15 Facts You Didn't Know About One Direction's Drummer Josh Devine

Since it’s been a tough few months for One Direction fans (understatement of the last ten centuries), what with Zayn Malik’s departure, all this hiatus chit-chat and everything else they’ve got going on, we thought it was about time there was something fun AND educational to cheer everyone up.

Yes, we know you may be off school/college/university right now and learning things may come after ‘seeing how many Doritos you can eat in one sitting’ and ‘seeing how many hours you can spend lying on the sofa without moving’ on the to-do list, but we promise this will be FUN LEARNING.

Oh, and if your school/college/university/work holiday has been and gone, consider this an extra-curricular activity.

Today’s lesson is all about Josh Devine, 1D’s drummer who we’re *pretty* sure you all know, love and have spent a lot of time staring at when he’s banging his skins up on stage with the boys.


Anyway, in honour of his incredible debut EP ‘Through The Fire’ being officially available to download right now, we thought we’d test your knowledge and see how much you really know about him.

So, without further ado, here’s 15 facts about Josh Devine, given to us exclusively by the man himself.

1. His favourite colour is green which, as coincedence would have it, is the same ours. OH LOOK AT THAT, WE’RE SOULMATES.

2. His earliest memory is his mum teaching him to walk. Cutie.

3. He starting honing his drumming skills at the grand age of three, with his parents buying his first drum kit on his fourth birthday!

The only thing we remember about our fourth birthday is falling asleep in our cake. Go figure.

4. He grew up in Bournemouth, but moved to the Midlands for secondary school.

5. He actually wanted to be a professional football player as a kid, but was better at drumming - and it’s stuck ever since! Something that, as much as we enjoy watching boys run around a football pitch in little shorts, we’re pretty thankful for.

6. The first ever time he played drums in front of an audience he was around eight years old. It was at a church and came about because the actual drummer didn’t turn up. Eek!

7. He loves to surf, even though he reckons he’s still not too great at it. You’re better than us, Josh, if that helps.

Oh hi, Nialler.

8. All of his family, apart from a few members, live in South Africa.

9. He used to work in a supermarket when he was in school, meaning we can only assume he was the original Alex from Target.

We’re also super gutted that it wasn’t our local Aldi that he did his weekly shift in. SIGH.

10. He came first in a martial arts tournament when he was a teenager, so maybe don’t mess with him. Ever.

11. He also won a few national drumming competitions when he was aged 16, which is hardly surprising because his skills are crazy amazing.

12. He loves driving and cars in general. The new Top Gear co-presenter, anyone?

13. Aside from his drumming talents, he can also play bass and guitar and, as you can tell by his new EP, has recently started singing.

Is there anything he can’t do?

14. He’s been writing songs since he was 15.

15. Before his career as a drummer started, he was in a heavy metal band called Aversion. In fact, he even had dreadlocks.

We’re going to need to see some evidence of that, Josh.

So, there you go. You learn something new every day, right?

Josh’s EP ‘Through The Fire’ is available to download now, and we suggest you get buying because it’s ruddy awesome.