The 15 Best Blushes for Mature Skin of 2023

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RMS Beauty, Milani, and Jones Road provide a few of our favorites.

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InStyle / Reese Herrington

Blush is one makeup product that has had the best rebrand possible. While it used to be that many who were not interested in full-face looks often perceived blush as clownish or over-the-top, this product category has shifted its focus to appeal even to those seeking out a more natural flush. While more makeup wearers are desiring more everyday shades and finishes, not every blush on the market is satisfactory for every skin type. For those with mature skin, finding a blush that doesn’t look too heavy on the skin or settle into fine lines is not as easy as ordering the next TikTok-viral tint from your go-to beauty destination.

Luckily, we researched tons of blushes on the market right now, from dewy cream-based formulas to tried-and-true powders that last all day, to determine those that truly step up to the plate when it comes to giving mature skin that wonderful tinted flush. Plus, we consulted a few makeup artists to hear their favorites and expert opinions on picking the perfect blush for this skin type.

Best Overall: RMS Beauty ReDimension Hydra Powder Blush

$22 at

$35 at

What We Love: Despite it being a powder formula, this blush feels as hydrating as a cream product.

What We Don’t Love: The radiant finish is not for everyone.

A powder blush that boasts hydration? While this is typically not the case for most powder formulas, RMS Beauty’s ReDimension Hydra Powder Blush found a way to make it happen, which is why we love this option for anyone with mature skin. Made with organic jojoba oil, an emollient ingredient known to nourish and protect the skin, the ReDimension Hydra Powder Blush won’t feel drying on mature skin and provides a subtle glowy finish that few other powder blushes can provide.

This luxe-looking compact comes in nine shades, from “Maiden’s Blush,” a cinnamon shade ideal for “latte makeup”-esque looks, to “Hanky Panky,” a deep plum that’s perfect for fall. While this blush is a little pricier than drugstore powder options, you can get a cheaper refill of your product once you hit pan, so you won’t have to spend as much after your first purchase (plus it’s more sustainable than throwing the whole compact out time and time again!). For best color payoff and the most even application, we suggest using a fluffy blush brush to tap on your preferred shade.

Price at time of publish: $35

Type: Powder | Finish: Radiant | Shades: 10 | Key Ingredients: Jojoba oil, wildcrafted buriti | Size: 0.25 oz

Best Drugstore: Milani Baked Blush

$9 at

$11 at

What We Love: This product adds both a pop of color and a highlight to your looks.

What We Don’t Love: We wish it came in more colors.

Milani is one of those tried-and-true brands that we’ve seen in the drugstore aisles since, well, forever, so it’s no surprise that it’s perfected its powder blush formula and made it a more-than-suitable option for those with mature skin. At just under 11 dollars, the brand’s Baked Blush comes in eight shades, all of which resemble the pink and orange tones of a perfect summer sunset.

We love how buildable this formula is, so you can pack on your preferred shade more for extra shimmer and glow, or keep it simple with a subtle sheen. While this blush is certainly suitable for everyone, we think this is the best drugstore option for those with mature skin due to the smoothness of the formula—this pressed powder won’t look drying over any fine lines present on your face, but rather glide over your cheeks and nose with ease to create an unbeatable warm-toned flush.

Price at time of publish: $11

Type: Powder | Finish: Radiant | Shades: 8 | Key Ingredients: Jojoba seed oil | Size: 0.12 oz

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Best Splurge: Tom Ford Shade & Illuminate Blush Duo

$95 at

$95 at

What We Love: The color payoff is impeccable, so a little blush goes a long way. Plus, you get two finishes in one with this compact.

What We Don’t Love: The available shades may not work as well for super dark skin tones as they do for light/medium skin tones.

If you’re in the market for a blush for mature skin that looks and feels luxe and actually performs, consider TOM FORD’s Shade & Illuminate Blush Duo. Because this product offers two shades and finishes in one compact, the extra splurge feels even more worth it—the fabulous color payoff and longevity further confirm this feeling.

Each compact comes with a semi-matte shade and a more radiant shade, so you get both a tint and a slight highlight when you add this to your cheeks, nose, or wherever else you love to place your blush. Plus, both of these shades are in pressed powder formats so applying with your go-to blush brush is easy. The stunning pigment and longwearing formula are not the only reasons we think this TOM FORD option is viable for mature skin-types, but we also love this option because it has rice silk powder on its ingredients list, which is said to have a smoothing effect on the skin, diminishing the appearance of fine lines.

