10 more HUGE soap fan theories

Claire Crick
Photo credit: BBC / ITV

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When it comes to soap fans, they're usually pretty good at guessing what's on the cards for their favourite characters. And even if their predictions aren't exactly what the writers have in mind, the fan theories are often what actually should be happening. We hit you with a bunch about a year ago.

With no forward-planning schedules or rules to stick to, fan ideas are often so much more daring than what is actually happening on screen – and we love it. Take note writers of Soapland – some of these ideas are pure gold!

1. Debbie Dingle will be pregnant with Joseph Tate's baby (Emmerdale)

Photo credit: ITV

After the huge reveal that Tom Waterhouse was actually Joseph Tate, Emmerdale fans went into overdrive, convinced that Debbie Dingle was going to find out she's pregnant with her ex's baby at some point in the not-too-distant future.

With the fact Debbie hates the very bones of Joseph at the moment and is out for his blood after all his scheming and plotting against her family, wouldn't it be fitting if she found out she was carrying his baby as a result of their short-lived romance?

Bringing a Dingle/Tate child into the world would certainly throw a few spanners into the works – and it seems the hatred between the pair is now so engrained that a baby would just drive them further apart rather than bring them back together. Right?

2. Jay Brown has the missing heist money (EastEnders)

Photo credit: BBC

The fact that Jay might have taken Ben's stolen heist money is actually plausible. Not only was he the one living soul that Ben confessed to about taking the money, but he knew exactly where to find the stash too. Fans are convinced that Jay could have been the one to fake that break-in at The Arches, before swapping the bin bag-wrapped cash for the pile of old newspapers.

Jay possibly also had insider knowledge about the heist thanks to his job at the funeral parlour – he could have easily overheard secret conversations and seen sneaky goings-on. He also had a reason to want revenge on Phil, after that whole lie about his real dad being the man who was killed in the car lot fire.

The only thing that doesn't sit quite right is that if he took the money, it means he double crossed his 'brother' Ben. Could Jay have been so annoyed that Ben was planning to do a runner without him that he thought this might teach him a lesson?

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