quality leather men’s wallet that’ll sit comfortably in your pocket without fuss? Morgan M has something for you. Made from 100 per cent cowhide, this doughy, elegant carrier has six cardholders (to slide in those business cards you’ll never look at again) and a coin pouch for your car park-designated loose change. A solid option for business folk looking for a slimline wallet that won’t damage their blazer pocket or bank balance. Available in navy and walnut.

Buy now £45.00, Morgan M

Mango texture card holder

On the lookout for a no-nonsense men’s wallet that doesn’t cost a fortune? This dainty, textured card holder, available in navy, cream and black, won’t set your world alight but will keep all of your cards, train tickets and receipts in one place. Pro-coin folk will be pleased to know it comes with a zip, so your trolley pound and amusement pennies will have a safe place to live. An inexpensive option that looks pretty snazzy. It’s not handcrafted or designer, but it is only £12.99.

Buy now £12.99, Mango

Thomas Clipper minimalist leather card holder

Thomas Clipper is probably best-known for its high-end aftershaves, but you know what else smells lovely? Leather goods. And they do those too. This premium contrast cardholder was handmade by craftsmen in Modena, Italy, which is where the numbers on the wallet will lead you to, should you be an expert orienteer (goods are embossed with the GPS location for the brand’s leather workshop). It’s as soft as a wet wipe and as stylish as a Ferrari, which is un-ironically made in the same city. Best of all it’ll slip into your pocket as easy as a cold hand. Suited to a city slicker with few cards to carry.

Buy now £75.00, Thomas Clipper

Zara wearable nylon wallet

If you think most men’s wallets look a bit dated, look to this khaki green nylon number that comes with an on-trend shoulder strap and funky camo patterned inner. You’ve got everything you need here, including five card slots and a money pouch. As well as a transparent sleeve to pop your I.D in – making easy to flash when you’re going into the club. Rock it on top of your threads or remove the strap and slip it into your pocket if that’s not your thing. One for the street-savvy folk out there.

Buy now £15.99, Zara

Alexander McQueen money clip

Don’t want any jangling or card-clattering coming from your pocket? Get rid of your traditional men’s wallet, push aside your cardholder and try out this flashy Alexander McQueen money clip. Just stack ‘em high, give them a quick fold, then slot them in this shiny, black and white skull money clip and you’re good to go. It’s hard to think of anything more worthy of holding your well-earned cash than this brass-constructed beauty by a legendary fashion house. Just imagine pulling this baby out at the bar.

Buy now £75.00, End

Fred Perry ACC tipped billfold wallet

Into Britpop and Lambretta scooters? No? Well, you’ll probably still like this classically designed billfold wallet by Fred Perry. With six card holders and other compartments for notes, it’s faux leather but still draws nicely from your pocket. We’re feeling the quintessential laurel wreath and polo shirt-esque stripe across the spine, two things which are synonymous with the British sportswear brand. Serve an ace with this men’s wallet for under £40.

Buy now £39.99, Psyche

The verdict: Men’s wallets

If you’re looking for an investment piece that’s kind to the planet, we like Oliver Company London’s subtle, robust and forward-looking cardholder. Tightening your purse strings? You can’t fall off with Asos’s bargain basement, multi-purpose blue zipper wallet.

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