Still clocking in at 100: Jim Clements is Britain's longest serving temp

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Jim Clements has worked at the same firm for 34 years (SWNS)

Most centenarians like to put their feet up and enjoy relaxing, quality time with friends and family.

But this great-grandfather still works - because he became bored with retirement.

Jim Clements has worked loyally for the same company for an astonishing 33 years even though he could have retired years ago.

The 100-year-old works two days a week at a security firm in Harlow, Essex, photocopying, filing and making cups of tea for his younger colleagues.

Workaholic Jim turned 100 last week but said he has no plans to give up his job despite reaching the milestone.

Mr Clements took up a temporary office support role at the firm 33 years ago - but temporary has become rather permanent.

The hard-working employee said: "I like to keep myself busy and I have always enjoyed being at work. It’s so good to still be active. It keeps the cogs moving and keeps me young.

"The girls in the office are lovely. They look after me and give me a lift home.

"I have never wanted to stop working. My favourite job ever was working for the MOD - it was often top secret and was skilled work.

"I have a laugh with the girls in the office, I pull their leg and they pull mine."

Father-of-two Jim went to school in High Wych, Hertfordshire, before leaving at the age of 14 to begin an apprenticeship in engineering.

During the war years Mr Clements worked at the Ernest Lake Ltd factory in Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire, making torpedoes.

There he met his wife Gladys. The couple married in 1944 and were together until she died 19 years ago.

In 1980, bored with retirement, Mr Clements took a temporary position with Active Security in Harlow, where he still works.

He has two children called Barry and Susan, four grandchildren, Ashley, Adam, Mark and Samantha and a great-granddaughter, Georgia.