15 Leaked Screenshots Of Things Toxic Bosses Actually Had The Audacity To Say To Their Employees

1.This boss who tried to guilt-trip their employee who asked to be paid:

Text messages discussing work schedules, pay issues, and personal matters
u/queermarxisttrekkie / Via

2.This boss who fired someone after changing the schedule last minute:

The image shows a text message conversation with one person expressing they cannot attend an event as they have made prior plans
u/taywildd / Via
Text message apologizing for work scheduling issues, appreciating the recipient's punctuality, and asking for availability on weekends
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3.This boss who told everyone to come in for an extra day they weren't scheduled for so they could "deep clean":

a note from a boss asking employees to come in to "deep clean"
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4.This boss who tried to give their line cook a "life lesson" which backfired with them quitting:

Hand holding a smartphone with a text conversation about someone not coming in for work and the sender's last day
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5.This boss who tried to make an employee pay for the meal that they forgot to make the customers pay for:

"Having the employees pay for that is common order"
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6.This manager who didn't want to manage:

Message on a screen requesting a list of coverage contacts, noting the sender is on shift and can't look for options
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7.This boss who had serious aggression issues:

Text conversation with urgent requests to call and locate an item
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8.This boss who expected an employee to work a shift for free:

Text exchange discussing work availability and negotiation for expedited pay for coming in on a day off
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9.This boss who never heard of sympathy:

"I don't cover shifts."
u/SSRworldwide / Via

10.This boss who wouldn't hire someone because they were "too old" to be around the rest of the staff:

"I don't imagine you fitting in with such a young crowd."
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11.This boss who expected their employee to drop everything and travel several states away to come back to work:

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12.This boss who fired someone via email 20 minutes after they finished a shift together:

"I want to let you know that I have decided to terminate your employment at The Local Draught House."
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13.This boss who scolded an employee for eating food that was gonna be thrown out anyway:

"leave the waste issue to me."
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14.This boss who snapped on an employee for loosening the corset of their uniform while on break:

"Further disciplinary action will be taken if you do not improve your attitude."
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15.And lastly, this boss who immaturely replied to an employee setting their boundaries:

A screenshot of a text conversation with an emergency exit sign GIF sent as a response
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