The 19 best Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story memes so far

The ton is officially back, with Netflix's brand new Bridgerton spin-off Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story dropping yesterday (4th May).

Telling the story of a young Queen Charlotte and King George, the series has everything we've come to love about Bridgerton - seriously steamy sex scenes, hilarious moments and of course, a banging soundtrack.

But perhaps even more so than Bridgerton, Queen Charlotte has got us reaching for the tissues like never before. Watching the heartbreaking scenes between Charlotte and George, as well as Brimsley and Reynolds's relationship, and Lady Danbury's storyline has got us seriously sobbing.

So if you're in need of some cheering up after those emotional scenes, then we've rounded up all the best memes from Queen Charlotte.

1) Getting ready to deep dive into a world of pain, and yet we're here for it:

2) Is it possible for the series to have two Queens?:

3) We're loving Farmer George:

4) New found respect for Brimsley this season:

5) Kinda impressed tbh:

6) The Pomeranian hate to love storyline was a standout:

7) Giving Daphne and Simon a run for their money:

8) 👏👏👏:

9) Will never get over this line:

10) Never disliked a fictional character more...:

11) Honestly, just so happy for them:

12) Shonda, this was GENIUS of you:

13) Uh-oh:

14) Never have we collectively cheered so much:

15) OMG:

16) It's all starting to add up:

17) And here come the waterworks:

18) Yet again the soundtrack does thing to us we didn't know were possible:

19) Can someone pass the tissues?:

Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story is available on Netflix now

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