Is Your Face Completely Clean? These Popular Micellar Waters Make Sure of It

Morgan Ashley Parker

Falling somewhere between a toner and traditional face wash, micellar water tackles makeup, oil, and dirt without rinsing and without stripping your complexion. While this product can remove overnight masks or rich creams when not fully washing your face in the morning, it also makes a great double-cleanser to ensure every last bit of waterproof makeup is eliminated after your regular cleansing.

Since there's no need to have access to a faucet, micellar water can also serve as a midday refresher after a day in the sun or a sweaty workout - and many include soothing and hydrating ingredients like chamomile, calendula, and aloe, so skin's left even softer, too. Ahead, find the micellar waters that have earned the best reviews from other Sephora shoppers, and get ready for squeaky-clean skin.