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10) 2015 Golden State Warriors (67-15 regular season, 16-5 playoffs)

Given the achievements of the last two Warriors teams, it’s easy to forget what a remarkable season the 2014-15 version turned in. Led by MVP Stephen Curry, Golden State combined a prolific and efficient offense with an outstanding defense while becoming only the 10th team in league history to win 67 games. The Warriors also cruised through the postseason without being pushed to seven games in any series.

The 10 greatest teams in NBA history

After adding Kevin Durant to a 73-win team that fell just short of a title, the 2016-17 Golden State Warriors were expected to become one of the all-time great teams in NBA history. They didn’t disappoint, proving their greatness with a breathtaking 16-1 playoff run, but where do they rank on our list of the 10 best?