£100 Note From 1855 to Go on Auction in London

A £100 bank note from 1855 is expected to sell for more than £20,000 on auction in London, according to auction house Noonans.

Images of the note, issued by the Liverpool branch of the Bank of England and dated January 26, 1855, will go on auction on June 26.

“It is signed by Matthew Marshall, who was Chief Cashier of the Bank of England between 1835 to 1864, and is one the highest denominations that he signed,” Andrew Pattison, Head of the Banknotes Department at Noonans said.

“The note has been cut in half and then taped back together. This is because £100 was so much money (around £15,000 today) that the two halves of the note were posted separately for security, and then put back together later on so the note could still be used,” he added. Credit: Noonans via Storyful