16 Positively Hilarious Fails From The Internet This Week That Were Unfortunate But So Funny

Greetings, perusers of BuzzFeed dot com, and welcome back to the shining jewel of this great website: Julia's Weekly Fails Compilation. Each of the following amused me enough this week to be saved and included in this post; I can only hope that you, the reader, are similarly amused. Enjoy!

1. This 3D printing fail:

Twitter: @DanielBogdanoff

2. This not-so-helpful text from Mom:

Twitter: @equine__dentist

3. Trying and failing to hoodwink an annoying customer:

Twitter: @theshirtdog

4. Being given the unfortunate username of "McMilf":

Twitter: @frasmcm

5. This shining moment of young adulthood:

Twitter: @mcamilaapx

6. When your child knows too well how to work the iPad:

Twitter: @Virginia_Brasch

7. Surf John Stevens:

Twitter: @motelsiren

8. This heartwarming letter from a much-beloved child:

Twitter: @tomflood1

9. This guy who must really, really love Modelos:

Twitter: @bakerbakerbaker

10. These bathroom signs that admittedly kind of delight me...

Twitter: @whosjeffiam

11. This Landlord Special:

Twitter: @easterngoblin

12. This dad joke:

Twitter: @equine__dentist

13. This tiny truck (it's just too small!):

Twitter: @SheIsTheWraith

14. Watching Dune like this:

Twitter: @katelynvc_

15. This supportive boyfriend moment that surely made her feel way better:

Twitter: @annie_ebee

16. And finally, this 4th of July fail:

Twitter: @majordouzie

I hope you were thoroughly entertained. If you like, you can check out more fail compilations here. And if you thought these posts were funny, be sure to go ahead and follow their creators!