14 Utterly Baffling Images That Are Almost Too Scary To Give Brain Time

One of my favorite shows of all time is The Twilight Zone. Maybe that's why I can't get enough of the subreddit r/weird. There's just so much creepy, inexplicable shit on there. Here are 15 photos that caught my eye this week:

1."Wonder what happened to this guy..."

Two images show wet footprints on a tiled floor by water. One is close up; the other includes a boat and fishing gear
u/Surf6969 / Via reddit.com

2."My dead ex-boyfriend keeps getting suggested as a friend. Snapchat says he’s been active within the last day."

A screenshot of a Snapchat Add Friends page showing a list of suggested contacts to add as friends. Some contacts and details are blacked out

3."Found in my sock drawer. I do not have children."

A blue and dark blue striped sock lays on a textured carpet

4."Someone has been graffitiing 'sex should be illegal' all around my town."

Three images show areas with graffiti saying "SEX SHOULD BE ILLEGAL" on a trash can, an electrical box, and a sign for a recycling center

5."Hundreds of ducks surrounding one particular car."

A large flock of ducks crossing a rural road, stopping three cars. Trees line the road, and mountains are seen in the background

6."Found this in my tuna can???"

Open can of tuna on a kitchen counter with a visible dark object among the shredded tuna
u/BagelCatSprinkles / Via reddit.com

7."My neighbor double bags his trash every single day."

Two large garbage bags are filled and tied, placed on a sidewalk next to a grassy area, waiting for collection

8."Found this suitcase on a dirt road in the middle of the desert."

A large cube-shaped concrete block in a dry, rocky landscape with sparse vegetation and bushes in the background

9."Opened my door to take out rubbish this morning to find this brown Primark bag with these inside. I thought they were underwear, but they feel more like swimwear. So confused. I don’t have a partner, or someone I’m talking to — and as far as I’m aware, I don’t have a secret admirer. What’s weirder is that the garments are pretty much my size. They are clean and brand new but no tags. I asked my neighbor, who is also a woman, and she had no idea. WTF?"

A set of blue and black lace lingerie, consisting of a bra and panties, placed on a dark surface

10."I found this lodged on my car door handle, preventing it from opening."

A car door handle with a screwdriver inserted behind it, possibly indicating an attempted break-in or repair

11."Why is my broccoli weird? :("

Close-up of a plate with steamed broccoli florets and white rice, with a metal fork partially visible
u/boo_imaybeaghost / Via reddit.com

12."Picture of a 'masturbator' from a 1918 Swedish medical textbook."

Illustration of a person with drool, captioned in Swedish detailing that it is from a 1918 medical book by Berg

13."Someone in the neighborhood found this in their mailbox."

A parchment with "Ex in aeternum" written on it, featuring a pentagram and a severed, gory, clawed hand next to it

14.And finally, "Someone bit toilet paper in a public restroom."

A roll of toilet paper appearing to show a face, likely the result of manufacturing or storage. The impression gives it an eerie and humorous look

Note: The quotes from Reddit above have been edited for grammar and clarity.