10 of Our Favorite Car Stories from The Onion

Colin Beresford
Photo credit: The Onion

From Car and Driver

Sometimes, like it or not, the satirical website known as The Onion makes fun of the things that you love. And we get it; cars, evidently, are great fodder for jokes. The internet's favorite satire site has produced some noteworthy work on the automobile, although admittedly, it can be hard to laugh when they do things like a mashup of a 14-wheeled "Chevrolet" SUV and the front end of a Porsche Macan–looking vehicle (we took the Macan part personally, because, well, we're Car and Driver).

With April 1 in mind, there's no better time to go back to some of our favorite headlines and stories from The Onion and share them with you.

Toyota Recalls 1993 Camry Due To Fact That Owners Really Should Have Bought Something New By Now

The oldest daily driver in every parking lot is a ’93 Camry.

Photo credit: Toyota

Driver Kind Of Bummed To See Other Car He Been Driving Behind For A While Take Exit Off Highway

Try not to shed a tear when you say bye to your driving buddy.

Photo credit: arthobbit - Getty Images

GM Announces Plans To Recall Driverless Car By 2021

We didn't say it, they did.

Photo credit: metamorworks - Getty Images

Experts Caution New Car Loses 90% Of Value As Soon As You Drive It Off Cliff

Forget driving a car off a dealership lot – driving it off a cliff is what can really do the resale value in.

Photo credit: Karen Fernández / EyeEm - Getty Images

Inconsiderate Jackass Takes Up Entire Parking Space

What a jerk move!

Photo credit: Bablab - Getty Images

Report: It Pretty Incredible That Americans Entrusted With Driving Cars

You might be a good driver, but it’s those other people who might be questionable on the road.

Photo credit: Chris Clor - Getty Images

Tire Salesman To Hit Them With A Little Razzle-Dazzle

You ever been hit with that razzle-dazzle?

Photo credit: alashi - Getty Images

Mean Automakers Dash Hope For Flying Cars (Video)

Would we have to get pilot’s licenses to test flying cars?

Photo credit: Daimler, Hulton Archive/Getty Images, Stan Honda/Getty Images, Ron Frehm/Associated Press, Nelson Almeida/Getty Images

Concept Car Designers Struggling To Think Of Cool New Ways For Doors To Open

We’re still waiting for a concept car to have doors that fold down like an airport ramp.

Photo credit: Michael Simari - Car and Driver

Honda Civic Refusing To Start Engine In Solidarity With Striking Uber Workers

You can blame your car not working on the solidarity.

Photo credit: Aaron Kiley - Car and Driver

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