10-Year-Old Pittsburgh Boy Steals Bobcat Construction Vehicle, Leaves Swath of Destruction

A 10-year-old boy was caught driving a stolen Bobcat construction vehicle and causing property damage in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on September 25.

Surveillance footage recorded by Anna Jean Sunder depicts the Bobcat driving through the neighborhood and crushing a neighbor’s fence.

CBS News reported that the equipment was seemingly taken from a nearby construction site. Multiple parked vehicles were struck, and the fence and a stop sign were knocked over.

Taylor Shea, a neighbor whose car was damaged, told WTAE, “As soon as I heard the crash and I heard beeping, I was like, ‘I know it’s my car.’ I just knew it. I didn’t know it’d be a Bobcat, though.”

Her car suffered a side-swipe from the heavy machinery, while other neighbors sustained more substantial damages. One neighbor estimated their car repairs to exceed $15,000.

Police reportedly found and released the child to his family an hour later. No injuries were reported, and the incident remains under investigation.

Storyful has reached out to police for comment but has yet to receive a response by the time of publication. Credit: Anna Jean Sunder via Storyful

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