Price at time of publish: $95

Type: Powder | Finish: Radiant/matte | Shades: 6 shade duos | Key Ingredients: Rice silk powder | Size: 0.22 oz

Best for Over 50: Jones Road Beauty Lip and Cheek Stick

$34 at

See at

What We Love: The stick packaging makes applying this product a seamless process.

What We Don’t Love: Anyone seeking a bold color payoff in their blush may not appreciate the finish from this product.

If you’ve been a fan of Bobbi Brown’s eponymous makeup line for as long as you can remember (like we have), we guarantee you’ll fall in love with her newer, more minimalist brand Jones Road. An ideal brand for those with mature skin, Jones Road products focus on simplicity and hydration, so you’ll get the most natural finishes that won’t ever look drying on the skin.

We can imagine that any blush wearer with mature skin, specifically anyone over the age of 50, prefers a hydrating product like this, which is why we wholeheartedly recommend the brand’s Lip and Cheek Stick. This formula goes on smoothly thanks to the balm-like texture in a handy stick format, and the inclusion of castor seed oil, an ingredient said to help retain moisture on the skin, prevents any unsightly dry texture on mature skin. All eight shades provide a subtle tint that brings life to your cheeks (and your lips, too—this is a multi use product!)—whether you want a pop of color over your usual foundation or want just a little something extra on your no-makeup days, this product is the one you’ll want to reach for. Plus, the Lip and Cheek Stick packaging makes it easy to bring on-the-go, whether you’re packing your carry-on for vacation or just need something to throw in your purse for touch-ups during a day at the office.

Price at time of publish: $34

Type: Cream | Finish: Natural | Shades: 8 | Key Ingredients: Castor seed oil | Size: 0.22 oz

Best for Over 60: Westman Atelier Baby Cheeks Lip + Cheek Cream Blush Stick

$48 at

$26 at

What We Love: This formula is chock full of hydrating ingredients that prevent blush from looking dry or patchy on mature skin.

What We Don’t Love: It has a higher price point that not everyone can justify paying.

We’re fans of stick products here at InStyle—they’re so easy to hold and maneuver around your skin that we can’t help but recommend them for those with mature skin over 50 and 60 years old. Westman Atelier’s Baby Cheeks Blush Stick has a thicker base which makes it easier to grip, and the creamy balm formula swipes onto your cheeks and nose effortlessly. All six shades provide a pop of color that isn’t overbearing, but not too sheer that you feel like you’re wearing nothing.

On top of its stunning finish and useful packaging, the Baby Cheeks Blush Stick also is packed with hydrating ingredients that anyone over 60 years of age would appreciate, including jojoba seed oil, which nourishes and soothes the skin, berryflux vita, which can even help improve skin elasticity, and vitus vita fruit extract.

At just a little under 50 dollars, this product is on the pricier side for blush, but the formula’s blend of nourishing ingredients, array of shade options that even the most minimal makeup wearers would appreciate, ease of use, and luxe packaging make it worth the extra splurge.

Price at time of publish: $48

Type: Cream | Finish: Natural | Shades: 6 | Key Ingredients: Jojoba seed oil, berryflux vita, vitus vita fruit extract | Size: 0.21 oz

Best Matte Finish: MAC Cosmetics Powder Blush

$29 at

$28 at

What We Love: There are thirteen shades options available, so anyone can find at least one they like.

What We Don’t Love: It’s pricey for a small compact.

There are few makeup brands with a more dedicated, long-standing fan base than MAC Cosmetics, so it’s no surprise to us that the brand makes the perfect, no-fuss blush for their mature skin demographic. With thirteen different shades, you’re guaranteed to find one that speaks to you, and the matte finish of each is favorable for makeup-wearers averse to the glowy sheen of the newer blush formulas on the market.

MAC’s Powder Blush, has, like the name suggests, a powder formula, so applying with a fluffy blush brush of your choice is the way to go to ensure the most even, pigmented finish on your cheeks. If you have mature skin and need a blush that provides the perfect pigment, is easy to use, and comes with no extraneous bells and whistles, this powder compact is the one you need to add to your virtual cart next.

Price at time of publish: $29 

Type: Powder | Finish: Matte | Shades: 13 | Key Ingredients: N/A | Size: 0.21 oz

Best Radiant Finish: NARS Blush

$17 at

$32 at

What We Love: The brand’s standout shade Orgasm is the perfect shimmery pink that looks great on all skin tones.

