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Next week on Neighbours, Roxy makes a huge mistake, Pierce gets a shocking request, and Elly loses her cool.

Here are 10 storylines from the week to look forward to.

1. Hendrix deals with his actions

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After stealing an intimate picture of Chloe, Hendrix is all too aware that he has gone too far this time. To make matters worse, his mother Lisa has arrived. Expecting his day to get worse, he is surprised when Lisa doesn't get angry and instead shows understanding.

Pleased that he has someone on his side, Hendrix confides in Lisa about everything that has been going on in Erinsborough. Pierce, though, is instantly suspicious and is sure his ex is up to something.

2. Will the Greysons reunite?

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Following some shocking news, Hendrix is devastated and refuses to speak to either Pierce or Lisa. While Karl and Susan do their best to stop him from destroying his chance at a relationship with his dad, it's Harlow and some tough love that begins to get through to him – pointing out that at least he still has both parents in his life.

Hendrix takes Harlow's words to heart and suggests a ceasefire with Pierce, providing hope that this family will finally come together. But Lisa is about to say something that could ruin everything?

3. Lisa has a shocking request for Pierce

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Pierce and Chloe are stunned by Lisa's request – she wants another baby and it's Pierce that she wishes to be the father. Lisa encourages them both to think about it and Chloe is taken aback when she realises that her husband is really considering it.

Chloe confides in Aaron about it and admits that she can see why Pierce would be enticed by the opportunity, but what will this mean for their marriage if they go ahead? As for Hendrix, he isn't too pleased when he hears of his mother's agenda either.

4. Paul gets an unwelcome birthday gift

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It's Paul's birthday and while he doesn't want a fuss, Terese insists that she should throw a family brunch so they can all celebrate. The day takes a turn when Paul receives a gift in the mail from Robert – a plant seedling.

Paul is shaken by the gesture and has no plans to keep hold of it, but Harlow asks him to think about planting it and using it as a chance to move forward.

5. Gary helps Harlow

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It has been a while since Prue left her daughter behind and flew back to the UK. Harlow is upset and reveals that not one of her emails has been responded to. Terese reaches out to Gary to see if he knows of a way to get in touch with Prue, but he wouldn't have a clue where to start.

Seeing the hurt that Harlow is feeling, Gary takes the time to reassure her that Prue does love her and will make contact soon. Harlow is pleased with the gesture, but will she ever hear from her mum again?

6. Shane and Roxy are reunited at work

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Sheila hasn't backed down when it comes to scheduling Shane and Roxy on opposite shifts and Roxy realises that it was her doing all along. But when Shane covers for a colleague, the two find themselves back behind the bar together once again.

It doesn't take long for their playful friendship to reignite and Sheila warns them both to be on their best behaviour – a word of warning they don't listen to, as they soon resume the usual games they used to play. But one of them is about to cross the line…

7. Roxy kisses Shane

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Shane is rocked after Roxy kisses him and makes a hasty escape from the situation. Roxy, meanwhile, is horrified by her actions and panics when Shane makes it clear that he is going to tell Dipi what she did.

Fearful of what will happen, Roxy pleads with him to keep her mistake between the two of them – he and Dipi have only just got back on track, after all. Her words cause Shane to second guess his decision. But if he does keep this from Dipi and she finds out, will she ever be able to forgive him?

8. Bea wants Elly home

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Elly isn't as happy at Number 32 as she would like to be and when Aaron and David send her out for the day and leave her feeling redundant, she begins to feel lonelier than ever. On top of this, she has had to let Bea down again when her sister assumed that Hendrix moving out meant she could return to the Kennedy house.

Elly is emotionally exhausted, so Terese makes her realise that she needs time to relax with her baby, but she returns home to an empty house. Her baby isn't there and neither are the boys.

9. Aaron and David cross a line

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Things are awkward at Number 32 after Elly lets rip with an outburst against David and Aaron. Thinking it best she avoids the house for a while, she hides out with Bea and Finn, who advise her to simply set some boundaries with her new housemates.

Over the road, David and Aaron are feeling guilty for overstepping and Elly retuning leads to apologies from all. The three come to an understanding and set up a new routine that should keep everyone on the same page going forward.

10. Ned faces a sex ban

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Yashvi is back from Sydney and more inspired than ever to ace her police entrance exam. But she has got wind of an old police superstition, no sex until the test has been sat. For Ned, this is a challenge to try and get her to break the rule, but she makes it clear she is serious and she needs his support.

Celibacy could be the least of their problems, though. They don't realise that while they're talking, someone is keeping a close eye on them. What could he want?

Neighbours airs weekdays at 1.45pm and 5.30pm on Channel 5 (UK) and 6.30pm on 10 Peach (Australia).

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