This $12 Cream on Amazon Has Revived My Tired Eyes

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I recently had the privilege of getting my makeup done by a professional, and their toolkits always tend to remind me of Mary Poppins’s magical duffle. (They fit so much and have so many problem-solving solutions inside.) As she prepped my face, one product instantly fit the bill: Bach’s Rescue Cream.

Let me back up: This experience was my first glam moment post-pandemic (i.e. post-vaccine). My skin was tired, dull and stressed, for lack of a better word. As she dabbed the Rescue Cream all over my eye area “for moisture,” I could feel it soothing and reviving my skin in real time. Better yet, when I glanced in the mirror, I looked awake and recharged without any residual grease. “What was this miracle product?” I exclaimed.

She said it’s the product she always (always) has in her makeup bag: It spot treats dry patches and irritation and absorbs into the skin beautifully. She also touted the simplicity of the ingredients—a blend of five natural flowers, plus crab apple. (The active ingredient is Shea Butter.)

I grabbed my phone to jot it down, then ordered it from Amazon—for just $12—the second I got home. I started applying it every night to my eyes and dabbing it on other moisture-deprived areas (the corners of my nose, my T-zone). As someone with skin that trends toward the drier side, I noticed an immediate difference and an overall reduction in the dark circles under my eyes, too.

In a pinch, I’ve even used it as an all-over facial moisturizer. (It’s actually designed for hands, body and face.) And the very best part: A little goes a long way. (I bought a tube in June and use it almost daily on my eye area and to spot treat dry patches and it’s still rather full.)

Besides all that, the name alone—Rescue Cream—seems like something we all ought to have in our back pocket? Especially since it does just that.

Buy It ($12)

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