I Found 17 Really Dumb Pictures This Week That Also Happen To Be Really Funny

Hey, y'all. Been trying to take care of myself this week amid some of the true horror happening in the world. I made some chicken tinga tacos (recommended!), watched No Hard Feelings (I laughed!), and went to an old-school steakhouse with some friends (had a blast!). Below are quite simply some dumb, funny pics from around the internet — I hope some, if not all, of them can give you some levity and joy.

And my weekly disclaimer: One of the quirks of the modern internet is how things appear, disappear, then reappear at random times, so not everything on the list below is strictly new, but it was all new to me.

Off we goooooo 🤠

1. Why does this planetary cookie jar already have the deep serenity I'm looking for?

Twitter: @hello__caitlin

2.Warning: this is not the only pun in this post 🫣

someone sending a photo of a short buzz lightyear to say they're a little buzzed but not drunk

3. Say what you want about Shakespeare...dude was deep:


4.This is sadly, deeply relatable:

someone in bed aiming a gun at the light to turn off the light
u/Material-Display8107 / Via reddit.com

5. We need chaos agents in life:

Twitter: @zachsilberberg

6.Never have a seen an expressionless being (bean?) with so much feeling:

that bean doesn't even have a face but it looks so done with that other bean's
u/Prosenzu / Via reddit.com

7.This was a wild ride:

shirt that says, i didn't do it, nobody saw me do it, i want to speak to my grandma
u/Green_Mammoth_7966 / Via reddit.com

8. *laughing through my seasonal depression*

Twitter: @KimmyMonte

9. Impressive and yet deeply unsettling:

Twitter: @annadeathbed

10. Nominative determinism is one of my low-key delights in life:

Twitter: @CulturedRuffian

11. Sometimes you see a pic and you just have to enjoy the pure, surreal mystery:

Twitter: @sovietsoleri


wrong written on tape and put on multiple level tools

13.My "NOT HAUNTED" sign has people asking a lot of questions already answered by my sign.*

house for sale sign also says, not haunted


Twitter: @xylottie

15.Seems legit:

five year plan written out on the notes app that ends with, if still insane start a cult, if normal buy health insurance

16. Cats can only ever be cats:

Twitter: @JoVLande

17. And finally, the holy trinity:

Twitter: @BradfordPearson