10 foods you’ve probably been pronouncing all wrong

Liz Connor
Just smile through the internal cringing: Shutterstock / Minerva Studio

There’s nothing worse than hesitating in front of a table of people before ordering your food, for fear of saying your dish incorrectly and looking like an uncultured idiot.

While it would take a while to get your knowledge up to scratch on the pronunciations of every type of world cuisine, there are a few clangers that crop up more than most.

Thankfully, you can save yourself the embarrassment by taking five minutes to read through this handy cheat sheet.

If you’re planning to spend the Bank Holiday weekend at one of the capital’s top restaurants - do yourself a favour and don’t make these shameful blunders.

1. Coq au vin

This meaty French dish often has diners in a sweat when it comes to mumbling out their order. Next time you fancy chicken in red wine, make sure you pronounce it “kawk-aw-van.”

2. Bruschetta

The 'ch' in this Italian favourite often catches people out it's actually pronounced as a 'k'. Impress people next time you have guests around by casually whipping up a plate of “broo-sket-tuh.”

(Shutterstock / Slawomir Fajer)

3. Raclette

This trendy Swiss cheese is popping up on menus across the capital. Don’t overthink it when you order - it’s simply pronounced “ra-klet.”

4. Charcuterie

Who doesn’t love some cured meats and chilled wine on a hot summer’s day? Next time you fancy cracking out the charcuterie board, make sure you say “shahr-koo-tuh-ree.”

5. Pho

Order yourself an Uber home if you dare order “fo” the next time you visit a Vietnamese restaurant. You should really be saying a softer “fuh.”

6. Acai

The trendiest super food in the capital is also the most irritating to pronounce. Next time you’re at the Mae Deli, ask your server for an “a-sigh-ee” bowl.

(Shutterstock / zarzamora)

7. Ceviche

If you’re saying “sevish”, it’s time to rethink everything. Smugly say “seh-vee-shay” next time you’d like a plate of marinated seafood.

8. Banh mi

You should ban yourself from all future dining occasions if you get this one wrong. It’s pronounced “bahn mee.”

(Shutterstock / AS Food studio)

9. Fois Gras

An attempt to impress your Tinder date will fall flat if you ask for “foz grass”. The proper pronunciation is “fwah grah.”

10. Quesadillas

This word regularly gets butchered at Mexican restaurants across London. Instead of wordlessly pointing at the menu next time you’re at Lupita, effortlessly say “key-suh-dee-uh.”