Okay, I Actually Feel Sorry For These 19 People Who Just Had A Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way Worse Week Than You

If you just had yourself an absolutely terrible week, just think about...

1.The person who learned a very valuable winter lesson:

A car covered in soda that's exploded
u/ghrarhg / Via

2.The person whose bathroom is completely frozen solid:

a frozen bathroom

3.The person who likes their books extra clean, apparently:

"I accidentally washed a book"
u/seekingssri / Via

4.The person whose car interior saw about 4–5 inches of snowfall:

"My neighbor left his car window open"
u/coffeehandler / Via

5.The person who had the unthinkable happen:

"There's no pie in my pie"
u/stealthegalactea / Via

6.The person whose omelette just got a very special ingredient:

"I hope you like glass in your omelette"
u/thanksforkeepingitreal / Via

7.The person who might want to turn up that thermostat a smidge:

frozen water in a sink
u/matamankunglecrazy / Via

8.The person who is going to spend the rest of their earthly days organizing this box:

"I opened it upside down"
u/fromsky610 / Via

9.The person who was betrayed by the pie they loved the most:

Melted plastic in an oven
u/swise1178 / Via

10.The person whose thoughtful gift is now stuck in a tree:

a present stuck in a tree
u/impressiveapricot686 / Via

11.The person whose heating pad got, well, too heated:

"My heating pad caught on fire"
u/xerxeswhytf / Via

12.The person who just invented a new flavor of oatmeal:

"The wrong one."
u/jking6765 / Via

13.The person who did the thing:

"I spilled the beans."
u/mrmdan47 / Via

14.The person who will be avoiding any and all open flames today:

A spider hovering over a fire blanket
u/blamesociety1 / Via

15.The person who loves their cat very much, I'm sure:

"My cat blew chunks on my XBOX"
u/skrotalrecall / Via

16.The person who just ordered a plate of sticks:

"There's no cheese in my mozz sticks"

17.The person whose belt shall belt no more:

a broken leather belt
u/MacbookOnFire / Via

18.The person who got a little extra surprise with their whipped cream:

"My whipped cream is moldy"

19.And the person with the strongest serve this side of the mighty Mississipp:

"A ping pong ball did THIS"

Need to see this person at the Paris Olympics.