The 10 hospitals where you will wait the longest time in A&E revealed

David Harding
A&E times are the worst on record (Rex)

The 10 worst A&E departments for waiting times have been revealed, and the Princess Alexandra Hospital in Harlow has topped the list.

Data compiled by the BBC showed that the Princess Alexandra managed to see only 70.9% of patients in four hours.

NHS hospitals are meant to see 95% of patients in that time.

Also in the top five worst performing A&E departments were East Kent Hospitals University, Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital, United Lincolnshire Hospitals and Portsmouth Hospitals.

None of these managed to see 80% of hospitals.

Also on the list are North Bristol, University Hospitals of North Midlands, University Hospitals of Leicester, Stockport and Worcestershire Acute Hospitals.

Figures show that the numbers are the worst on record for NHS A&E.

Overall, 84.6% of accident and emergency patients in England were seen within four hours during March, a drop from 85% in February and 90% in March 2017.

Also, the number of people suffering waits of more than 12 hours more than tripled, compared to the same month the year before.


Protesters demanding more money for the NHS (Rex)

Nobody working in the NHS will be happy with the effect this has had on how quickly we have seen and treated patients,’ said Ian Dalton, head of NHS Improvement.

It comes after the NHS has struggled through the winter, with many operations having to be cancelled.

But most Britons still have faith in the NS and a recent survey found that the majority of voters would pay more tax to fund the health service.

A survey undertaken by the British Social Attitudes revealed a jump from 41% in 2014 to 61% for higher taxes to support the NHS by the end of last year.