10 Weird Britney Spears Sports References

Dirk Nowitzki of the Dallas Mavericks reciting "Oops!... I Did It Again" is not the sole weird sports moment for Britney Spears.

These days, the only thing it seems like Britney Spears is sporting is an engagement ring for her upcoming marriage to Jason Trawlick. Despite this, in addition to a public personal life, this singer is also known for her athletic dancing and fitness abilities. Fortunately, outside of her personal trainer workouts and smooth moves, Spears has a variety of athletic references that create a neon sign flashing over her head that screams weird.

Staying sporty is struggle

Do you think that being fit is easy for Spears and her family? Strangely, while she may be known for the body of a dancer, the past 15 years of her career have had their fitness ups and downs. For example, Spears commonly cites that she stopped working out heavily once her sons were born.

Along with her fitness public image, every few years Britney will announce that she is going to put out a workout video that features her personal trainers. However, the star has little more to show for this than a few scattered videos on her official website.

Strange weight loss plan for Britney's partner

In addition to her own fluctuating weight, Britney's long time partner Keven Federline carried extra pounds during their marriage. As a former back-up dancer, Federline decided in 2008 that it was time to lose the 85 pounds he had gained.

To do this, he joined up on a reality show that also featured his ex-girlfriend Shar Jackson. When Federline broke up with Jackson for Spears, Jackson was pregnant with Federline's child. Nonetheless, after apologizing to Shar and appearing on VH1's "Celebrity Fit Club ", Federline gained back the 30 pounds he lost on the show.

Silly Super Bowl success

In 2001, the Super Bowl XXXV halftime show left fans startled at the lineup. For ten minutes, the Baltimore Ravens versus the New York Giants game incorporated a performance where Britney, Nelly, N'Sync, Mary J. Blige, and Aerosmith intertwined. A highly unlikely combination, the group ended with a remake of Aerosmith's "Walk This Way." Although it was strange to many, this sports event is often placed in top 10 lists for best musical acts.

Beckham and Britney's soccer commercial

She is definitely not considered a pro athlete, but did you know that Britney was once a soccer player? In the early 2002 days of computer animation, Britney and David Beckham did a commercial together for Pepsi that was aired during the FIFA World Cup. Throughout the whole commercial, Spears is kicking the soccer ball while strangely twisting into dance moves and singing. Beckham appears now and again, but never really as Spears' opponent.

NHL team attempts a Spears rescue

When Britney started divorce proceedings with Federline and began to crack under the stress and pressure, an AHL team came to her rescue. The New York hockey team called the Syracuse Crunch offered to bring her to a secluded cabin in their state. The team felt it would help her to relax and put her 100 miles or more out of the way of the pesky paparazzi.

NFL player false arrested on stage

During her "Femme Fatale" tour, Tennessee Titans wide receiver Kenny Britt was incorporated on stage during one of Britney's performances. The year before, Britt was repeatedly arrested and this may have been the reason that Britney felt the need to put him in handcuffs. In addition to locking him to a pole on stage, she also put a pink feather boa around him. If that is not odd enough, Britney also put her legs over his head.

Britney Spears as a sports reference

Spears is a long standing pop celebrity and this has earned her a place in the world of academia. In reflecting on how sports is covered in the media, baseball historian John Thorn said that this is done the same way that Britney Spears is chronicled by the National Enquirer.

He goes on to say, "We like to build our heroes up. We like to see them fall. We like to see them contrite so we can build them back up again." In other words, we now treat athletes in the press the same way that we dig through the dark moments of Britney's life. For these reasons, Tiger Woods and Michelle Wie have both been called "The Britney Spears of Golf."

Spears dissed as a sports standard

On the other hand, there are some athletes that are standing up to the Britney Spears standard being used in the sports world today. For example, mixed martial arts athlete Gina Carano tells Sports Illustrated, "But on the flip side, there are guys who are completely supportive of [women fighting] and those who are just craving a different kind of woman. They are tired of seeing the Britney Spears' and the Paris Hiltons and now they are like, 'This is someone who's actually doing something.' ... I'm giving little tomboys like me some to look up to."