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Next week's EastEnders episodes see Phil Mitchell leave some fan favourites fearful as he's discharged from hospital, while Mel Owen is shocked when her son Hunter makes an escape from prison.

Here's a full collection of 14 storylines you can look forward to.

1. Phil returns home and goes straight to Jay

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As indestructible Phil is discharged from his 138th stay in hospital, there's a homecoming party waiting for him on Albert Square, which has been arranged by Ben.

Phil doesn't seem too grateful for his family's efforts and soon gets to work on far more important matters – finding out the truth about his attack.

Top of Phil's agenda is uncovering the reason for the argument that Ben and Jay had at the hospital, knowing it could be significant. Ben insists there was no row, but when Phil goes to Jay to hear his side of the story, will he contradict this?

2. Keegan defends Keanu

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Keegan also finds himself facing some tough questions from Phil when they cross paths outside the café. Phil wants to know if Keegan has heard from Keanu, who went on the run with Louise after being framed for the attack.

Loyal Keegan takes this opportunity to tell Phil that he doesn't believe Keanu is guilty, but only time will tell whether Phil takes this on board or not.

Bailey also sees how much Keegan is clearly missing Keanu (aww), and makes it her mission to cheer her brother up.

3. Phil remembers something and confronts Kat

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Shirley once again becomes Phil's confidante when he admits to her that he has remembered something about the day of his attack.

Soon afterwards, Kat is alarmed to find a menacing Phil waiting for her in the Slaters' kitchen. Phil is close to the truth and tries to intimidate Kat, but will he find out the full story behind what happened at The Arches that day?

4. Hunter escapes

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Away from the Mitchells, it's also a big week for Mel as she receives the news that Hunter is being transferred to another prison. She turns to Gray for some help on opposing the decision, but he later insists that there's nothing he can do.

Gray may be powerless, but cunning Hunter certainly isn't – taking advantage of another shocking lapse of Soapland security and making a daring escape from prison.

When the police report back to Mel about what happened, she puts them under strict instruction to find her son safely. The police have a warning of their own for Mel, ordering her to work with them rather than against them as this unpredictable situation unfolds.

5. Callum makes a confession to Stuart

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As Callum discusses plans for his wedding, which is now just a few weeks away, he's taken aback when Stuart starts to get overly involved. It turns out that Stuart is expecting to be best man at the ceremony, which certainly isn't what Callum had in mind.

After Stuart bombards his brother with plans for the stag party, Callum is honest by revealing that he has someone else lined up as best man. Even afterwards, persistent Stuart refuses to back down when it comes to planning the stag celebrations.

6. Callum helps Ben

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#Ballum fans can look forward to some interaction between their boys, as Callum shows his support to Ben.

Callum helps Ben with a new lead on finding Louise, but will that be the least of Ben's worries as Phil gets ever closer to the truth?

7. Gray heads off on a trip

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There's good news for Albert Square villain Gray when he's accepted on a course to become a Solicitor Advocate.

Gray shares his success with his family and reveals that he'll be heading off for a few days, giving Chantelle some respite from his abusive behaviour.

8. Dinah's inquest upsets Bailey

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The extended Taylor family face another upsetting day as the inquest into Dinah's death takes place. The outcome is as expected, but formal confirmation of what happened still understandably upsets Bailey.

After some failed efforts to cheer up Bailey, Mitch pours his heart out to Chantelle about the tough situation. Chantelle agrees to pay for a telescope for Bailey since Mitch is struggling for cash, but could this risk a future row with Gray?

9. A huge argument erupts over Abi

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When Rainie and Max both clash over their current arrangements for baby Abi, the dispute turns nasty. Stuart, Kathy and Ian all get involved and have their say, in full view of a frustrated Bobby.

Bobby isn't impressed by all the bickering and steps in to remind the so-called adults that they should be putting Abi's needs first. His intervention has the desired effect, with Abi's loved ones reluctantly trying to end hostilities and come to an agreement.

10. Stuart worries about Rainie

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Stuart also gets involved in another potential crisis for Rainie, as he continues to fret about her taking painkillers.

Stuart has serious concerns about Rainie's reliance on the pills. Can Rainie be trusted when she agrees to stop taking them?

11. Teething problems for Max and Ruby

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When Max and Ruby make plans for another date and it clashes with Max's childcare arrangements, Jack steps in with a very good question – wondering whether Ruby realises baby Abi will be there.

Max optimistically assures his brother that it'll be fine, but when Ruby returns to find him with Abi, she's frustrated that they won't have time alone.

Max returns Abi to Rainie, but could his responsibilities towards his granddaughter throw a spanner in the works for his relationship in the long-run?

12. Muski makes a return

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Tuesday's episode (August 20) sees Jack's police friend Muski make another appearance on the Square.

Muski has some news to share with Jack – and it's sure to be in relation to the serious allegations he's facing over his attack on Fraser. Will it be good news or bad?

13. Tiffany receives her results

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It's the moment of truth for Tiffany as her GCSE results arrive. Jean and Kathy are both by her side to support her as she discovers how she did.

After a traumatic year, did Tiffany pass her exams?

14. Jay and Lola grow closer again

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Jay and Lola will also be sharing more scenes at the end of the week.

Jay buys his ex-girlfriend a drink as they spend time together at The Vic. With Jay single after splitting from Ruby, could there still be hope for these two?

EastEnders airs on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on BBC One.

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