The 15 Sheffield bus lanes you are most likely to be fined in as council rakes in £3m in 12 months

Sheffield Council has issued an eye-watering 118,953 bus lane fines to motorists in the last 12 months, raking in at least £3.6 million.

It is the second-highest number of bus lane fines issued to motorists out of any other Metropolitan Council in the UK.

Figures obtained by Personal Injury Claims UK revealed the number of Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs) issued by Sheffield City Council amounts to at least £3,569,590 - providing drivers pay the minimum amount of £30.

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The standard bus lane fine in the city is £60, but it is halved if the charge is paid within 14 days. If the PCN is not paid within 28 days, the charge goes up to £90.

Sheffield City Council revealed that between April 6, 2023 and April 5, 2024, a total of 24,368 drivers failed to pay within 28 days - therefore, likely paid the hiked £90 fine.

The council issued the second highest amount of fines out of any other Metropolitan District Council in the UK across 15 bus lanes in the city.

The majority of the fines were issued for Arundel Gate (northeast Bound) Near St Paul’s Place Service Rd, where a total of 65,946 Penalty Charge Notices were issued.

Bus gate on Middlewood Road was the second biggest culprit for bus lane fines in Sheffield, with 10,056 PCNs handed out in the last 12 months.

Metropolitan District Councils Top 10
Metropolitan District Councils Top 10 -Credit:Personal Injury Claims UK

Here are the 15 bus lanes in Sheffield to watch out for and the number of fines issued last year:

Street Name Issued

Arundel Gate (northeast Bound) Near St Paul’s Place Service Rd 65,946

Bus gate, Middlewood Road 10,056

Bus lane, Blonk Street 9,711

Bus lane, Furnival Gate 6,980

Cavendish Street 5,499

Bus gate, Langsett Rd nr Ripley St 5,306

Bus lane, Wicker nr Stanley St 4,437

London Road - Bus Gate 2,495

Ecclesall Rd Bus Lane: Neill Rd TO 160m North East of William St 2,113

Broad Street Bus Lane 1,461

Bus lane, Holme Lane 1,378

South Lane Bus Gate 1,228

Boston Street Bus Lane 1,185

Mansfield Road - Bus Lane 593

Granville Road Bus Lane 565

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