What We Don’t Love: The product size is smaller than other blushes mentioned.

Whether you’re a longtime makeup wearer or new to the game, there’s a high probability that you’ve heard of the iconic NARS Blush in the shade Orgasm. With a luxe black compact and a gorgeous pink shimmer finish, this product has thousands of rave reviews across multiple beauty retailer sites for a reason.

This powder product has a lightweight feel on the skin thanks to the ultra-fine powder that swipes easily across your cheeks, and provides you with the most natural, glow-from-within finish. We love this product for those with mature skin for these reasons, and also because of its easy blendability—not all powder formulas can boast a seamless-looking swipe like NARS can.

While we’re the biggest fans of the brand’s renowned shimmery pink Orgasm shade, there are 22 other shades of powder blush to choose from, with even some matte shades available amongst the multiple radiant options. Plus, all of these shades look fabulous across an array of skin tones—something that of course should be the standard but isn’t always the case for certain pigmented products.

Price at time of publish: $32 

Type: Powder | Finish: Radiant | Shades: 22 | Key Ingredients: N/A | Size: 0.16 oz

Best Natural Finish: Merit Beauty Flush Balm Cheek Color

$30 at

$30 at

What We Love: The small, round packaging makes it easy to bring this product on-the-go (great for reapplication!).

What We Don’t Love: The color is not too long lasting.

“Merit's Flush Balms are gorgeous on mature skin,” says makeup artist Neil Scibelli, and we couldn’t agree more. This blush takes the cake for the easiest product to apply and blend, which is just one of the few reasons why we (alongside Scibelli and makeup artist Franceline Graham) love it for anyone with mature skin. Flush Balm has small, circular packaging that couldn't be easier to grip in your hand and apply–all you have to do is place the surface of the blush on each cheek and blend with your fingertips or use a fluffy brush. Either way, you’ll get a natural-looking color that feels more like a second skin than a heavy makeup product.

We love Flush Balm’s creamy formula just as much as we love its finish, which includes vitamin E, an ingredient said to have nourishing properties. We’re not surprised that this ingredient is the star of the show, as it quite literally feels like it’s melting into your skin as you apply it and never leaves dry patches on your cheeks, nose, or wherever else you prefer to place your blush—perfect for those with aging skin. Despite its creamy formulation, your placement won’t budge post-application, though we should mention that due to the natural finish of this blush, it’s possible that the color may fade as you go about your day. Thankfully, it’s easy to throw in your bag and reapply, even for those with the busiest of schedules.

Price at time of publish: $30 

Type: Cream | Finish: Natural/Satin | Shades: 9 | Key Ingredients: Vitamin E | Size: 0.31 oz

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Best Powder: Thrive Causemetics Dream Chaser Reviving Powder Blush

See at

What We Love: This blush formula is chock full of antioxidant and hydration properties.

What We Don’t Love: There are multiple matte shades but only one shimmer shade available.

While we know that there are already a few powder products on this list, we’d be remiss not to mention Thrive Causemetics’ Dream Chaser Reviving Powder Blush formula. From the ingredient list to the color payoff to the subtle glowy finish, this product is a standout option for those with mature skin seeking a powder formula.

With five matte shades and one pink shimmer shade to choose from, the Dream Chaser Reviving Powder Brush has an amazing color payoff for any and all skin tones (it even has different shade recommendations depending on your tone!). The finish is natural with just a hint of sheen, so you’ll never look clownish with these tints even if you accidentally use a heavy hand. We especially love this product for mature skin types based on the inclusion of ingredients like aloe leaf extract, which is said to help moisturize the skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and sea buckthorn fruit extracts, which acts as a powerful antioxidant and therefore helps protect the skin from anything in the environment that can hasten the effects of aging on the skin. It even has hyaluronic acid and glycerin, both known hydrating ingredients that can help prevent dry patches on mature skin.

Price at time of publish: $30

Type: Powder | Finish: Natural/Satin | Shades: 6 | Key Ingredients: Aloe leaf extract, sea buckthorn fruit extract, hyaluronic acid, glycerin | Size: 0.2 oz

Best Cream: Tower 28 Beauty BeachPlease Lip + Cheek Cream Blush

See at

$20 at

What We Love: This product will last you a long time, but only costs $20.

What We Don’t Love: Some wearers may find this to be too dewy of a formula.

