10 Ways Your Job Is Making You Fat

10 Ways Your Job Is Making You Fat

An ideal job should fatten your ambition and paycheck. Unfortunately, most desk jobs today fatten the body, making you feel weak, lethargic and largely unmotivated. So don’t be surprised if you’ve gained a few pounds as soon as you settled into your new job. Why is this happening though, and is there really a correlation?

We’ve gained some insight into the issue and listed 10 ways your job could be making you fat, unknowingly:

Long hours of sitting

Probably the number one reason for piling on those kilos. Your body needs to burn all the calories you intake during the day. It’s important to let your body do this through physical activity like a short walk around the office, or a quick stroll at frequent intervals. It’s definitely hard, especially if your work demands you being at your computer all day, but try and break for some form of activity as many times as you can.

Long commute 

Didn’t see this coming, did you? The long enjoyable ride to work in your car contributes to the hours you spend sitting. Try traveling on public transport instead and watch your BMI drop by the week.

Lunch options

If you work in the city where there are plenty of food options to spoil you, there’s no looking back. Especially large and appealing fast food joints that promise to deliver at earliest. Swap this for a healthier option or pre-plan your lunch for the day by packing a lunch from home. 

No corporate wellness programs

Does your company have a wellness program? Since you spend a large part of your day at work, it’s important for companies to encourage employees to prioritize their fitness. Being fit contributes to creativity at work and increased productivity levels, so it’s a win-win.


We cannot “stress” enough how much this contributes to weight gain. Stress is a major trigger to comfort-seeking habits, including smoking, emotional eating, and overall feeling overwhelmed because of which we end up swallowing air. This leads to us feeling bloated or swollen. Eliminate stress by engaging in breathing exercises.

Sugar rush

So it’s one of the million office or cultural events, there’s bound to be a box of sweets or donuts that are doing the rounds. Avoid overindulging in these as it’s not just the sweets that came free, it’s the calories, too.

Lack of sunlight

Exposure to the sun is directly linked to BMI. Sunlight helps regulate our circadian rhythm which directly impacts our energy levels, routines, and cravings. So if you want additional help maintaining a healthy routine, try getting a few extra minutes of some fresh, morning sun.


It is common to get influenced by co-workers and their eating habits. If you are surrounded by junk food lovers, be aware that there are people who are just blessed with great metabolism and that they can go for years without putting on an ounce. If you’re not as blessed by the genetic lottery, just try and watch what you eat at work, and exercise a little more often. 

Meal skipping

No time to run down and get lunch? Chances are you’ll inhale a calorie-laden meal as soon as you get the time. Don’t. Binging eating to counter your busy schedule is a huge problem. One that comes with additional health risks, apart from putting on serious weight in short amounts of time. So plan wisely. There will be days you are forced to skip or delay a meal, but if you can remain disciplined on those days it’ll be smooth sailing for you, guaranteed.


Yep, comforts of urban life, while convenient, also make you just that much lazier, thereby unhealthier and in all likelihood a little bit heavier. It’s not just elevators, too. It’s escalators, travelators...anything that does the moving for you. Health-conscious people try and walk or cycle instead of jumping in their cars or on their bikes, at least for short distances. There’s no reason why the same principles can’t be followed at work. Try taking the stairs once in a while.

Gaining weight isn’t just about vanity. Weight gain is one of the leading causes of a long list of illnesses including an increased risk of a stroke. Other diseases that follow are diabetes, heart disease, depression, even cancer. There are many links to lifestyle, work, and weight gain. In fact, 41% of the U.S workforce has gained weight since starting a new position as per a survey conducted by Careerbuilder.com back in 2014. This trend has only been increasing with everything being digitalized, leading to lesser mobility. Don’t fall into that trap. Whatever you do, wherever you work, there are always those moments you’re choosing to cradle your face in your arms on your desk. Choose to get up and take a quick walk. It will not only keep your heart (and waist) leaner, but it’ll also give you an instant energy boost that’ll get you through the rest of your day. Sorry about the long read. Now get up, stretch, and loosen up.