10 Emmerdale spoilers for next week

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Next week on Emmerdale, Caleb finds himself back in danger as the dodgy dealings at the car business escalate.

Elsewhere, Charles' tensions with Victor lead to a showdown, while Charity gets a potential new love interest.

Here's a full collection of the 10 biggest moments coming up.

1. Nate tries to take control

corey, nate robinson, emmerdale

Nate grows increasingly concerned over the illegal activity taking place at the chauffeur company, but he spots a chance to make a change when Caleb agrees to give him a promotion.

Now in a managerial role, Nate warns Corey that the dodgy deals must end. Corey ignores Nate, who's later worried to find the rogue employee shifting illegal guns.

2. Nate confesses all to Caleb

caleb, nate robinson, emmerdale

Nate misses his chance to address the problem when his wife Tracy suddenly arrives, forcing him to quickly hide the guns.

Later, Nate reluctantly tells Caleb about the illegal activity at the business. Caleb is horrified, and when he heads off to retrieve the guns from where Nate left them, he finds that they've already disappeared.

The mystery of the missing weapons also concerns Corey, who warns that they could all now be in trouble with some very dangerous characters.

3. Caleb is attacked

harry, caleb, emmerdale

Caleb sets up a meeting with shady client Harry after learning that he's heavily involved in criminal jobs.

Caleb warns Harry that all illegal business must end, but he pays the price for taking a stand when the bully's group of heavies turn physical.

4. Charles clashes with Victor

charles anderson, claudette, victor, emmerdale

Charles worries when he sees Claudette and Victor looking so close again. Victor enjoys Charles' obvious discomfort.

Charles confronts Victor over his behaviour, accusing him of worming his way back into Claudette's life. The row between the two men turns physical, leaving Claudette horrified as she slaps Charles for being violent towards his father.

5. Victor is caught up in a theft scandal

victor, claudette anderson, emmerdale

Following tensions with Jai, Manpreet agrees to hand back the necklace that Rishi once gave her. However, by the time Jai turns up to collect the precious family heirloom, it has gone missing.

Manpreet suspects Victor stole the necklace, but Claudette jumps to his defence. However, when Claudette finds the necklace in Victor's pocket, Manpreet calls the police.

Victor rushes out rather than facing the consequences, but the situation soon becomes very serious as PC Swirling turns up to question Claudette and Manpreet about what happened.

6. Charity and Liam go on a date

liam cavanagh, charity dingle, emmerdale

Charity is determined to cut Mack out of her life for good following their recent passionate encounter. Gail dares her to proposition the next person who enters The Woolpack.

The arrival in question turns out to be Liam, who's shocked when Charity suggests a date. The unlikely pair end up meeting for some quality time at The Hide, where Liam finds himself won over by Charity's charm. Will she feel the same way?

7. Cathy confides in Wendy

cathy hope, wend, emmerdale

Cathy opens up to Wendy after returning from the Lake District. She confirms that she's still experiencing symptoms after previously being told she might be suffering from Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD).

As Wendy supports Cathy, she also tries to keep her relationship with Bob back on track after their recent crisis.

8. Gabby clashes with Suni

jacob, suni, victoria sugden, gabby thomas, emmerdale

Gabby returns from holiday and is pleased when Billy reiterates his promise to keep quiet about her attempt to kiss him.

When Gabby learns that Suni has been hired as a new chef for The Hide, she's irked by his connection to Nicky and reacts badly. She vents to Jacob, but will she stop there?

9. Amelia struggles

amelia spencer, emmerdale

It's another tough time for Amelia, as she marks her first major milestone without Dan.

As Amelia's birthday arrives, the tough reality of Dan's long jail sentence hits home.

10. Lydia gets annoyed over Sam

lydia dingle, sam, emmerdale

Sam finds it difficult to accept Craig's presence in Lydia's life as he struggles with jealousy and insecurity.

This attitude does Sam no favours, as Lydia is irritated by his childish behaviour.

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