10-year-old celebrates school ending for summer by dumping his school uniform IN THE BIN

A cheeky schoolboy celebrated the end of year - by dumping his uniform in the bin.

Mum Nicola Everton, 35, caught the hilarious moment her son Oscar Everton, 10, marked the start of his summer holidays.

Footage shows the youngster taking off his shoes off and storming over to the black wheelie bin - before unceremoniously binning them both.

He even takes his school shorts and shirt off for the same treatment – but Nicola stepped in when he tried to throw his socks in the bin too.

Nicola, a caterer from Worcester, said: “I kind of had an inkling – I know how he works, he’s a bit of a comedy act anyway so that’s why I started filming.

“He was on about not having to go back to school and I thought it was funny and let him do it – he went to put the socks in as well and I said ‘no, not the socks’.

Oscar had finished his last day of Year Five and was keen to make his feelings about school very clear, Nicola said.

She added: "It was the last day of school yesterday and he really didn’t like Year Five.

“When he got back home, he said he needed to go to the bin so I was watching to see what he was doing.

“He crossed the drive and started taking his clothes off and dumping them in the bin.

“He didn’t enjoy year five at all and was looking forward to the summer – he's going to America for two weeks and he’s just happy to relax, chill, play PlayStation and not have any school.”

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