10 huge Neighbours spoilers for next week

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Next week on Neighbours, a former Ramsay Street favourite makes a return, a member of the Canning family goes missing, while someone makes one of the costliest mistakes of their lives. High drama in Ramsay Street as usual, then.

Here are 10 storylines from next week to look forward to.

1. Roxy and Harlow's war continues

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Hoping that sending Harlow and Roxy out together may cause them to bond, Terese tasks them with collecting her wedding dress. Roxy manages to reverse the car into a wheelie bin and then tries on the dress when they get home, managing to rip it in the process.

A furious Harlow is riled up even more when Terese brushes it off as no big deal. The war of words escalates into a full-blown food fight, with Harlow shoving Roxy's face into a cake.

The moment also coincides with the arrival of Harlow's grandmother, Gail Lewis, who introduces herself and demands an explanation.

2. Paul faces a blast from the past

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Paul gets an unwelcome surprise when he discovers that his second wife Gail has made a surprise visit. After being unimpressed with what she has seen of Harlow's behaviour, Gail announces her plans to take her away from the bad influence she deems her ex-husband to be.

Gail has to back down once Harlow insists she's staying put. Changing focus, Gail has a message for Terese – do not marry Paul. What could her reasons be? And could she possibly want her former love back?

3. Gary's new love interest

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Unlucky in love Gary Canning dips his toe back in the dating scene to try and move on from his latest failed romance with Amy. Signing up to Tinder, he is quick to find a local match and sets about organising the date.

Relieved that he can start to move on with someone who has nothing to do with Paul Robinson following the relationship with his daughter, he approaches the meeting with optimism. What he doesn't know though is that his date is none other than Gail.

4. Shane and Yashvi's big clash

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Ned is aware of the strained relationship between his girlfriend and her dad Shane, so he suggests to Yashvi that she should spend more time with her father. She agrees and the two arrange a time to bond. But when she gets distracted with Ned and misses the scheduled time, Shane comes to find her, only to find the two in their underwear.

The tension follows them home and Yashvi decides she wants to move out of the family house and in with Ned at Number 22. However, she may have to swallow her pride when Ned has other ideas.

5. Sheila's attitude causes problems

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There's still no sign of reconciliation between Sheila and Gary, and the situation is even having an impact on Kyle and Amy's mojo, which leads them to want to heal the rift even more.

Sheila decides the best thing to do is to throw herself into her projects, which includes getting donations for The Foundation. However, her mood hurts her sales pitches, which prompts a talking-to from Paul. Sheila snaps back, furious that he is suffering no repercussions from the meddling while her life is in tatters.

When Paul tells her it's just because he's better at life than her, she realises how bad things are for her now.

6. A Canning goes missing

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Kyle and Amy's concerns over Sheila worsen when she goes missing. Sheila skips an appointment with Toadie and then misses work altogether. Alarm bells are raised for Kyle and Amy, as neither are things that she would normally do.

The pair relay their concerns to Gary, but he dismisses them and is sure Sheila's just doing it for attention – and he has no plans to give her any. But when she doesn't return overnight, even he starts to worry. Mark informs them all that Sheila was last spotted in a distressed state and hasn't been seen since. Where has she gone? And will she be found?

7. Mark struggles with Elly and Chloe

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Following their date, Elly and Chloe are in the honeymoon phase and almost immediately bump into Mark. He surprises them both by being chilled about how happy they look – even inviting them to stay for a BBQ. But when he hears they kissed and discovers they are attending an ultrasound appointment together, his façade crumbles and he can't help but feel replaced.

Little does he know there may be trouble in Chelly paradise though as, following a talk with Kyle, Chloe begins to realise the enormity of what it means to be in a relationship with someone pregnant.

8. There's tension between Elly and Finn

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It's a bit of a complicated living situation over at Number 28, with Finn and Bea now together, and Elly pregnant with his brother's baby. With Chloe doing all she can to be the best birthing partner, Finn voices his concerns that Elly is using her as a stand-in for Shaun. She has concerns of her own that the relationship between him and her sister is not a healthy one, and calls him selfish for getting involved with her.

Elly even accuses Finn of removing his ankle bracelet to go and watch Bea perform. But when she sees him looking after Bea following a problem with her dyslexia, she softens her attitude. Later though, she tells Chloe that she still has her reservations about the pair.

9. Leo makes a huge mistake

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Leo and Pierce find themselves competing for the same woman, the attractive Carmen. Despite a low-confidence Leo stepping aside, it turns out that it's him she wants and the two get hot and heavy.

Only Carmen isn't all she seems to be. A gullible Leo allows her to get close to him quickly – close enough to have access to his accounts, and he soon realises he's paid the price for it. Emerging from the shower, he finds that Carmen has vanished, along with all his money.

10. David and Aaron face financial trouble

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Following Leo's mistake, he soon finds out that he was deliberately targeted by Carmen and whoever she works with. Devastated, he turns to Paul for a loan, but as ever with his dad, there are conditions. Paul wants controlling interest in the bar and for Leo, this would be a backwards step in his quest for independence.

His only choice is David, who with Aaron's blessing, offers him the money needed to cover his immediate payments. But given this isn't a permanent fix, Leo's problems are far from over. But have his actions now left David and Aaron in financial hot water too?

Neighbours airs weekdays at 1.45pm and 5.30pm on Channel 5 (UK) and 6.30pm on 10 Peach (Australia).

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