There's something about a cream formula that we just can’t get enough of, and if we absolutely had to choose a top choice to recommend for those with mature skin, Tower 28’s BeachPlease Tinted Balm is our winner. While cream products are always a good choice for those with fine lines and drier skin from aging, we especially prefer this multi-use Tower 28 tint because of how suitable it is for sensitive skin-havers as well. BeachPlease Tinted Balm, along with many of the brand’s other products, are approved by the National Eczema Association, thanks to their hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, essential oil-free, and artificial fragrance-free ingredient lists. This balm alone includes aloe vera extract and green tea extract, both of which are said to have soothing properties, as well as castor seed oil for added nourishment—ideal for anyone with mature skin.

The shade range for this blush is full of pops of pink, purple, and orange, but the creamy formula makes for easy blendability into the skin and therefore even the brightest tints won’t look clownish on your cheeks. Plus, the groovy packaging provides an added bout of dopamine to your makeup application process that the typical sleek, black blush compacts from other brands won’t provide.

Price at time of publish: $20 

Type: Cream | Finish: Radiant | Shades: 9 | Key Ingredients: Aloe leaf extract, green tea extract, castor seed oil | Size: 0.16 oz

Best Liquid : Saie Dew Blush

$25 at

See at

What We Love: The doe foot applicator allows you more control during the blush application process.

What We Don’t Love: It’s not the most long-lasting formula.

Some liquid products can feel difficult to work with or make a mess—Saie Beauty’s Dew Blush can’t relate. This liquid blush has a doe-foot applicator similar to your go-to lip gloss, but made even easier to wield around during your makeup routine thanks to its thick handle. Plus, this applicator gives you even more control than other aforementioned blushes—a fluffy brush has the potential to spread your product around to areas of your face that you maybe don’t want a tint, whereas the Dew Blush allows you to better pinpoint the exact spot you want some color.

We love this Saie blush for reasons other than the packaging, too, including its natural, subtly-glowy finish and antioxidant-rich and hydration-packed ingredients list. You already know at this point that the right ingredients are key when it comes to picking out the perfect blush for mature skin types, so we’re thrilled at the inclusion of elderberry fruit extract and licorice root extract, whose antioxidant properties protect the skin from outside aggressors that can contribute to aging in the skin, as well as glycerin, which works to hydrate the skin, in the Dew Blush formula. Plus, at 0.4 ounces, this tube offers up enough product to last you a long, long time.

Price at time of publish: $25

Type: Liquid | Finish: Natural/radiant | Shades: 6 | Key Ingredients: Elderberry fruit extract, licorice root extract, glycerin | Size: 0.4 oz

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Best Stick: Violette_FR Bisou Blush

See at

What We Love: This blush stick comes with a detachable brush that makes blending (and bringing on-the-go) seamless.

What We Don’t Love: There are only three shades available. 

An easy-to-use stick blush with an added brush on the opposite side? We love the Bisou Blush from makeup artist Violette Serrat’s brand Violette_FR for a few reasons, but that one may just have to take the number one spot. While this is surely not the first blush in stick form we’ve mentioned, you can’t beat a product that includes a brush—it makes everything from application to travel ten times easier.

While this blush comes in only three shades, each of the three boasts marbled pigments in its cream formula rather than just one solid color, so you’ll get a different kind of flush with each application (for example, the shade “Louise” comes with both pink and brown pigments). Despite each blush’s two included tones, the finish looks completely natural and not like a mess of color on your cheeks.

Price at time of publish: $35

Type: Cream | Finish: Natural | Shades: 3 | Key Ingredients: Ginger root extract | Size: Not listed

Best for Dark Skin: Danessa Myricks Beauty Yummy Skin Blurring Balm Powder Flushed

$25 at

See at

What We Love: This formula has a skin-blurring effect.

What We Don’t Love: These shades may not be favorable to those looking for dewy or natural finishes.

While we obviously favor all of the picks on this list, we especially want to shine a light on Danessa Myricks Beauty’s Yummy Skin Blurring Balm Flushed because of its ability to steal the show on dark skin tones. This tinted balm comes in six matte shades, including bright orange and deep berry, all of which provide an undeniable pop of color on anyone with darker skin, from tan-medium to ultra-deep tones.

