10 queer actresses we'd love to play the next sexy Bond girl

Ruby Rose and Amandla Stenberg and Renee Rapp
Ruby Rose and Amandla Stenberg and Renee Rapp

These super hot queer actresses would make perfect Bond girls!

Ruby Rose and Amandla Stenberg and Renee Rapp
Ruby Rose and Amandla Stenberg and Renee Rapp

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While the 26th James Bond film could be another couple of years away, everyone is dying to know who will be cast as the next 007 and who will score the coveted role of the new Bond girl.

Rumors have been spreading that British actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson is next in line to play James Bond. And while that has yet to be confirmed, the actor's name led people to think Anya Taylor Joy was the one who had been cast as the newest 007 seductress. We love Taylor Joy, but since the role is still vacant, we'd love to see a queer lady step into those high-heeled shoes. A good Bond girl has to be mysterious, charismatic, and have sex appeal for days. Luckily there are a bunch of queer actresses who fit that bill. Now we need a good double entendres for her name, and we'll be all set!

So here are 10 LGBTQ+ actresses we'd love to watch seduce the new 007.

Renee Rapp

We'd love to see her go from Mean Girl to Bond girl.

Jasmine Savoy Brown

She's been a final girl, now we want to see her a Bond girl!

Jodie Balfour

We could see her donning a beautiful gown and outsmarting James Bond at the poker table.

Ruby Rose

Isn't about time we got a nonbinary Bond paramour with a little edge?

Kiersey Clemons

She could charm the pants off any British spy.

Hari Nef

She's already nailing the drinking cocktails in a bikini!

Patti Harrison

She'd have no trouble seducing the super spy.

Amandla Stenberg

We feel like we don't need to explain this one.

Haley Kiyoko

Gorgeous and a little tough? We can see Bond meeting her while she's singing in a night club Perfect.

Rowan Blanchard

She has the sexy pout down pat!