15 best healthy advent calendars for 2023

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15 healthy advent calendars to shop nowOTO, Bird & Blend, Amazon

A healthy advent calendar, can there be such a thing? Actually, yes! And what's more there's now a plethora of options depending on what healthy means to you. Whether it's dairy-free chocolate, relaxing CBD gummies or a soothing cup of festive tea, an advent calendar to fit your every preference is ready and waiting below.

If consuming a healthy but still sweet treat isn't your jam every morning then perhaps wait for lunch or post-supper to pop open your daily gift.

For now though, keep scrolling and get excited – Advent season is coming and it's coming fast.

How long is a traditional advent calendar?

It varies calendar to calendar but for the most part an advent calendar will include Christmas day too and be 25 days rather than 24.

However, if your calendar only has 24 openings then DIY and make yourself a sweet treat on Christmas morning too. It's Christmas, it's fine!

OTO Wellness Christmas Advent Calendar

Discover the benefits of CBD while you count down to Christmas with OTO's wellness-inspired Christmas calendar. The festive season is a fairly hectic time of year, so having a best-selling CBD-infused product to open each day for 12 days will help you to take some much needed self-care time.

We won't spoil the entire contents, but the kind of products you can expect to open are some CBD Sleep Drops, CBD Pillow Mist and a Revitalising Oil Serum.

Papier 24 Doors of Desk Delights

There's truly nothing quite like using new stationary. Especially in a month like December that can feel extremely chaotic, using a fresh note pad or breaking out a new pen can make you feel like you've got it together.

This 24 day calendar from Papier is full of festive stationary desk essentials such as a wrapping tape, mini notebooks and a special pen with accompanying ink refills.

ESPA Wellness Calendar

With the mad business of December it's important to remember to take some time to focus on your wellbeing, or chances are you'll finish off the year feeling burned out and in need of serious TLC.

This wellness calendar from ESPA comes with 25 luxurious skin and hair goodies, essential oils, bath salts and even a candle. Essentially, everything you could need for a glorious night in.

Bird & Blend Matcha Tea Advent Calendar

Coffee advent calendars are a common chocolate alternatives, but if you're trying to cut back on your caffeine consumption this Matcha tea calendar could be the option for you.

The £52 pound has £80 worth of product inside, including 48 cups of matcha that will last you well past the festive season.

Kiehl's Limited Edition Holiday Advent Calendar

We're big fans of Kiehl's here at Women's Health, so spending 24 days opening up a new skincare goodie would be the makings of a very good December.

We won't spoil the entire thing but you can expect to find some of Kiehl's best selling products such as their Creamy Avocado Eye Treatment and Midnight Recovery Concentrate behind the doors of this festive calendar.

Pukka Herbs Herbal Tea Advent Calendar

Award-winning Pukka Herbal Tea is back with the ‘Tea Advent' calendar. From flavours such as ‘after dinner calm’ to wellness themed teas called ‘detox’, this is ideal for a cosy winter morning or evening.

There are 24 unique blends from floral, spicy and citrus flavours so you’re bound to find your perfect drink. The teas are also organic and low in caffeine, meaning your thoughts will be calmed when heading towards the busy Christmas season.

Beanies Flavoured Instant Coffee Calendar

For those not wanting to waste a second of time that could be Christmas shopping, the Beanies Instant Coffee Calendar will give you the energy you need. The plus side of this coffee is that you don’t have the effort of putting the pod in the machine etc - you just empty the sachet, add hot water, stir and no time is wasted.

22 of the windows have sticks of different instant coffee flavours and two of the windows have 50g jars of instant coffee. With the recent TikTok trend of coffee flavours, Beanies certainly mixes things up as well with ‘maple fudge’ and ‘mint chocolate’ coffee for a festive twist. Coffee has never ‘bean’ better as it’s all sugar-free, nuts free, low calorie and vegan!

Up To Snow Good, Hotel Chocolat Calendar

A way to embrace your inner child this season is with Hotel Chocolat’s vegan advent calendar. Each of the 24 Christmas characters are made with a unique, nut milk recipe. Hotel Chocolat takes pride in this flavour for its smooth quality and having ‘more cacao less sugar’.

It could also be perfect for little ones with festive penguins and snowmen hiding behind the doors. Or could be an excuse for yourself to embrace the season.

CBD Gummies Advent Calendar, MixPixie

Need a reminder on what CBD gummies are? They contain cannabidiol oil which is a therapeutic oil that comes from the marijuana plant. It is a safe, healthy way to ease anxiety and the dosage is easily controlled by, in this calendar, taking one a day.

So if looking for a stress-free December, these 24 vegan gummies have only 15mg of CBD per gummy (so you don’t need to worry about being TOO chilled out). There is high demand for this calendar and it's due to be out in November - get your pre-order in now!

RITUALS 2023 Advent Calendar

Everyday will feel like a spa with the RITUALS 2023 calendar. These luxurious products are the ultimate way to treat yourself if you are working or trying to enjoy the colder evenings. Each of the 24 days has a different ritual product but it's worth noting this calendar sells out super quick, so get ordering now.

If you need a last-minute gift, it could also be a good present for someone as it comes in a gifting box with sparkly ribbon - so that’s a fancy present wrapping job done for you!

Monty Bojangles Vegan Cocoa Dusted Truffles Premium Advent Calendar

A truffle of award-winning vegan chocolate for 24 days? Sign us up. Monty Bojangles has generously given 26+ truffles in this calendar, so you get your money's worth, plus there's one of each flavour behind the 24th window. It lives up to its ‘premium’ quality with all these extra chocolates.

Yankee Candle Advent Wreath Gift Set

Buying a christmas candle is almost a tradition but it’s such a decision to know what scent will be the staple of the month. However, Yankee Candle’s set offers 24 different tea lights in christmas scents, making the decision for us.

From ‘soft wool and amber’ to a ‘christmas cookie’ scent, lighting a candle and popping on a christmas movie seems like the perfect excuse to be buying this calendar.

Joe and Seph’s Popcorn Advent Calendar

Another way to accompany a Christmas movie is with popcorn. Yes, a gourmet popcorn calendar really exists and there are even more flavours in this year's set. Joe and Seph, pop corn connoisseurs, are based in London and have delicious flavours ranging from banoffee pie to salted caramel.

With 14 flavours and the very popular chocolate popcorn bites (yum), it’s a fun alternative to the traditional calendar for only £30.00

Biscuiteers delicious advent calendar

So, you're not a chocolate fan – fair enough. This calendar has more of a biscuit-y vibe, if you get our drift.

A collaboration between cookie-extraordinaires, Biscuiteers, and designer Sophie Conran, you'll get a tin of gorgeous biccies and a beautiful felt advent calendar to slot them in. Did we say there was a little bit of DIY involved? Well, it'll help you get into the festive spirit, just try not to eat all of them as you're getting it ready. Easier said than done, hey.

Mindful advent calendar

Created to combat the overall 'too muchness' of Christmas-time, this advent calendar suggests mindful prompts each morning. Still in the spirit to build festive excitement, the tasks are all different and suggest things such as a mindful winter walk as an enjoyable festive advent activity.

If you need a nudge to stay present in this season of consumption then this might be the 'calendar' for you.

Personalised self care scratch off advent calendar

Need a reminder to show yourself some love? This scratch off self-care calendar does just that. And, don't worry, it's completely personalisable which means your caring surprises will be tailored just for you. The cal even has some friendly suggestions if you're stuck for ideas. Our fave? 'Edit negativity out of your social media feed.' Love that.

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