If you weren’t already blown away by the color payoff from this blush, the ingredients list is sure to convince you to try this out on your mature skin. The Yummy Skin Blurring Balm Flushed formula includes hydrating hyaluronic acid and squalane, as well as Upsalite, a groundbreaking ingredient that contributes to the product’s blurring effect (how it gets the “Blurring Balm” in its name!) and oil-absorption. With this, if you’re someone with both mature and dark skin, you’ll find that this Danessa Myricks Beauty blush not only provides a pop of color not many other blushes can boast, but also helps blur your fine lines and keeps your drier skin feeling dewy.

Price at time of publish: $25

Type: Cream | Finish: Matte | Shades: 6 | Key Ingredients: Upsalite, hyaluronic acid, squalane | Size: 0.21 oz

Best for Light Skin: Glossier Cloud Paint

$20 at

See at

What We Love: This liquid formula is one of the most buildable blushes we’ve ever used, so you can truly use it in a multitude of ways.

What We Don’t Love: A little goes a long way with this product, so it’s easy to go overboard once you first start playing with it.

You’re likely familiar with minimalist makeup brand Glossier’s cult-favorite product Cloud Paint—we’re here to confirm that the hype is real not only for mature skin types but also for light skin tones. While these ten shades look great on any and all skin tones, we can’t get enough of how particularly bold each color looks on lighter skin. Plus, the “paint”-like feeling of this product allows you to really play with placement and build up the pigment as much or as little as you please—some Cloud Paint owners even prefer to mix some of their go-to shades to create their own unique hue (just like a real painter would!).

As for the reason why we love Cloud Paint for mature skin: its formula includes glycerin (one of our favorite hydrating ingredients) and also collagen, an ingredient said to have anti-aging effects on the skin, so you can imagine why those with aging skin would fall in love with it.

Glossier calls this “the most user-friendly blush under the sun,” and due to the formula’s color payoff, seamless blendability, liquidy texture, and nourishing ingredients, we can easily understand why the brand says so. Plus, this product will last you almost a lifetime—take it from our writer who has had the same tube for years.

Price at time of publish: $20 

Type: Liquid | Finish: Natural | Shades: 10 | Key Ingredients: Glycerin, collagen | Size: 0.33 oz

Best for Aging Skin: Makeup By Mario Soft Pop Blush Stick

$30 at

What We Love: Not only does this blush stick come with a built-in brush, but the brush head is angled with raised domes on it to help you perfect your application.

What We Don’t Love: The natural finish can feel almost too sheer for some. 

Makeup by Mario blushes, according to Graham, “effortlessly blend into the skin leaving you with a radiant finish, great color payoff and added hydration.” We at InStyle especially favor the brand’s Soft Pop Blush Stick, which, because it checks all of Graham’s boxes, is our top pick for aging skin. Aging comes with more than a few physical changes, specifically more fine lines, wrinkles, and a propensity for skin sensitivities like dermatitis and eczema, so it’s crucial to adjust your makeup formulas accordingly and add products like the Soft Pop Blush Stick to your arsenal.

Both the stick packaging and the angled, textured brush on one side are beneficial for aging makeup wearers as it improves the ease of use—no need to search around your makeup bag for extra tools to perfect your look. Plus, the muted shade options and natural finish ensure a foolproof application, even if putting on makeup is not one of your top skills.

Price at time of publish: $30 

Type: Cream | Finish: Natural | Shades: 6 | Key Ingredients: N/A | Size: 0.37 oz

What to Keep in Mind


Choosing the correct formula is crucial when shopping for blush for your mature skin—thankfully our experts have the lowdown. According to Graham, a cream formula like Tower 28’s BeachPlease Tinted Balm or Westman Atelier’s Baby Cheeks Blush Stick is best because “it blends better [into] the skin because of your body's natural body heat. This makes it easier to blend seamlessly with your base.” Makeup artist Simone Otis agrees, and mentions how cream formulas tend to have a sheerer finish that allows you to “build the color” as you please.

“The same [goes] for liquid blushes,” notes Graham, like the aforementioned Saie Beauty Dew Blush and Glossier’s Cloud Paint. “Liquid and cream blushes offer hydration, glow and pigment and long-wear without the powdery look a powder blush can leave on the skin.”

You’re probably thinking, where’s the love for powder formulas? Will they not work for mature skin types? Of course they can, and we even included a few on this list (and for a good reason), including our best overall pick from RMS Beauty and our top drugstore buy from Milani. Otis likes a powder formula especially for a “finishing layer overtop of a cream or liquid [or] if I want more of a pop to the color or to make it really long lasting.”

