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38 Best Friend Halloween Costumes for Double the Toil and Trouble

If you're anything like us, you're hardly ever without your BFF. So why should the night of October 31 be any different? Skip the couple's costume this year and opt for one of our very favorite best friend Halloween costumes instead that you can DIY or buy. Whether you want to go all in with matchy-matchy outfits or simply coordinate a few of the colors on your respective get-ups, we've likely got a cute costume idea for you. Pair up as iconic celebrity duos and movie characters (Lucy and Ethel, anyone?), make your friends and family laugh with funny puns, or do double duty as your favorite food pairing (ketchup and mustard, blue and red M&Ms, or ice cream and cotton candy, to name just a few). Have more than one BFF? We made sure to include tons of Halloween costume ideas for groups too. In fact, those three and four-person costumes are some of our favorites on the list and certainly some of the most creative (trust us, you haven't seen a quirky costume until you've seen our Golden Girls idea!). Just remember: Planning's half the fun! Make sure you're scrolling through our list with your best friend by your side.