The 17 minutes of Lille vs Aston Villa chaos - every Emi Martinez antic, arguments and confusion

Aston Villa players celebrate
Emi Martinez did it yet again for Aston Villa -Credit:Mustafa Yalcin/Anadolu via Getty Images

Aston Villa are Conference League semi-finalists. They won't have their number-one goalkeeper available for the first-leg of their clash with Olympiacos, but that is a problem for another day.

They started the night in Lille ahead by a solitary goal on aggregate thanks to a strong performance at Villa Park last week. That was quickly wiped out though and Unai Emery's men were under the pump.

Paulo Fonseca's side went ahead on aggregate with just over 25 minutes left and hopes was running out before Matty Cash arrived into the box to send the game to extra time. That was as uneventful as ever but what followed was far from it.

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After Emi Martinez was booked in the first half for timewasting, something that didn't escape a passionate but angry set of home fans that greeted his every touch with jeers, cries, and whistles, the pattern of madness for the game was set.

Villa attempted to slow the game down, to take the sting out of their visitors, but were left in a horrid situation during penalties as Martinez looked to have been sent off.

Frankly, we've never seen anything much like it. Here, BirminghamLive breaks down a timeline of the final events at the Stade Pierre Mauroy during the most dramatic penalty shootout.

20:19: Full time in extra time. It's going to penalties. The players walk off the pitch slowly, absolutely shattered emotionally and physically.

20:20: Martinez walks over to his teammates into a gathering around Emery and has a chat with his manager. He looks calm - certainly the most low-key he has been and will be for the entire night.

Douglas Luiz is having a drink in the same conversation with Emery giving encouraging nods to his senior players.

20:21: Luiz heads to the officials just outside the centre circle to do the coin toss for the shootout to decide who will be taking first and at which end of the stadium.

Martinez leaves the Villa huddle which is still on the sideline, as Lille venture onto the pitch and gather near the halfway line. He is carrying his towel and looks focused.

20:22: The first coin toss is done, Lille win it and Benjamin Andre signals that he wants to have the penalties in front of the home fans. There seems to be some confusion over what is going on. The referee then points to his right and a giant cheer goes up as the Lille supporters realise what is happening.

The second coin toss takes place with Villa due to go first. During this, Martinez embraces Lille's keeper Lucas Chevalier. The pair do the footballery handshake, clapping their gloves, and hug.

They had already started to move over to the Lille end before the coin toss.

20:23: Martinez walks over to the Lille goal and speaks with the referee. Little does anyone know what is about to go on.

It's not clear what is being said but Youri Tielemans approaches the box, picks up the ball, and gets ready to take the first kick whilst the two goalkeepers are spoken to. This is usually running over rules regarding stepping off the line and also pre-kick antics.

20:24: Tielemans steps up and scores, sending Chevalier the wrong way. Martinez is watching to the right of the penalty area in front of the Lille fans on the longer side of the ground.

Tielemans gives a little fist pump to celebrate and runs back to the centre circle. Martinez is walking over to the goal.

20:25: Martinez makes a beeline to the ball as it rolls towards the penalty spot. Nabil Bentaleb sees this and starts to run towards the ball to get into position early.

Martinez picks up the ball and starts to feel it before Bentaleb reaches the area. The referee and Lille midfielder engage with him, but the Argentine drops the ball and turns around, spitting on his gloves and heading back to the goal line.

The referee follows him and has a word. Martinez is apologetic and pleads some innocence, holding his hands up and giving a thumbs up. Nobody at this stage seems to know what would actually happen if the worst was to unfold.

20:26: Martinez bounces on his line lightly, moving slightly from side to side. He sets himself as Bentaleb goes to strike the ball, faking to jump to his right before flying to the left and clawing the ball out of the bottom corner with his bottom hand.

Bentaleb runs onto the rebound and looks to smash the ball into the crowd with frustration. Martinez is momentarily scared the ball will hit him and turns his back, covering his face with his hands. He sees the ball go into the stands and turns, putting his left index finger to his lips to shush the crowd.

Aston Villa goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez reacts after saving a Lille penalty
Aston Villa goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez reacts after saving a Lille penalty -Credit:Alex Pantling/Getty Images

He walks backwards away from the goal still gesturing to the crowd. He turns to his right hand to repeat the action. Lille fans whistle Martinez as he eventually moves away and leaves the box.

20:27: The crowd start to throw objects at Martinez and the referee walks over to have another word. Ollie Watkins is waiting on the edge of the penalty area to take the second Villa kick.

Martinez is moved away from the Lille fans behind the goal, still talking to the referee. He is told to stand at the top of the box. The referee points at him sternly, going back in to warn the 31-year-old.

The 'keeper complains, pointing towards the fans behind the goal, defending his position. The referee keeps talking to him as Martinez puts his hand to his head and points again to the fans.

Martinez turns around as the referee walks away towards Watkins, who is now outside the area waiting to get the ball back. Chevalier is on the edge of the six-yard box.

20:28: Martinez walks towards the Lille fans again whilst a ball is found to take the kick. He shakes his hands to ask them to stop throwing objects, protesting innocence.

The referee whistles after yet more is thrown at Martinez and jeers from the crowd are made. He runs over to the goalkeeper and gives him a yellow card for his actions.

Martinez starts to plead with the referee and Luiz sprints over from the Villa huddle. The referee is waving his arms, telling Luiz not to bother. It appears, with hindsight, that he could be conforming that Martinez has not been sent off and that he can play on.

The goalkeeper has, after all, just been shown a second yellow card of the night.

