11-week-old puppy with six legs found abandoned in Pembrokeshire town centre

The beautiful Ariel. <i>(Image: Greenacres Rescue)</i>
The beautiful Ariel. (Image: Greenacres Rescue)

The hunt continues for the person who abandoned a vulnerable spaniel puppy with six legs and other physical anomalies in Pembroke Dock town centre.

The beautiful little black spaniel, who is just 11 weeks old, was taken to Medivet in Pembroke last Wednesday, September 27, by a member of the public who claimed they had found her abandoned in the centre of Pembroke Dock.

Medivet subsequently rang the local authority dog warden, Sally Bland, to arrange for the distressed little puppy to be taken to the Greenacres Rescue near Haverfordwest.

“Sally called us to say she was on her way with an abandoned pup that had some birth defects, so we agreed that it may be best if she saw our own vets, Fenton Vets, in Haverfordwest,” explained Mikey Lawlor of Greenacres Rescue

“She saw Charlotte Biddle, the vet who was on duty, but because there was absolutely no known history of the pup, many questions remained unanswered.”

But it was obvious that the pup had two extra rear legs and possibly two vulvas.

“Despite being in a reasonably strong condition, it was unclear if she was functioning properly and also whether she may have other problems or even double organs,” continued Mikey.

And so the puppy was admitted for X-rays and further investigations on Friday, September 29 after her bodily functions had been carefully monitored for 48 hours.

“In the meantime we began running a social media appeal to find out where she originated from but also to find out who had dropped her off at the vets, because the phone number the person left was incorrect.

“Those first 48 hours proved that although she was very timid, she functioned as a normal pup and was much more relaxed when she was in the company of the other dogs that were around her in her foster home.

“Someone remarked that she looked like a mermaid, so this was when we decided to christen her Ariel.”

On Friday, little Ariel was re-admitted to Fenton Vets who confirmed that her organs were indeed working well.

‘Our investigations showed that Ariel has two additional hind legs and the beginnings of a second vulva,” commented vet, Charlotte Biddle.

“Her pelvis hasn’t formed properly due to an extra hip joint and the plan would be to let her settle after her ordeal and then reassess her in one month's time, with the aim of removing the additional limbs and explore the function of her remaining leg. But it’s likely that she's going to need multiple surgeries.”

Western Telegraph: Her two extra rear legs.
Western Telegraph: Her two extra rear legs.

Her two extra rear legs. (Image: Greenacres Rescue)

Ariel will now remain in foster care until she is reassessed for surgery in one month’s time.

“This means that Greenacres now faces yet another large vet cost,” said Mikey Lawlor.

“Our bills for all the regular treatments to our animals currently average around £20,000 a month so naturally cases like these pose a huge burden on our already fraught resources.”

Greenacres Rescue, which established in 2008, is Pembrokeshire’s only all- animal rescue centre which includes animals from hamsters through to horses. The centre is committed to their rescue, rehabilitation and subsequent rehoming.

Any donations, either to Ariel’s veterinary costs or to Greenacres’ general running costs, can either be sent via their website or directly to the centre at Greenacres Rescue, Talbenny, Haverfordwest, SA62 3XA.