10 of Scotland's most beautiful whisky distilleries - and there's lots to choose from

Whisky is Scotland's national drink
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Whisky is Scotland's national drink and arguably its most famous product. Its history is so ingrained within Scottish life that the Gaelic translation is uisge-beatha, literally 'water of life'.

While many countries make their own whiskies, nowhere else can make it quite like we do. And that's why Scotland is home to so many distilleries - over 130 single malt sites, stretching from Bladnoch in Dumfries and Galloway right up to Highland Park in Orkney.

While some are constructed with a no-frills approach, others boast exteriors as stunning as any stately home or castle. These distilleries range from charming traditional stone structures with idyllic gardens, to cutting-edge architectural wonders.

Here we look at some of the most striking distilleries you can find across Scotland's six whisky regions.

Strathisla Distillery, Keith (Speyside)
Strathisla Distillery
Strathisla Distillery -Credit:Chivas

This Chivas site often tops these kinds of lists and it's easy to see why. As one of the oldest operating malt distilleries in the Highlands, its double pagodas, water wheel, and perfectly kept gardens beautifully complement the classic stone facade, which conceals a recently updated chic interior.

Macallan Distillery, Aberlour (Speyside)
Macallan Distillery
Macallan Distillery -Credit:Handout

The newly-built Macallan site has been nicknamed the 'Cathedral of Whisky' and stands out as an architectural spectacle. While not everyone's cup of tea, especially among purists, it earns its place on this list for its breathtaking design and distinctiveness,

This £140million ultra-modern facility is seamlessly integrated into the hillside landscape of the Easter Elchies Estate, the site of the original distillery, with views over the River Spey. Its design draws inspiration from "ancient Scottish earthworks".

Blair Athol Distillery, Pitlochry (Highlands)
Blair Athol Distillery
Blair Athol Distillery -Credit:Instagram/Blair Athol Distillery

Adding ivy to the exterior of your building always enhances its aesthetic appeal, and Blair Athol has done something special by using the plant to frame their name. This charming distillery in Pitlochry is a big hit with tourists, and it's easy to see why.

Edradour Distillery, Pitlochry (Highlands)
Edradour Distillery
Edradour Distillery -Credit:Daily Record

Edradour is one of the country's smallest distilleries, proving that good things do indeed come in small packages. Not only does it produce excellent whisky, but its white-washed walls, white picket fences, and flowing stream make it a delight to behold.

Dalmunach Distillery, Carron (Speyside)
Dalmunach Distillery
Dalmunach Distillery -Credit:Pernod Ricard

Built on the site of the former Imperial Distillery, the new Dalmunach site features a striking glass frontage and beautiful wooden facades. Named after a nearby pool in the River Spey, it began producing whisky after being built in 2015.

Tormore Distillery, Advie (Speyside)
Tormore Distillery
Tormore Distillery -Credit:Neil Holmes/Getty Images

Tormore could easily be mistaken for a Victorian spa resort, with its topiary, slate green roof, clock tower, and white-washed buildings. One of the more quaint options on this list, it's always a welcome sight on a trip up to Speyside.

Clydeside Distillery, Glasgow (Lowlands)
Clydeside Distillery
Clydeside Distillery -Credit:Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

Glasgow doesn't have as big a hold over whisky as it does with much of Scottish life, with the water of life better known as coming from more rural areas of the country.

But the new distillery on the banks of the River Clyde is a lovely addition to Scotland's whisky-making sector. With its impressively refurbished clocktower, visible stills from the outside, and comprehensive visitor centre, it is a fantastic addition to Glasgow as a whole.

Lindores Abbey Distillery, Newburgh (Lowlands)
Lindores Abbey Distillery
Lindores Abbey Distillery -Credit:Handout

Another exciting new distillery, Lindores Abbey has sprung up close to the spiritual home of Scotch whisky - where the earliest written reference to the drink was documented. Picturesque and modern, with huge windows offering stunning views, it stands out as one of the most attractive among the new generation of whisky sites.

Ardbeg Distillery (Islay)
Ardbeg Distillery
Ardbeg Distillery -Credit:Ardbeg Distillery/Phil Wilkinson/PA Wire

With a whopping nine distilleries and an abundance of stunning scenery, a trip to Islay is always unforgettable. The beautiful white walls and stencilled name of Ardbeg distillery, standing proudly on the island's Kildalton coastline, make it one of our favourite sights when visiting this popular island.

Lagg Distillery, Isle of Arran (Islands)
Lagg Distillery
Lagg Distillery -Credit:Sean Murphy

Following in the successful footsteps of Arran Distillery, Lagg has entered the whisky game in recent years. With its intriguing design, breathtaking interior, and unmatched views across the Irish Sea, it provides yet another compelling reason to visit this delightful little island.

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