15 Infuriating Screenshots Of Messages That Cheating Partners Had The Audacity To Send

1.This cheater who tried to get her ex back by saying it's what's best for their future, unborn, unconceived son whose first name begins with "N":

A stream of endearments in a text, including "My love," "My everything," "My whole universe," "My whole life"
u/throwawayforatext / Via reddit.com
The endearments continue, ending with "The father of N___"
u/throwawayforatext / Via reddit.com

2.This cheater who urged his ex to remember the good times:

He's recalling all the sweet times, like when they got a puppy, and she's remembering how he cheated on her days before they went to Mexico
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3.This cheater who played dumb:

Cheater doesn't understand why they're gonna be sad for a while, even after they remind them "you and [name redacted["
u/Famous_Western2286 / Via reddit.com
"Could I get more information"; "You lied and betrayed me"; "Wait, when?"
u/Famous_Western2286 / Via reddit.com

4.This cheater who tried to take his ex's SISTER out for drinks:

He's telling the sister how he misses her
u/throwaway910212 / Via reddit.com
When she says she knows about forgiveness, he says he picked the wrong sister and asks if she wants to hang out and have drinks like old times, just as friends; she say's she's gotta go
u/throwaway910212 / Via reddit.com

5.This cheater who tried anything to make his ex feel guilty:

"I had to set our Minecraft house on fire because it hurt too much"
u/emerald_empire / Via reddit.com

6.This cheater who made these huge promises to their partner...while literally cheating on them:

"I won't do anything ever to jeopardize" their "very long future together" — "ever ever ever ever"
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7.This cheater who got a new number to text her ex, who'd blocked her:

"I just wanted to say I'm sorry again, I already know you're gonna block me," "Jesus Christ, get a grip, we're over, we're done; stop harassing me, this is like the sixth time you've tried to contact me," "Damn, alright, sorry lmao"
u/RiOT-Septic / Via reddit.com

8.This cheater who expected his ex's best friend to congratulate him on getting someone else pregnant:

"I did ask you not to contact me again and you're about to become a father, so wasn't sure what you wanted"; "I think congratulations is the traditional term"; "Why would I congratulate you for knocking someone up again?" "Not sure you need to be nasty"
u/pigsrfly / Via reddit.com

9.This cheater who cheated on his pregnant girlfriend and started to feel regret:

"I can't and won't be talking anymore; I'm a piece of shit and have a gf and child on the way please delete my number"; "Lmao okay"
u/super_reddit_fan2424 / Via reddit.com

10.This cheater who didn't take an ounce of accountability when he was caught:

She lists all the ways she gave him love and support, bought him a TV, while he was with another girl; he says "I was with the girl every day I wasn't with you and I posted her on social; I thought you just didn't care, but I appreciate the good memories"
u/anonymous / Via reddit.com

11.This serial cheater who hit up his ex while he was in a relationship with someone else:

He asks her to hang out, she says doesn't he have a GF, he asks why she's being so weird; she says 'cause he's asking his ex to hang out and he has a GF, he says "I'm not being serious, OK; you seem to be so mad at me"
u/Cooke052891 / Via reddit.com
She says "I feel bad for your girlfriend because you are obviously a sketch ball who texts other girls," "Wow, go fuck. yourself; you're really that miserable?" "Nope, my life is pretty good right now," "Keep telling yourself that"
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12.This serial cheater who seriously told his ex not to focus on the negative:

He says they only see the negative; says he's not a bad guy, he's changed, "but at this point your loss"; response: "We broke up because you're a serial cheater and narcissist; leave me alone, I don't love you and you sure in hell never loved me"
u/O_Poe / Via reddit.com

13.This cheater who contacted their ex two years after cheating on them with two women:

"I need you, you're so perfect to me, you're so beautiful and funny"; "I just think u should move on because there's not one universe where u and I are together; aren't there nice Texan girls?" "please stop saying this, I love you"
u/NewBanana9675 / Via reddit.com
"If you want me to leave you alone, I will, I just had to know I tried," "It's just weird how you've been in love with me for three years," "because you're perfect to me and I never lost feelings for you"
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14.This cheater who was engaged and secretly looking for a sugar baby:

"I need a sugar baby who I can spoil, do you know one?" "No, I hope your fiance finds someone a lot better, have a nice day," "sorry, please don't leave, I'll do anything," "Imagine thinking you can talk about your money to attract women"
u/unwantedinteractions / Via reddit.com

15.And lastly, this cheater who said his ex should be HAPPY that he didn't burn their belongings after the breakup:

"I could have have been a real dick about all this and just burned all of it, but I can't get a single think u;  reallyI hope I have a good day and a good life, drive safely"
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