Aston Villa players Douglas Luiz and Emi Martinez speak to the referee
Douglas Luiz speaks to the referee after Emi Martinez's 'second' yellow card -Credit:TNT Sports

Martinez stands sheepishly at the top of the box unsure what to do. Luiz tries to mediate, gesturing animatedly towards the official whilst Martinez stays with his hands out in exasperation and confusion.

The referee speaks to the pair of them, crossing his arms and explaining what has decision he has reached. He looks to say that Martinez can keep playing. The 'keeper is still holding his hands out in complaint. He turns, points to the crowd again and can't believe what is going on.

20:29: Commentators at TNT Sport - as well as most watching on - think he has been sent off, stating that he, "had better not walk off on that side."

Martinez shakes his head and looks stunned by it all.

Watkins lays the ball down on the spot but a second one is then thrown from the crowd so Martinez is called over to clear up. The referee walks back to Watkins and finally blows his whistle.

The striker slips but fires his shot home into the top left corner as Chevalier dives the wrong way. The commentators are trying to work out how Martinez is still playing.

It is suggested that the referee changed his mind and didn't issue the yellow card.

20:30: Watkins walks over to Martinez to calm him down and wish him luck. This time Martinez remains on his line with Jonathan David preparing to take the kick.

He jumps up and down again, jigging from side to side. The referee helps David lay the ball down. Martinez moves to the right on his goal, spits on his gloves and returns to the centre.

David goes down the middle as Martinez takes lots of mini-steps in a stationary sprint before diving to his right. He flings a leg out to stop it but is unable to.

David celebrates by waving to the crowd to keep cheering.

20:31: Martinez walks back off to the side of the box as Cash approaches. Chevalier walks up to him before being sent back.

Chevalier shuffles across his line whilst nobody can understand why Martinez hasn't been sent off. Cash takes a long run-up and sends the 'keeper the wrong way, aiming to his left.

He turns and roars back to his own players whilst Chevalier grimaces.

Martinez goes back to the goal to prepare and looks to the referee to check he is allowed to play on. He points to himself and shrugs.

20:32: Martinez stares at Angel Gomes, toning down his performance. He slaps the crossbar and holds his arms out wide and above his head ready for the short run-up.

Gomes shuffles, delays, stutters, and sends Martinez the wrong way. Martinez is quick back to his feet and gestures to the referee, pointing and complaining about the stop in the run-up.

He picks up the ball, points to his eyes and glares at the referee.

Aston Villa goalkeeper Emi Martinez
Emi Martinez was frustrated at Angel Gomes' penalty -Credit:TNT Sports

As Leon Bailey approaches it is said on TV that Luiz might have persuaded the referee to rescind the second yellow card to Martinez with the 'keeper asking the fans for the ball.

Bailey places the ball on the spot under the watch of the referee, pats down the grass and waits with Chevalier inside his own goal. The winger takes his time but sees his shot saved.

Chevalier celebrates by pointing to the crowd and pushing his arm out multiple times, walking away from the box.

20:33: Martinez gestures to someone on his way to the goalline. He is once more sent to the goal before he can cause any more mischief. Remy Cabella is ready to take his kick.

Martinez again spits, bounces, shimmies to his left and then dives right. The Lille man fires high and central. He gives it the big 'un afterwards, crouching down and thrusting his arms and body in aggressive glee.

Cabella kicks the ball from the goal and runs over the Chevalier to pump him up, still urging on the crowd.

Martinez collects the ball and holds it in both gloves, bouncing it on the floor and giving a thumbs up to Luiz as he approaches. Martinez keeps hold of the ball, juggling it in his hands, before throwing it to Luiz and leaving.

Chevalier had been waiting behind the goal, getting a drink.

It only now becomes clear that Martinez's initial yellow card from the first half did not carry forward into the shootout.

20:34: Luiz does his thing. The stand-in captain gets a talking-to from the referee as Chevalier waits but eventually runs around the ball, taking some small steps, and slots away just out of reach of the goalkeeper.

He moves over to Martinez, they give a double high-five. Luiz pats him on the chest and gives him a pep talk. Martinez goes to the goal, takes his time and gets a drink.

Andre steps up for Lille as the captain, Martinez flashes his arms out wide before narrowing up and sprinting on the spot. He moves early to his left, kicks out a leg to Andre's poor, central kick, and beats it away. Villa have won.

20:35: Martinez jumps up, turns to face the home fans behind the goal and gives a little dance with bent knees, wiggling his hips and shaking his hands. As he spins and looks to go and join his team the referee blows his whistle.

Martinez stops for a second, still dancing as he does, with the referee blowing once more. For a brief second it looks like the kick might have to be retaken. Martinez doesn't seem to care though and shakes his body and arms in celebration whilst his teammates come to join him.

Emi Martinez
Emi Martinez -Credit:Photo by Mustafa Yalcin/Anadolu via Getty Images

The players catch up and the entire squad is on the pitch at this stage, coaching staff included, and Martinez starts to smile. He's leapt upon by white shirts and a mass gathering of celebrations start on the pitch and in the stands at the opposite end.

20:36: Martinez sprints off down the left side of the pitch with Tielemans, arms above his head, punching the air. Lille fans jeer and whistle him again with more objects being thrown towards the Villa players.

He leaps into the air and continues to hold his hands out to the supporters. Morgan Rogers jumps on his back and Cash comes to jump on him. Ezri Konsa and Pau Torres arrive, flogging the goalkeeper.

The players start to dance and jump in front of their fans. Martinez has done it. Again.