12 best self massage tools to relieve stress from your back, shoulders, neck and more

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Having a massage is one of life’s simple pleasures with a whole host of health benefits that cannot be understated.

From reducing stress, and alieving muscle tension, to flexibility and of course, relaxation, whether you are suffering from aches and pains or not, massages can always do you good.

But it can become quite costly to book in for regular spa or physio appointments. That’s where at-home massage tools come in. The game-changing products are the next best thing to help relieve pressure and tightness. They tend to fall under two categories; manual or electronic – the latter of which can lean towards the more expensive end of the price spectrum.

Manual self-massage tools are the more cost-effective and portable way to treat your pain where you will notice the benefits after using them for just a few minutes each day. They also tend to be more versatile where you can use just one product for all different areas of the body, from your back and neck, to hands and feet.

These self-care tools work wonders against flare ups by simply pressing against the area to smooth out the knots, where you can apply the right amount of pressure depending on whether you need a light or deep tissue massage.

We have gathered the best manual self-massage tools to use after a strenuous gym session, sat hunched over a desk all day or to tackle a long-standing injury. If you’re looking for a less hands-on approach, check out the best percussion massage guns here.

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Hayo’u body restorer body massager tool

Sweet relief! This elegant stainless steel tool is inspired by the Chinese massage technique known as Gua Sha, a therapy that involves scraping the skin to improve circulation. The ergonomic shape is comfortable to handle and can increase your circulation by up to 400 per cent — generating a sensation that is swift and very pleasing. You can use the device over clothing but we think it feels even better when combined with oil. The shoulders and neck were helped most but if you use a keyboard consistently (who doesn’t?) a full minute at the wrists will be a noticeable treat for tired hands.

The slim construction is travel and commuter friendly, and the velvet pouch is a nice touch — a great gifting idea for men and women.

£38 for the massager tool only | Current Body

Physix Gear Sport Muscle Roller Stick Combo

This set from Physix comes with a roller stick and two massage balls that you can use to reduce muscle soreness, increase blood flow, maintain muscular strength and improve your range of movement by simply rolling over trigger points. You can also trap the balls between your body and the floor or wall to achieve a release by applying a consistent amount of pressure. A godsend for recovery, this is an excellent quality roller set that is especially useful for athletes but will be no less joyful on average aches and pains.

£16.70 | Amazon

Opti Spike Massage Ball - Set of 3

There are three spike massage balls in variable sizes in this set from Argos that you can use for an endless amount of exercises and physiotherapy. Helping your body recovery, they work by really targeting a particular area and offering a deep tissue massage. Use at the neck, shoulders, back, feet, hands and just about anywhere. If the hard spikey ball is too intense for you try the Trigger Point Performance Deep Tissue Massage Ball, it's still dense enough to actively target hard to reach areas but the lack of spikes will be preferable for some.

£4.99 | Argos

Thera Cane

If you sit in front of a computer all day and experience pain between your shoulder blades, this could be the tool for you. Target those hard to reach spots with this knobby candy cane shaped device to relieve pressure at your lower back, shoulder, neck and more. The versatile range of nodules and strategically placed balls allows you to use the same tool for a range of exercises. A wonderfully successful gadget.

£29.99 | Amazon

XN8 Yoga Acupressure Mat & Pillow Set

This yoga mat and pillow set takes inspiration from acupuncture to tap into the holistic treatment for pain relief but without needles. It is made up of strategically placed acupressure points that work to gently stimulate muscle relaxation and blood flow for your entire upper and lower back. There is also the pillow to target your neck.

£20.99 | Amazon

Tuuli Accessories Massage Muscle Roller Tool

Roll your way to eliminate back pain with this handy, compact product where you will notice its effect after using it for just a couple of minutes each day. It is made from a natural beach wood and has spikier wheels on one end for a deeper massage. You can use it alone or recruit a helper to target the middle and lower back.

£13.90 | Amazon

Head Massager

A 1990's stocking filler standard, the quirky spider-like head massager is still a resolute antidote to a stressful day. No fuss or frills, you just move it up and down your head where the tiny arms work to stimulate the scalp.

£7.99 | Amazon

Roller Massager

This small but mighty roller will up the ante of your pain or stress relief. You can add your favourite oils, lotions or potions into the small hole at the bottom of the device to roll it on to your skin. Simply grip the device in one hand and apply any amount of desired pressure for a light or deep massage. Alternatively, you can place it on the floor to target back and hip trigger points.

£5.99 | Amazon

VOYOR Neck Dual Trigger Point Shoulder Massager

This product may look slightly strange with two golf ball attached to an arc shape but it works well to relieve tight and stiff neck and shoulder muscles. You control the strength, applying the right amount of pressure to your trigger points as needed.

£6.29 | Amazon

TriggerPoint GRID Foam Roller

Endurance runners will be well-acquainted with the foam roller. It will become your best friend to use religiously after exercise to aid in recovery. The versatile tool can be used at your calves, back, quads and lats.

£318 | Amazon

Sarah Chapman The Bodylift

Celebrity facialist Sarah Chapman offers the Bodylift that uses a push and roll technique to ease muscle tension while also stimulating lymphatic drainage. It has 12 rolling heads and 72 nodules that work in tandem to massage the body (not face) and is recommended for upper arms, thighs and calves. As you apply pressure the wishbone separates allowing a deeper grip.

£34 | Cult Beauty

Theraflow Dual Foot Massager

No this is not an abacus, or a children’s counting toy. The wooden contraption is a foot massager that uses two variations of nodules to encourage pain relief with anti-slip on the reverse side to ensure your safety. Use consistently for a few minutes each evening for painkilling results.

£19.94 | Amazon


The Hayo'u Body Restorer Body Massager is a simple and effective tool that can iron out old knots in a matter of minutes. Small enough for travel and easily stored, the stainless steel construction will last for years. For those especially hard to reach areas on your back the Thera Cane will tackle those sore spots with ease.

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