Hydrating Ingredients

Hydration is a vital part of a suitable blush for mature skin types, so make sure you’re choosing one with nourishing ingredients to prevent any dry patches on your skin post-application. “A lot of brands are using vitamin E, jojoba oil [...] and shea butter for that dewy yet nourishing effect,” says Scibelli. One of his favorite blushes for mature skin (mentioned as our pick for the best natural finish) boasts the inclusion of vitamin E in its formula: Merit’s Flush Balm Cream Blush, while our best overall pick, RMS Beauty’s ReDimension Hydra Powder Blush, has jojoba oil on its ingredients list. Otis also gives a shoutout to vitamin E and mentions hyaluronic acid, which you can find in Thrive Causemetics’ Dream Chaser Reviving Powder Blush formula and Danessa Myricks Beauty’s Yummy Skin Blurring Balm Powder Flushed.


While you can rock any blush shade that you want, if you’re looking for a tint that best suits your skin tone, Scibelli has a few suggestions. Lighter skin tones can get away with using “sheerer formulas in the peach and pink tones,” he says, while “mango, berry and plum tones look amazing on medium to deeper skin tones.” If you desire “lighter pops of pinks, apricots and peaches, it's all about finding a formula that has great pigment,” Scibelli notes, “because I think everyone can wear those tones as well.”


Make sure you have the proper tools to blend your blush formula, even if that just means having clean hands (which you should always have pre-makeup application, anyways). “You can use your ring finger to blend out cream product onto the cheeks for a natural approach,” suggests Scibelli, or, if you prefer to keep your hands out of the equation so you don’t have to continually scrub pigment off your fingertips, a brush or a sponge works too. Scibelli prefers to use Real Techniques’ New Nudes Real Reveal sponges, while our writer has used (and will continue to use forever) e.l.f. Cosmetics’ Flawless Face Brush for years to blend out a variety of cream and liquid products. The Ultra Plush Blush Makeup Brush from Real Techniques is a fabulous tool for powder blushes and is one of Scibelli’s favorites as well.

Your Questions, Answered

What color blush makes you look younger?

Although you absolutely do not need to use blush to look “younger,” we can understand the desire for a little youthful glow if your mature skin is feeling dull from time to time. To achieve this, Otis says that while “it depends on your undertone and skin tone,” it’s best to “choose a blush shade that mimics the flush that your cheeks get after some exertion or after you’ve been in the sun for a bit.”

Graham suggests “pinks, dusty rose or salmon tones” for fair to medium skin tones, “peaches, orange, and deep pink tones” for medium deep skin tones, and for “rich deep tones,” it’s best to use “burnt orange, plum tones, and even deep reds” in order to “bring out tones in the skin that are naturally already there and heighten them to bring a more youthful side.”

What blush is best for mature skin?

While ingredients are key in determining whether or not a blush is suitable for mature skin, Graham notes that “blushes that are best for mature skin are cream or liquid formulas which will help to hydrate the skin,” first and foremost, as well as “enhance the natural glow on the cheeks,” and “help reduce the appearance of wrinkles because they don’t settle into fine lines.” According to Scibelli, liquid options are especially ideal “if you're not looking for as dewy of a finish.”

Our favorite cream and liquid formulas? Tower 28 BeachPlease Tinted Balm and Saie Beauty Dew Blush, respectively.

How do you apply blush to aging skin?

“I tend to keep blush on the outer and higher parts of the cheeks for mature skin,” says Scibelli, “so just outside the apples of the cheeks blending towards the ears and up towards the temples. If you have existing volume on the apples of your cheeks, you can always start there and blend outwards, too.”

If you need tips based on the formula type, Graham notes that “the best method to apply blush to mature skin is with your finger or a beauty blender when using a cream or liquid formula.” As for powder formulas, :setting spray and a soft bristle brush” are key. “Since powders can be more drying, using a hydrating setting spray prior [to application] with a soft powder brush and avoiding circular motions that will disturb the skin will allow the blush to still give a more youthful look.”

Why Shop With Us

Madison Barber is a passionate beauty product-researcher and a cream blush fanatic (there truly isn’t one she hasn’t tried). For this article, she spent hours researching blushes available on the market right now, from luxe powder formulas, to inexpensive drugstore buys, to cult-favorite liquid options, and even included a few products from her own makeup bag with features suitable for mature skin. Additionally, Madison consulted three makeup artists to hear some of their expert picks and advice, including: Simone Otis, Franceline Graham, and Neil Scibelli.

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