14-year-old world champion kickboxer dubbed the “mini-Connor McGregor” is ready to take on opponents

A real-life Karate kid dubbed the “mini-Connor McGregor” is ready to take on all comers after being crowned a world champion - at the age of just 14.

Kickboxer Tyler Hourihan wiped out Dutch contender Jahmarleylion Ohene-Djan to earn the title “king of the World” in the under-48kg "K-1" category last month.

The pint-sized fighter - who has 67 wins, six losses and a draw to his name - said it was “unreal” to take the crown after "dominating" the five-round bout.

Tyler - who is known for whipping up crowds with his energetic ring walk - hopes to emulate his hero Connor McGregor by entering into MMA fights next year.

And just like the "The Notorious" fighter, Tyler won his recent match by using relentless aggression to overcome his opponent.

He said: “I won the fight as I was aggressive non-stop.

“I knew it was going to be a hard fight, and the kid I was fighting was very, very good – and very experienced.”

“But I trained, skipped, and ran like crazy, and the win was everything I’d worked for. It was so unreal to be honest.”

He added: “They do call me a couple of names – ‘Karate Kid’ has been one, the ‘mini-Connor McGregor’ is another.”

Tyler, from Sheffield, South Yorks., was first mentored by his dad, martial arts expert Peter Hourihan, 37, who taught him to “kick and punch” from the age of three.

He coached his son in the art of Muay Thai kickboxing, where Tyler earned several European titles and signed to Amir Subasic’s famed Storm Gym.

Later, Tyler proved just as deadly in Dutch-style “K-1” bouts - where fighters use elements from martial arts, such as karate, kick boxing and kung-fu, to score points.

Peter said: “I kind of put all my work into my son. So from about three, when Tyler could walk, he was learning how to kick and punch and things like that.

“I really used it, mainly, just to ground him, for a bit of discipline.

Peter said his son hadn’t just become a fearsome fighter in the ring, but also a showman who could inspire crowds who came to watch him.

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