14 EastEnders spoilers for next week

EastEnders spoilers follow.

Next week on EastEnders, Cindy demands money from George, Ravi is questioned by the Police after Nugget goes missing, and stalker Theo targets Stacey again.

Here's a full collection of the biggest moments coming up:

1. Cindy blackmails Vinny

embcindy beale, ian beale, suki kaur panesar, nish panesar, vinny panesar, eastenders

Cindy decides to approach the Panesars to invest in her new pie and mash shop business venture.

After finding out some of the family’s shady secrets, Cindy decides to use the information to her advantage and blackmails Vinny.

2. Nugget is missing

nugget, ravi gulati, eastenders

Ravi is alarmed when he discovers his teenage son Nugget has gone missing.

But he remains unaware that his stepmum Suki is to blame for turning Nugget against his dad.

3. Alfie struggles after his operation

phil mitchell, alfie moon, eastenders

It's the day of Tommy's debut fight, but he's fretting about Alfie turning up to watch.

Phil promises him that Alfie will be there and goes to the hospital to bring him to The Boxing Den.

However, Alfie's in bad shape following his operation and tells Phil he needs to recuperate in Spain.

Phil returns home and frets about breaking the news to Tommy, unaware that he's overheard it all. Angry and hurt, Tommy lashes out at Phil and calls him a liar.

4. Cindy makes a discovery

There’s good news for the Knight family when George reveals he has found a buyer for his Marbella bar.

However, George’s good fortune may be short-lived when his ex-wife Cindy finds out about the deal and demands 50% of the sale money.

5. Sonia and Reiss get an IVF update

sonia fowler, reiss colwell, eastenders

Sonia is snappy and worried ahead of her appointment, and Martin gets caught in the crossfire. She and Reiss get the information on their chances of IVF success and a breakdown of costs.

Later, at the hospital, Reiss tells Debbie that he plans to spend her money on having IVF treatment with Sonia.

6. Ravi is hit by some harsh home truths


There’s a double blow for Ravi when he is questioned by the police about Nugget’s disappearance.

Later, Ravi is devastated when his son’s mate, Denzel, reveals that Nugget is scared of his dad.

So if anyone is to blame for Nugget’s disappearing act, it is Ravi…

7. Cindy and Gina bond


Peter is feeling down-in-the-dumps about not being accepted by his newly found half-sisters, Gina and Anna.

At the Vic, Cindy has a heart-to-heart with Gina and then finds out some very interesting information.

8. Tommy feels abandoned by Alfie

kat moon, tommy moon, eastenders

Phil tries to do some damage control and asks former boxer George to help Tommy.

But the teenager still feels totally let down by Alfie.

9. Suki speaks to the police

elaine peacock, cindy beale, ian beale, george knight, eastenders

Suki is on edge when she is questioned by PC Nash about Nugget’s disappearance.

But desperate to put killer stepson Ravi back behind bars, Suki decides to drop him in it with the Police…

10. Cindy schemes again

elaine peacock, cindy beale, ian beale, george knight, eastenders

There’s an awkward dinner at The Vic, when George and Elaine invite Ian and Cindy over to discuss the sale of the Marbella bar.

Cindy is determined to get her 50% share of the money, and when left alone with George, she turns manipulative.

11. Martin confronts Theo over Stacey

martin fowler, theo hawthorne, eastenders

Stacey is humiliated after Billy receives some sexy photos taken during her time on Secret Cam.

It doesn’t take long for her to realise that her stalker Theo is behind the revenge prank.

Stacey’s ex-husband, Martin, snaps and storms off to confront the twisted school teacher…

12. Gina drops a shock bombshell

martin fowler, theo hawthorne, eastenders

Ian and Cindy decide to celebrate their recent reunion over at the Vic.

The celebrations soon come to an abrupt end when Cindy’s daughter Gina makes a shock revelation.

13. Ravi confronts Denise

ravi gulati, eastenders

Denise’s hatred towards ex-lover Ravi continues to grow after he angrily confronts her and accuses her of stirring things up with the Police to get him in more trouble.

But Denise lets her hatred of Ravi get the better of her and later manages to upset Denzel with her venom.

14. Whitney and Zack get good news

ravi gulati, eastenders

Things are looking-up for Whitney and Zack when the couple get the keys to their new place.

Plus, someone from the fostering department will be coming to visit them next week.

EastEnders airs on Mondays-Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One. The show also streams on BBC iPlayer.

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