12 injured in Qatar Airways flight

Six passengers and six cabin crew members have been injured after a Qatar Airways flight. The injuries, from an inbound to Dublin Airport from Doha, came as a result of turbulence over Turkey.

According to a statement from the Dublin Airport Authority (DAA), emergency services attended to the twelve individuals upon the flight's landing just before 1pm on Sunday. The turbulence-incurred injuries occurred while the plane was in Turkish airspace.

A spokesperson for the DAA confirmed: "Qatar Airways flight QR107 from Doha landed safely as scheduled at Dublin Airport shortly before 13.00."

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The spokesperson told the Irish Examiner: "The Dublin Airport team continues to provide full assistance on the ground to passengers and airline staff."

This incident comes shortly after another turbulence-related event on a flight from London to Singapore, where one passenger tragically passed away and several others were injured.